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Hungry Ghost Period in 2018

Hungry Ghost Period in 2018

(August 11th – September 9th)


01 A Chung-Kwai-800Painting (1)


Many people believe in the existence of ghosts. Furthermore, they believe that anyone who meets their end violently or is guilty of some crime or sin when they die, do not go to Heaven or Hell but rather get trapped as lost souls or ghosts in the Earthly Realm, preying on or disrupting the lives of vulnerable individuals.  Those who have perished rather unexpectedly through accidents or catastrophe, particularly during this Hungry Ghost period, are also considered to have been taken away by Ghosts.

This is pretty scary, right?  Wait, there is still more: During the Hungry Ghost time, which falls on  the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, the gates of Hell are supposedly opened wide allowing those other restless and spiteful spirits with their vendettas to escape into the Realm of the Living.  Is it any wonder that superstitious folks are filled with such trepidation and dread during this time?

The night-time, early morning, and late night are considered a particularly vulnerable time and most dangerous as these vengeful ghosts and other evil spirits are at their most potent then.

 To overcome this pervasive fear, perhaps to placate evil spirits and to ensure one’s safety, the Hungry Ghost period is generally transformed into a lively Festival:  This is a time where prayers are offered and sacrificial ceremonies are conducted in temples. The burning of incense and Hell-money at the roadside and the decoration of houses and halls with bright lanterns present a pretty picture. And let us not forget the lively performances by the theatrical troupes in open air banquets or street festivals that draw in the big crowds. On the last day of the 7th lunar month, the Gates of the Underworld then are supposed to close, containing these malevolent spirits till next year.

To ensure further safety, here are few do and don’ts to follow:

In the Ghost Month, particularly in the dark hours, evil spirits may target children, senior citizens, and weak or sensitive people; therefore they are advised to remain indoors.

Also, it is advisable to avoid any risk by swimming in a body of water such as a pool, pond or the sea. And stay away from any supernatural acts or games.  Why tempt fate?

For those that are superstitious, keep items, such as amulets, prayer beads, coarse salt, glutinous rice, crosses and lodestones close at hand as an added protection from evil spirits.

Be safe and have fun.


01 B AChung-Kwai-800Painting (2)

Infernal Regions

(Below is a classic story from the book of “Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio” by a Qing Dynasty writer, Pu Songling (1640 – 1715). Revised by BoSt)



 Hsi Fang P’ing, a native of Tung An, was an intelligent and hardworking youth who spent his long days helping his father to farm. On his scant spare time he buried his head in books to advance his learning. His father was a sincere and honest man well thought of by his neighbours; unfortunately however, he’d fallen on bad terms with a powerful rich man called Yang who happened to live in the same district.  Yang had many bad attributes and delighted in hurting people; eventually his evil ways caught up with him and he died.

Several years after the death of Yang, old Hsi, who was actually robust for his age, suddenly succumbed to a mysterious illness.  One day, in the throngs of high fever he suddenly sat up from his bed and cried out:”Yang has bribed the devils to beat me.”  Next instant he gave out a terrible scream, spat blood and collapsing, died.


Hsi Fang P’ing, wowed to avenge his father, certain that his father had been killed by evil spirits. With full determination to go to the nether world and redress the injustice, he avoided all contact with others, virtually locked himself in his study and stopped eating and drinking.  As he refused to light the stove for warmth, the bone chilling cold of winter and ravages of sleepless nights soon took its toll on him and his soul took flight from his emaciated body.  It drifted high and escaping from chimney, floated over the fields and beyond, until it arrived in the nether world.


Once in the nether world, Hsi Fang P’ing followed behind the group of newly deceased that were being led in chains towards a strange looking town. Separating from the group, he went to search the area, till he came across a holding prison.  There, to his dismay, he saw his father lying in a yoke looking utterly miserable. When the old man looked up and saw his son, he wept bitterly and told Hsi Fang P’ing that the jailers had been bribed to beat him brutally and he was a mass of bruises. Hsi Fang p’ing cursed the jailers loudly. He took out a writing brush and wrote a complaint, and went straight to the town government to lodge an accusation.


When Yang heard the news, he bought off all the officers in the town high and low, so the Town God paid no attention to Hsi Fang P’ing on the pretext that he had no evidence. Therefore, Hsi went to the prefecture government to protest. But his complaint was kept there for half a month and then sent back to the Town God. The Town God beat Hsi Fang P’ing and as he was not really dead, sent the youth back under escort to his own home.


Hsi Fang P’ing refused to enter his home.  As it so happens, by this time, his body had truly expired and he became a true spirit. Before he was hauled away however, he successfully freed himself from his captors, and snuck back to the Underworld. He travelled all the way to the capital of Hell, and there, cried loudly about his grievance in front of the Palace of Hell. The Town God and prefecture magistrate sent him a messenger, who promised to give him a thousand ounces of silver if he would withdraw his complaint, but again, Hsi refused.


When Hsi entered the Palace Hall, he saw that the Yama was angry, and for no reason, he was flogged. Hsi cried:”What have I done wrong?”but the Yama turned a deaf ear to him. Flustered and exasperated, Hsi Fang P’ing shouted:”It’s because I haven’t got the money to bribe you!”This infuriated the Yama ,and he ordered that Hsi be scalded on a hot iron bed.


Hsi’s flesh was burned till it was black, and the Yama asked him whether he still wished to complain. Hsi replied:”Yes, my grievance is not yet redressed.”Enraged, the Yama gave orders to cut Hsi’s body in half with a saw.


Two goblins seized Hsi Fang p’ing and began to saw him in half. Unable to stand the pain, Hsi promised the Yama that he would withdraw his complaint.


The Yama ordered two goblins to sent Hsi Fang P’ing back to the earth. Hsi had learnt that the nether world was even more unjust than the world of man, and he could not appeal to the Jade Emperor. Yet, he knew the Second God in Kuan-k’o was both wise and just, so why not go to him? On his way to Kuan-k’o, he was set upon by devils and captured. He was carried to some other cottage where he was reincarnated as a baby.


Hsi Fang-p’ing cried and cried and would not take any milk, and finally died three days after his birth. His soul then went in search of Kuan-k’o. He had walked quite a ways, when suddenly he saw a group of men of horseback accompanying a God. It was the Second God returning from his tour of inspection. Hsi Fang P’ing hastened to kneel down before him and told him his story.


The Second God questioned Hsi and then ordered him to follow them to Kuan-k’o and wait outside the government office for trial. Once in Kuan-k’o,Hsi Fang-P’ing was called into a courtroom, where he saw the Yama, the prefecture magistrate, the Town God and the goblins in cages.   Now his father and Yang stood before the Second God awaiting justice.


The Second God looking up finally announced his judgement:”The Yama and the officers have violated the law and accepted bribes, and they will all be punished. Yang was rich and heartless. He used his wealth and power to buy off gods, goblins and others to do evil for his own aim. The stink of his money has fouled the whole nether world and filled the Palace of Hell with darkness. Therefore for this, his house shall be searched and his property confiscated and given to Hsi Fang P’ing to reward him for his bravery and determination.”


Thus, the wrong done to old Hsi and his son Hsi Fang-P’ing was redressed.  The Second God ordered the father and son back to earth, and the Hsi family restored to life,  lived happily ever after.

The End.



Marriage Customs and some old Superstitions

Marriage Customs and some old Superstitions




The big event this month was Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding on May 15, 2018. The nuptial excitement will carry on to June and further as many would be brides will have their turn at their big day.

02-Lubomirski-Kensington Palace- via AP

Lubomirski-Kensington Palace- via AP

The month of June is usually associated with weddings and though many may not know this, the key determination in selecting this month comes all the way back from Roman times and their mythology. Briefly told, June was the month dedicated to Juno, the wife of Jupiter, the ancient Romans’ ultimate deity. Because of this association, she was regarded as the patroness of marriage, and also, the protector of women. On the other hand, the month of May is considered an unlucky marriage month. Oops!!!! Hope that won’t be the case for our new favorite Royal couple; we all certainly wish them nothing but ultimate bliss in their future married life.



But I digress; here are some light hearted references to many of the old customs and superstitions of, chiefly English, marriage ceremonies which some of you may or may not know.

For starters, the word “wed” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon and means “Pledge,” appropriately so, since the ceremony consists of two parties (bride and groom’s) pledging or promising to love and abide by certain rules, to ensure a happy outcome. 



This solemn occasion over the years has also given rise to some symbolic acts to ensure good fortune and to avert any ill omens; these undertakings had their origins from conventional superstitions.

One can marry any day of the week, though Sunday and Monday are not popular.  The preference is often given to Wednesday or Saturday.  Friday has evil associations for Christians (because Jesus was crucified on that day and also that was the day Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit). On the other hand, to the Norsemen Friday was the luckiest day of the week, being named after Odin’s wife Frea.  It is interesting to note that the Ancient Romans had dedicated Friday to Venus, the goddess of beauty and worldly love.

To ensure wedded bliss, in English Victorian times the bridal trousseau (excluding the gown), was sewn by the bride herself. The bridal gown was usually made by her close friends. As they completed this requisite, they would sew a strand or few hairs from their head into the hem or some of the folds to hasten the time of their own matrimony.




06-Meghan Markle's stunning Bivenchy wedding dress

Meghan Markle’s stunning Bivenchy wedding dress

The colour most preferred for the dress is white (in Canada, Europe, America etc.) as it is the emblem of purity, candour and simplicity. The veil (made to cover the bride’s face completely during the ceremony).



The veil  when worn by the ancient Roman and Greek brides, was instead,  yellow.  Red was the preferred choice in Old China, as the symbol of life, the blood is red.  Blue is considered a fortunate colour for lovers as the rhythm goes: “Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue.”

Green unfortunately is associated with ill luck, so it should be avoided.  The wearing of “Orange-blossom” was introduced from France in 1820, as the white blossoms stood for innocence, while the Cherry tree represents fruitfulness.  Similarly “the Chaplet of flowers” worn on head and the bouquet the brides hold, symbolize abundance and prosperity.

On the wedding day if the bride awakens to the sounds of singing birds, this bodes that she and her husband will never quarrel and furthermore, remain forever constant to one another. To spot a spider on the bridal gown or veil denotes wealth and plenty.

Before leaving the house the bride must be careful to add something to her apparel, such as gloves, for good luck.


The Bride must avoid shedding tears before the wedding as it not an auspicious thing to do. On the way to be married, it is fortunate if the bride sees a toad, dove or spider. Bride must enter the church with a right foot first and try not to stumble, for it is considered an omen of evil.



10-The Pageboys helped her with her train - PHOTO BEN STANSALL,AFP- GETTY IMAGES

The Pageboys helped her with her train – PHOTO BEN STANSALL,AFP- GETTY IMAGES



Surprise, surprise! The bridegroom is not constrained with as many superstitions.  The important thing for him to remember is that, he must not see his bride in her bridal clothes on the day of the wedding before  that is, she meets him at the alter or before the ceremony is about to take  place. Therefore, he must keep his back turned while she is coming up the aisle.

12,- Groom arrives at the church in military attire--PHOTO-JANE BARLOW-AFP-GETTY IMAGES5

Groom arrives at the church in military attire–PHOTO-JANE BARLOW-AFP-GETTY IMAGES





Also, once he has set out for the church, the bridegroom must not turn back; if he has forgotten something, another person, such as the best man must be sent to fetch it.

His groomsmen are from the times when marriage was made by capture, and he needed this sturdy bunch to assist him in seizing the maiden from the midst of her people.

Take care not to drop the ring, and place it as far down as possible when putting it on bride’s finger.  A failure of this would portend of an early parting.  If the bride has to assist him in putting on the ring, it will mean that it will be she who rules the home.

A promise is made by the ring, the plain gold or platinum circlet, which symbolizes their never-ending love and devotion. The third finger of the left hand on which the ring is placed, is believed to have a delicate nerve in it that directly links it to the heart.

15-Prince Harry and bride Meghan Markle May 19, 2018-800

Prince Harry and bride Meghan Markle May 19, 2018

After the ceremony is completed the bride and bridegroom are showered by the confetti or rice. The throwing of rice was derived from an Indian custom connected with throwing of wheat ears which was once also practiced in good Old England. It’s another symbolic act meant to ensure fruitfulness and plenty for the wedded couple.





 Confetti is preferred over rice because it’s less dangerous to the face and eyes, and also does not harm the pigeons who often dine on it.

18-Typical Wedding-Cake-800

Typical Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has its origins in the days of Old Roman Empire. Back then the cake however was made of flour, water and salt, a far cry from the elaborately ornamented, several layered icing confection of today. The couple partakes of it, for the act ensures that they would never know want.   You must eat a slice of wedding-cake; to refuse it means you do not wish the bride and groom well.


Celebratory Drink

There is another superstition that the health of the bride must be drunk in sprits such as champagne, wine, beer etc. To drink instead, a soft- drink or water will bring the newlyweds an ill fortune and troubles.

After the ceremony, the bridesmaids compete to catch the bouquet thrown by the bride, for it means that they will be next.  Bride usually throws the bouquet over her head as she stands with her back to the gathered bachelorettes.

At the end of the celebrations sometimes when the bride is leaving to prepare for the honeymoon, she’ll throw one of her shoes over her left shoulder, the one that catches it will be the next to marry.

20=Dress from designer Stella McCartney- Photo by Steve Parsons- Ap

Dress from designer Stella McCartney- Photo by Steve Parsons- Ap

21-Prince Harry and bride Meghan Markle- Photo by SteveParsons- Ap

-Prince Harry and bride Meghan Markle- Photo by SteveParsons- Ap

The term “honeymoon” comes from  the time when for thirty days they celebrated  the wedding, with bridegroom and bride taking part in the revelry,  by drinking mead- a beverage made from honey.

Nearing the end of the festivities, and the bride withdraws to have a change of clothes. She must take care to remove all the pins which were used in her marriage gown or veil and give it to a friend to be thrown away.  Should any of it is re-used on her going- away attire, it would bring ill luck and the honeymoon will not be so happy.

The throwing of the old shoes at the newlyweds, or attaching one to the car in which they drive away, had its origins from Anglo-Saxon times, when the father of the bride gave her shoe to the bridegroom, who touched her with it on the head as the symbol of his authority.  Some claim the throwing of a shoe is from the times when marriage was done by force and the bride was abducted.

The newlyweds should take care not to break anything during their honeymoon. She may now wear green, for at this point it will bring her good fortune and abundant love.

Upon returning home, there’s an ancient custom where boiling water is poured over the threshold before the bride enters the house. A Scottish custom dictates that the bride should be carried across the threshold of her new home while her new mother-in-law breaks shortbread over her head.  In some countries it is considered lucky of the new bride placed dough on the door of her house, symbolizing that in future she’s to be the housekeeper. In Ireland a cake made of oats is broken over the wife’s head in order to ensure that the married couple will never know want.

Modern times have embraced many other colourful customs and traditions. Creativity plays big part with many weddings.  The centre theme however never varied: and that is the union of two loving hearts. After a big hurrah the newlyweds embark on a wonderful journey together. This has stayed the same throughout the ages so long as civilizations last.

22-Royal wedding portrait features Pr. Harry and Duches Meghan --PHOTO-ALEXI LUBOMIRSKI,KENSINGTON

Royal wedding portrait features Pr. Harry and Duches Meghan –PHOTO-ALEXI LUBOMIRSKI,KENSINGTON


Pr. Harry and Duches Meghan and family -Photo-by-Alexi-Lubomirski–Kensington-Palace–via-AP


Time for Mother

Time for Mother

Mother’s are precious and much loved by us all. Words can’t convey enough of our appreciation. Throughout the ages, artists have rendered their interpretation of Mothers on Canvas. These are my favorite selections this year. And just in time for Mother’s Day.

I wish to all the mothers out there:

“A Happy Mother’s Day”


Click to see Video:


Below is selection of Art depiction mothers: 


1-Camille Monet e criança!

Camille Monet e criança!

2-Charles Baugniet

Charles Baugniet

3-Edelfelt, Albert (Finnish, 1854-1905) - The Park of Luxembourg - 1887

-Edelfelt, Albert (Finnish, 1854-1905) – The Park of Luxembourg – 1887

4-Frederick Arthur Bridgman

Frederick Arthur Bridgman

5-Gaetano Chierici

Gaetano Chierici

6-Isabel Guerra (1947)

Isabel Guerra (1947)

7-Jean-eugène buland- The happiness of the parents.1903

Jean-eugène buland- The happiness of the parents.1903

8-Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, (Spagna, 1863-1923) Dopo il bagno - After the Bath (1902)

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, (Spagna, 1863-1923) Dopo il bagno – After the Bath (1902)

9-Mother and son- Pablo Picasso

Mother and son- Pablo Picasso

10-Peek-a-Bo - circa 1900- Bernard Blommers -Dutch, 1845-1914

Peek-a-Bo – circa 1900- Bernard Blommers -Dutch, 1845-1914

11-Reginald Bottomley (1856-1933) A Mother and Child Looking at the Virgin and Child.

Reginald Bottomley (1856-1933) A Mother and Child Looking at the Virgin and Child.

12-Returning from Market,1886- Charles Sillem Lidderdale-British 1830 - 1895

-Returning from Market,1886- Charles Sillem Lidderdale-British 1830 – 1895

13-Richard MacNeil .

Richard MacNeil .

14-Sorolla y Bastida , Joaquin (Spanish, 1863-1923) - The First Child - 1890

-Sorolla y Bastida , Joaquin (Spanish, 1863-1923) – The First Child – 1890

15-Steve Hanks

Steve Hanks

16-The Clothes Line - Helen Allingham -English, 1848-1926

The Clothes Line – Helen Allingham -English, 1848-1926

17-The Sleeping Child - 1911- Mary Curtis Richardson -American, 1848-1921

The Sleeping Child – 1911- Mary Curtis Richardson -American, 1848-1921

18-Trent Gudmundsen2

Trent Gudmundsen

19-Vicente Romero

-Vicente Romero

20-Vladimir Volegov

Vladimir Volegov

And finally, here’s a lovely poem:

To My Mother

O thou whose care sustained my infant years,

     And taught my prattling lip each note of love;

Whose soothing voice breathed comfort to my fears,

     And round my brow hope’s brightest garland wove;

To thee my lay is due, the simple song,

     Which Nature gave me at life’s opening day;

To thee these rude, these untaught strains belong,

     Whose heart indulgent will not spurn my lay.

O say, amid this wilderness of life,

     What bosom would have throbbed like thine for me?

Who would have smiled responsive?—who in grief,

     Would e’er have felt, and, feeling, grieved like thee?

Who would have guarded, with a falcon-eye,

     Each trembling footstep or each sport of fear?

Who would have marked my bosom bounding high,

     And clasped me to her heart, with love’s bright tear?

Who would have hung around my sleepless couch,

     And fanned, with anxious hand, my burning brow?

Who would have fondly pressed my fevered lip,

     In all the agony of love and wo?

None but a mother—none but one like thee,

     Whose bloom has faded in the midnight watch;

Whose eye, for me, has lost its witchery,

     Whose form has felt disease’s mildew touch.

Yes, thou hast lighted me to health and life,

     By the bright lustre of thy youthful bloom—

Yes, thou hast wept so oft o’er every grief,

     That wo hath traced thy brow with marks of gloom.

O then, to thee, this rude and simple song,

     Which breathes of thankfulness and love for thee,

To thee, my mother, shall this lay belong,

     Whose life is spent in toil and care for me.


(Credits: This poem is in the public domain.

About this Poem:

“To My Mother” was first published in Poetical Remains of the Late Lucretia Maria Davidson (Lea and Blanchard, 1841). Author:  Lucretia Maria Davidson)


2018 Chinese Animal Predictions

2018 Chinese Animal Predictions




1-2018 Predictions for the Rat




The Rat can achieve whatever they wish in 2018 for this is a propitious year for them.  So go ahead be positive but be candid.


Employment and Work Life


The Rat’s work life will be varied and busy with ample opportunities opening up in 2018. As a result this will improve both present and future income and lifestyle.   As it is the Rat needs to view 2018 as the year in which to lay down the foundations for their future.

A positive mental attitude throughout the year will be beneficial in securing those rewarding future endeavors. Moreover, the Rat is a gregarious creature with an abundance of friends and has an exceptional ability to work well with others.   This trait of demonstrating their keenness to work as a positive team member provides the Rat with ample respect from their workmates.

However, reward and enjoyment for their efforts may not be as immediate as the Rat would like it to be, but the Rat mustn’t get disillusioned. Practice persistence and determination for the rewards will be manifest all in good time.   Besides, with so many social and work connections, the Rat will have ample advice and support on hand.  If there are opportunities for growth or promotion, others will jump in with encouragement and a kind word in the right circumstance.  Furthermore, regular communication with contacts, including employment specialists, will be beneficial to discuss any desires for work experience growth or change.

For the maximum benefit the Rat needs only to be disciplined to avoid frivolous distractions and remain focused on projects and the task at hand. Be alert so as not to miss any opportunity to shine in terms of career and professional life.  Do employ those innate skills of creativity and innovation at the workplace particularly during hectic times. 

The second half of the year, from mid-August to November will deliver the best prospects.  However, April is also a favourable month for the best opportunities.

The possibility of travel is also in the forecast for the Rat who has business dealings or connections away from home base.


Finances and Investment


The time is ripe for the Rat to start planning financially for the future ahead.  The female Rat will not have as successful a fiscal year as their male counterparts, at least not in the first quarter of 2018. They must therefore exercise due caution and prudence in dealing with financial matters. They need to be especially vigilant with investments and when entering into a contract or significant transaction with a risk factor attached to it.  The careful perusal of documents and the asking for advice could eliminate the probability of financial losses.

All in all there will be a surplus in income and financial growth due to the Rat’s dedication in work. There will also be opportunities for income growth by turning a hobby into profit or additional work.

Love and Social Life


The Rat’s love life should be interesting this year.  And there is a good chance for the unattached Rat to meet that someone special this year and have that lasting relationship.

The Rat is a very sociable, likeable individual; meanwhile, when overwhelmed by the pressures of the day, the Rat should resist the urge to abstain from social circles. 2018 will be a busy time for the Rat, and they need to be careful not to neglect family and close relations. This neglect could result in tension and disharmony.  Regular communication, and sharing any concerns with intimate relations, will foster support and caring advice as well as help maintain harmony. Furthermore, organising and spending time with friends and family will bring much needed balance into the Rat’s life. 

Even though 2018 will be a productive and rewarding one for the charismatic, intelligent and gifted Rat, 2018 will not be entirely free of all problems.  Fortunately for the Rat, they have this innate ability to sense any upcoming issues or problems before they manifest and so effectively cope or escape any unfavourable situation.


Health and Well-being


The Rat must not neglect their health during 2018.  During the Dog year the Rat will have trouble feeling good in their own-skin and furthermore, their stress endurance will be put to the test particularly during the first two months of the year.

As the year will be a busy and varied one, the Rat should allow themselves periods of rest to recharge their energy levels. Regular exercise, outdoor activities and carefully reviewing of their diet will improve the overall quality of their wellbeing and longevity.

Overall, the year of the Dog will be a propitious one for the Rat; not only in professional progress but fiscally.   However, the Rat must remain alert, avoid tardiness and pay attention to others in particular with his personal life.  

The Rat is in affinity with the Ox; for your protection therefore, they can carry a key chain pendant of an Ox.

The End.


2- 2018 Predictions for the OX




The year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a busy one for the Ox.  At the start of 2018 there will be some unexpected challenges and pressures for the Ox but don’t worry for the eventual rewards will come and it will be everlasting.


Employment/ Work-life

The Ox looking for new employment or change in vocation can take full advantage of many opportunities that will be made available in 2018. It goes without saying; a better job comes with financial benefits. The Ox should be prepared to work hard for it however, and at the same time maintain an open mind, to maximise a positive outcome.  If work is a priority this year, then April, May, September and November will be the ideal months for the Ox.

Keep in mind, all during the year the Ox will learn new things and engage in new projects. Furthermore, while taking on any new demands they will tap on hidden abilities and strengths.  It will subsequently avail the Ox to expand his work associate circle and they could find additional expectations placed on them and their workload greatly amassed. These challenges however will be easily met by the hard- working and tenacious Ox and they will enjoy the lasting benefits for many years to come.

Finances/ Investments

This year would bring financial stability to the Ox. They therefore would be able to settle down and pay off some of the long pending debts.

Unfortunately, 2018 is more likely to favor the hard working female Ox with success than their male Ox.  Good advice would be for the determined Ox with ambition to fight against negativity, resist being held back by anyone or anything and stay on course by avoiding deviations. The persevering Ox eventually will attain all the coveted and well deserved praises alongside substantial monetary rewards.

When the Ox enjoys an increase in income during 2018, they should resist the impulse to overspend or be frivolous.   The Ox will need to budget wisely and most especially if they plan to make any significant purchases, participate in the stock market, consider home renovations or travel.  The Ox is by nature a methodical creature, and this will serve him well when it comes to any financial papers including Tax Returns.


Love and Social Life


The Ox is devoted and faithful, so they need someone who can respond in the same manner and usually it is quite difficult for the unattached Ox to find a partner. Good news! The Ox’s love life would be flourishing this year and there are chances that the Ox might even find someone special through varied methods, one of which could be an online dating service. For the single Ox, if a wedding is in the forecast, then March, April, May, and September will be an excellent time.

2018, however, is not the best time for the married Ox to plan or have a baby, best to wait  a couple of years.  The Ox may plan pregnancy for the year of the Rat which will be a more perfect time.

 Home-life is very important to the Ox and the year of the Dog will be an active one with countless invitations to events and an increase in the Oxen’s social circle.  The organisational skills of the Ox, especially with regards to travel arrangements for a special family holiday, will be frequently called upon and appreciated in 2018. Although some Oxen are not fans of travel, there will be opportunities to visit and explore various countries both near and far.   The break in routine will bring many benefits to the Ox, and he will feel inspired with increased creativity.  There may also be occasions to travel for work which could cause some frustration.

Many Oxen will take up a new interest or participate in community activities which will ultimately initiate new connections and friendships.

There could also be an occasion when a relative decides to visit.  If the Ox experiences frustration over attitude, plans or viewpoint, they should take a deep breath and conscientiously master their temper their emotions.  The otherwise adverse situation will be averted or diffused by the quiet mind and open dialogue that had enabled all parties to express their thoughts and feelings. 


Health and Well-being


The Ox should make sure to reserve some time for rest and to enjoy life. The Ox must concentrate on various means to attain mental peace. Meditation can help you achieve the mental peace which you need desperately. Take a few days off from your hectic work schedule and plan a vacation. This would help you to bounce back with more energy and enthusiasm.

For the Ox who chooses to spend time working out, this is the perfect year to start a good regimen of going to the gym and working on their fitness. The Ox natives will have an excellent heath during the New Year, thanks to their efforts from the previous years for establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a busy but favourable time for the Ox.  Travel, new friends and special occasions with the family will be enjoyed and appreciated.   There will be challenges at work but nothing that the resolute Ox can’t handle.   If the Ox learns to control his outbursts of anger and impatience, he will learn much and connect deeper with work-mates, family, and friends.

The Ox is in affinity with the Rat. For their protection, they can carry a key chain pendant of a Rat with them at all times in 2018.

The End


3- 2018 Predictions for the Tiger




This is an overall excellent year for the Tiger and any extra effort will set in motion a solid foundation for future success. There will also be attractive opportunities in the workplace with possibilities to further Tiger’s knowledge and skills; they must therefore, seize every opportunity and follow through with implemented ideas. Remember, this is not a year for laid back attitude; the year of the Dog demands prompt action and hard work for Tiger to make any headway. One more thing, the charismatic and versatile Tiger needs also to foster patience as they tend to lose interest in a project or things if it doesn’t progress swiftly enough.


Employment and Work Life


It’s good to know that the unemployed Tiger will achieve much success in 2018. The employed Tiger meanwhile, who has been experiencing feelings of frustration at work, or feel they are in a rut, will need to look for new opportunities and take action.  Now additional pressures and challenges of a new vocation are to be expected. Still, the Tiger, by remaining flexible with an open-mind to acquiring new skills, re-training or advancing their knowledge via courses, will be poised to deliver the best results and ultimately lay the foundation for more future advancements.

Besides, all the hard work the Tiger has put in over the past few years hasn’t gone unnoticed by his peers or employers and it has gained the Tiger much credibility. Therefore they are more likely to be recommended and considered for advancement within the company. It will be in Tiger’s best interest, therefore, to be enthused, take on additional responsibilities at work and remain alert for any opportunity that might come up.  Favourable months for work advancements will be February, March, and July to mid-October.


Finances and Investment


Even though finances are considered generally good in 2018, the Tiger still needs to curb their expenditures and not be a spendthrift. There is a real probability that this year the Tiger could face certain sacrifices at the workplace and incur a lot of cost overheads on various accounts. One way to avoid financial stress during the year is to stick to a budget. Disaster might still visit the Tiger however and so it is imperative they remain firm and not capitulate when the chips are down, as things will rebound shortly before the year’s end. Meanwhile, do pay particular attention to monetary transactions and funds both at home and at work this year.

The female Tiger especially, needs to be more prudent with their spending habits and think twice before purchasing anything dear. They are hardworking and ambitious and they will fight to gain as much as possible. The risk of losing everything in a short time however, should always be at the forefront of concern with any financial transactions this year.


Love and Social Life


In 2018, the Tiger’s love life is poised to be interesting; particularly for ones considering searching for lifelong partner. Romance features quite strongly for Tigers during the year of the Dog and marriage could well be in the cards.

If the Tiger is already in a committed relationship, there will be many satisfactory occasions, and they will enjoy times spent with their partner. A word of caution:  The Married Tiger should resist the urge to cheat on their partner for it can have serious repercussions. They should instead remain loyal and be filial towards their spouse.

Home life will be rewarding and pleasurable for the Tiger during the year of the Dog.  They will enjoy participating in home projects, family activities or even just quiet times with loved ones.   There may be periods of disquiet and disharmony during the year however, and so it will be beneficial if the Tiger keeps an open-mind, is prepared to communicate, listen to others and temper his emotions. In the end the Tiger will appreciate all the support, encouragement and advice of their loved ones.

There’ll be opportunities to travel during the year; this will rejuvenate the restless Tiger and bring an enormous amount of pleasure.  Plan well, checking paperwork thoroughly if wishing to explore further afield.

April, June, September, and December will be socially active months for the Tiger.  Opportunities will arise where the Tiger will make new connections and friends.  Tigers are gregarious creatures that thrive on being the centre of attention, and they welcome this period of high social activity.


Health and Well being


Over all this would prove to be a good year for the Tiger.  During the hectic times however, the Tigers should adopt a healthy lifestyle and radically change their eating habits. They need to be in a proper shape physically and mentally anyway to achieve success in life. It won’t be a bad idea to start some exercise regimen and perhaps consider meditation; this will be one way to attain mental peace and to eliminate stress.

The Tigers are in affinity with the Pig/Boar; for protection and good luck therefore, they should consider having a   key chain pendant of a Pig or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Pig with them at all times.

The End.


4- 2018 Predictions for the Rabbit




2018 will be a year for action, growth, and progress for the peaceful, intelligent and loyal Rabbit.  Yes, ‘Action’ is the keyword for the year of the Dog.  Meanwhile, the Rabbit is poised to reap ample rewards, in both career and in personal life, from the previous year’s achievements.


Employment and Work-life


In the past years the Rabbit has worked hard to solidify their reputation and credibility with their peers in the workplace. Those Rabbits wanting to remain in their present position may find new opportunities, including promotion coming their way. Only patience is required when faced with unexpected delays in the workplace.

Any Rabbits wishing for a change in vocation should take the initiative in 2018. Time would move at a rapid pace for the Rabbit and they accordingly must set in motion specific and precise goals.  The Dog year will reward those who are enterprising, determined and, more importantly, those who take action.  Keep an eye open for opportunities, vacancies or anything that spikes an interest and seek advice also from employment agencies.  Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. So what are you waiting for? This is the right time for the Rabbit and the initiative will deliver not only a  sense of satisfaction, it might lead them towards their dream as well as the certainty of surpass income.    Most favourable months for anything work-related are March, May, June, and September.  


Wealth and Finances


Rabbit’s finances are looking very promising during the year of the Dog.  The hard -working Rabbit‘s biggest desire is to have everything they want and to be able to afford everything.

There is also the possibility of the Rabbit enjoying additional income in 2018, through cultivating and tapping into a particular skill they possess. The increase in revenue will enable the Rabbit to enjoy travel and any plans he may have to redesign or renovate his home.  It’s a given that the Rabbit does enjoy the finer things in life, and his home surroundings are essential for his peace of mind and equilibrium. The Rabbit would also benefit from increasing his savings, or open a savings account if he doesn’t already have one.   He certainly will appreciate this sound action in future years.

Now a bit of warning for the spendthrift Rabbit: Even though the Rabbits’ work ethic will deliver positive results in 2018 and maybe even provide them with a bonus or monetary gift, it’s advisable for them to refrain from frivolously wasting money, or they will risk losing everything, especially towards the end of the year.


Love and Social Life


For the single Rabbit, there is the possibility of connecting with someone special, and some may decide to settle down with their partner to develop their relationship.  Unfortunately the Rabbit is not going to experience the desired success in his love life. The native will have big chances of starting a new relationship all right, but it won’t last too long.

The married Rabbit will enjoy and appreciate his home and family life all during the year of the Dog.   There is also the possibility of some momentous occasions to celebrate such as a wedding or graduation, and the Rabbit will gain much pleasure from this.

 And oh yes, a flood of invitations will keep the popular Rabbit highly entertained and widen the Rabbit’s circle of friends.  For many people do enjoy the Rabbits’ Company and will wish to include them in their social circles.

 March, June through to August and November will be favourable months for socialising and making new friends.

A word of caution: As maintaining a close bond with his loved ones is also essential to the wellbeing of the Rabbit so he will need to remember to share his thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those closest to him.  He will benefit from their input and strengthen bonds. Remember the old saying that: compromise and trust are the 2 pillars to every successful relationship. Make sure to pay attention to both of them. Yes enjoy each and every moment of life but do not discount tensions in situations or disgruntled relationships.

Some Rabbits may also decide to relocate to a new home.  If the Rabbit plans well and brings into play their exceptional organisational skills, it will be a positive move.


Health and Well-being


In the Dog year, with all that activity, work and socializing, stress is a real factor for the Rabbit natives and they should reserve some time for a reprieve, taking care of themselves and changing their attitude.

It is important that the Rabbit stays fit physically and alert to various situations. This would the right time for them also to hit the gym and work on their fitness regimen. But they must focus more on weight loss.

The Rabbits are in affinity with the Dog. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dog or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Dog with them at all times.

The End


5- 2018 Predictions for the Dragon




The flamboyant and assertive Dragon will experience a mixed year in 2018.  And although the year warrants caution, the necessary measure will also lay down the foundation for future successes. The key is to be positive.


Employment and Work life


The year of the Dog rewards those who take action. This is the time for the Dragon to move forward and not hesitate for too long when opportunities arise.  The Dragon that is content should still not sit on his laurels but seize every opportunity to further their knowledge and improve innate skills.  The acquired expertise will come handy for future ventures.

A Dragon who wishes a change in their employment or vocation may find many intriguing work and development opportunities in 2018.  Pay heed to any friends or work colleagues’ suggestions concerning possible vacancies that may in the end prove appealing. Favourable months for career developments are April, June and from late September to November.


Finances and Investments


Planning and budgeting all during the year in 2018 for the Dragon is a must.   This is not a time for any risk-taking ventures.  Caution is warranted in all financial matters and when presented with any financial documents or paperwork, the Dragon, however hectic their schedule, should be vigilant with perusing the fine print and questioning any matters that aren’t clear to them.

The female Dragon typically covets the social position more so than acquiring wealth, but this is one and the same. Their self-confidence will trigger their success, especially since the Dragon will attract to her side unique opportunities. They will be well advised to know their limitations however, as well as when to call it quits, for this ardent desire to have more can put them at risk of losing everything they have obtained until then.


Love and Social Life


The outgoing, and energetic, Dragon’s social life will be rather promising all during the year.   There will be many opportunities to connect with new acquaintances via travel experiences, and also from participating in community activities.  Careful planning can result in a family vacation that will be very beneficial and enjoyable for all. 

The busiest months for social events will be February, May, August and December.

  It’s possible some Dragons may feel overwhelmed and pressured and have little patience with the family in the year of the Dog.  To avoid disharmony and to maintain harmonious relationship, the Dragon therefore should communicate their concerns, thoughts or feelings especially with their loved ones. The rewards will come in the Pig year, which is 2019.


Health and Well-being


Despite the busy schedule, the extra hours at work and the business trips, the Dragon’s overall health will be excellent one this year. That is, so long as the Dragon can maintain a professional and a personal balance, with an emphasis on a healthy diet, rest, and exercise, in order to prevent being burnt out.  This is particularly important if the Dragon experiences lasting episodes of tiredness or generally lack of energy or motivation.  Remember stress is the only thing that can still affect or undermined the Dragon’s good health and well being.

The dragon is in affinity with the Rooster. For protection they need to a key chain pendant of a Rooster or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Rooster with them at all times.

The End.


6-2018 Predictions for the Snake




The Snake can look forward to a very successful year in 2018. There will be no hurdles in the Snake’s run this year and everything will be smooth. It will also be a very spontaneous year.  The Snakes have many talents but they can sometimes lack the energy to fully participate and utilise their innate skills, therefore sound advice would be for them to just come out of hiding and take action.  The other thing for them to remember is to have faith in themselves and hone in on their own strengths.


Employment/ Work-life


The predictions are looking extremely promising for the Snake in the Yang Earth Dog Year. There will be plenty of opportunities for promotion or new responsibilities, but the Snake will need to be bold and go for it. Remember, action is paramount for any progress in 2018.

The Snake can also benefit from any job change. The year of the Dog will be an ideal time for the Snake to further any skills he may have which could lead to new possibilities. Moreover, recognition, credibility, and success will benefit those Snakes who have been working on long-term projects.

Favourable months for work are February through to April, September, and November.


Finance and Investments


The Snake natives must remain alert for any possible changes and quickly adapt to these new circumstances as these diverse situations are the norm in the year of the Dog.  This said; many Snakes will enjoy an increase in their income during the year of the Dog.   Nevertheless, they should be judicious and a bit cautious with their spending to enhance future security. They should budget and implement smart money management techniques and also find some new ways to accrue more funds. There may also be opportunities to make residual income from an idea the Snake is ready to launch. Ultimately, with proper money management, the Snake should enjoy a much-improved financial position in 2018.

Good news for the female Snakes also, for they can now look forward to finally reaping the benefits of their past year’s work. These results will be both material and moral.


Love and Social Life


Overall 2018 is going to be an interesting social year for the Snake and they will receive invitations to many events. Though the year may prove hectic at times, the Snake will fare best if they accept and nurture their connections. Meanwhile fun activities with the family and friends promise to be most enjoyable and fruitful provided some quality time is set aside for them.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that it will be an essential feat if the Snake restrains their emotions and contains any possible outbursts this year; for any emotional instability could lead them towards an unpredictable situation from which recovery might be difficult.  Relax, the Snake’s loved ones will be incredibly supportive all during these episodes and always be on hand for any advice or help the Snake may require.   

On the whole the Snake is afraid to have his feelings hurt and may act reservedly in social settings. Their interest in starting a new relationship may be zero this year and consequently, make it difficult for anyone to impress them. All is not lost however for there may be a cause for celebration at some point during the Dog year.  There is also the probability of some Snakes developing a meaningful and satisfying relationship resulting in romance.  The most favourable times for social activities are February, May, July and September.


Health and Well-being


This year the Snake will go through a hectic work schedule and typically they may be remiss in their health routine. Not to worry, for the Snake over the years had noted the adverse health issues encountered by the people close to them. Consequently, they are determined to deal with the precariousness of good health.

The Snake knows that they can burn-out reasonably quickly, and that health and longevity is dependent on regular respite during busy periods. Travel will also provide the Snake some time to rest and recuperate.   Participating in some low-impact exercise such as yoga or tai chi, and even meditation will be beneficial for the Snake providing them with mental peace.  It will help alleviate the stress.   By these means they will be able to recharge particularly during those busiest periods of the year.

 Overall, the year of the Dog will be extremely pleasurable and rewarding for the Snake.  He will find his efforts won’t go unnoticed as long as he steps out from his comfort zone and picks up his pace.  Don’t forget, Snake, to make time for family and friends and take care of your health.

Snakes are in affinity with the Monkey. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Monkey or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Monkey with you at all times.

The End.


7-2018 Predictions for the Horse




The Horse will have ample positive opportunities in the year of the Yang Earth Dog in 2018. The notoriously independent Horse however needs to join forces with others in order to get the most from the year and reap ample rewards.

The horse will also experience lots of ups and downs in life this year.  The best advice would be to remember that there always are challenges in every step of life. The Horse by virtue of their character however stands to come out of it O.K.  Meanwhile, they should try and avoid overdoing things for this characteristic will not serve them well. Also they should try their best to keep cool in dealing with any adverse situations. 


Employment/ Work-life


The Horse can look forward to an auspicious year as far as work is concerned. The year of the Dog will reward those who make an effort and take action.  Similarly, any Horse who reveals and showcases their talents stands to be well-rewarded. 

Many employed Horses will find that they’ll be propelled forward as the year progresses, especially since all their efforts and initiatives are acknowledged and recognised by their work colleagues.  The Horse by nature is fiercely independent and prefers to work alone and be answerable only to their self.  However, to succeed in the Dog year, the Horse natives should go against their independent nature and instead strive to be part of a team. They should also make that extra effort to get to know their colleagues.  No worries, Horses are generally well liked. They are considerate beings and making that little extra effort to work alongside others should not be a problem for them. What’s more, the furtherance of their good reputation in 2018 will reap them ample rewards and benefits in subsequent years.

There are also excellent possibilities for advancement, new responsibilities, and significant promotion for the Horse who is content in his/her present work situation.

For that Horse’s looking for a change of employment or of vocation, they will find some intriguing possibilities in 2018.  Liaising with work colleagues, friends and human resource departments will benefit the Horse immensely in his search.

Favourable months are March, May, July and September.


Finance and Investments


Financially this will be a positive year for the Horse, and many will find a very pleasant increase in income along with some additional money from either overtime or other work. The female Horse especially, will be positively influenced by the propitious stars in this period. This is an excellent year to make investments for the good results are assured. They must be careful to keep their budget under control however and to not be a spendthrift. A good solution would be to keep a shopping list on hand and stick to it with no deviations.

Some Horses may have some substantial outgoings from projects they’re engaged in so planning and budgeting will reduce any stresses from unexpected mounting costs.

If the Horse needs to sign any documents, he/she must read them thoroughly and not be afraid to seek added advice if warranted.


Love and Social Life


For the single Horse, there will be opportunities to make new friends and even start a new relationship that could very quickly turn into romance.  This new love interest could lead to settling down, becoming engaged or getting married.   The year holds many exciting social possibilities with April, June, August, and September being the most favourable.

The Horse however needs to act with some caution in 2018; otherwise they will risk losing the current relationship or be faced with difficulties when trying to get involved in a new relationship.

On the whole, the married Horse will enjoy and value his home life during the year of the Dog.  Communication with loved ones will be valuable to help his/her understanding of any matters that are of concern, and a fresh perspective will also be beneficial in so many ways.

The year of the Dog is a perfect time for completing projects with his family, and in the long run, the Horse will be delighted with his new home and happy he made an effort.

Re-locating the home is also a possibility for some Horses.  Events will happen very quickly, and the move could prove a little challenging at times with the Horse questioning his/her motives and decision.   Some Horse’s may organise a family holiday during the year or even decide to hold a house-warming party.


Health and Well-being


The horse will be very active all during the Dog year and so need to maintain a certain level of balance with their energy levels. One way would be to resist wasting energy on unfruitful activities; however, they should still enjoy every single moment of life and make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

The Horse natives are at risk of facing health problems and depression during 2018, due to the numerous responsibilities they are forced to take on.  So, ease up on tension, remain calm as much as possible, and stay within the natural flow of life.

Overall, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will be quite splendid for the Horse.  For maximum gain, they should curb their natural independent ways and co-operate and communicate with others.  They’ll be surprised at how much they will enjoy other’s input and support.

The Horse is in affinity with the Sheep/Goat. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Sheep/Goat or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Monkey with you at all times

The End.


8-2018 Predictions for the Monkey




The Yang Earth Dog year will be a very prosperous one for the Monkey and along with it plenty of interesting opportunities will come their way. However, in order to take full advantage the Monkey must keep both eyes wide open, be alert, stay up to date with everything going on around them and communicate effectively with others. No need to hustle for things, just utilize that innate intuition to your advantage, stay calm and steady. Yes, you will get it all, but all in good time.

One more thing to remember, the Monkey should strive to leave the past behind and concentrate instead on looking forward. This way they will be able to grab all the opportunities coming their way with both hands and put them to proper use.


Employment/ Work-life


The Monkeys friendly nature and ability to be resourceful will serve them well during 2018. So long as they are willing to adapt, there could be some exciting new developments in the workplace which will offer opportunities for growth and advancement in their professional career.

It is imperative for the Monkeys to maintain close communication with their work colleagues so that they are informed when an opportunity arises.  Doing so will result in significant progress throughout the year.

Plenty of good opportunities are also in the forecast for the Monkeys who are seeking new employment or a different vocation.  However, the multi-talented Monkey will fare better if they keep an open mind and consider other types of occupation to utilise their skills.   They may find that this in the end will propel them in a new and exciting direction.  Favourable months for work developments are March April, October, and November.


Finance and Investments


The Dog year will bring financial stability to the Monkey’s life. Further, they will be able to settle down and pay some of the long outstanding debts.

The Monkeys will have plenty of money in 2018, but they will need to learn how to manage funds efficiently. Occasionally a large purchase or sudden shopping spree is a possibility in the Dog year, but this does not mean it will make a dent in their budget. If they continue to work with pleasure and efficiently, their income will continue to regenerate.

It’s always sound advice however to remain somewhat vigilant when considering any large acquisition and to peruse with care any accompanying legal paperwork.  It wouldn’t hurt if the Monkeys then engaged some professional help.  This way the Monkey can enjoy purchasing gifts, items for his home and on social activities throughout the year without any possibility of financial risk.  Lucky you!


Love and Social Life


The Monkey will have a very pleasurable domestic and social life and create many pleasant memories in the year of the Dog.  During this year there are big chances for the Monkey to have a successful relationship. This year will grow in a positive direction and the Monkey’s love life, married or otherwise, should also prove rather interesting.

As the Dog year progresses, the Monkey, who is in a new relationship, could find his feelings deepening and the relationship moving forward.   The single Monkey will have plenty of opportunities to meet a new love.

To avoid upsets or misunderstandings however, the mischievous Monkeys should be warned not to get too carried away with their antics. They will also enjoy an increase in invitations in regards to their interests or even work.  Favourable months for social events are February, March, July, and December.

The married Monkey can be assured that the love for their partners is as strong as in the beginning. The Male Monkeys should however be more careful not to be led into the temptations offered by their surroundings.

On the whole the married Monkey will enjoy his home life and family activities immensely during the year of the Dog. However, there may be some ups and downs when it comes to the relationships with extended family members. At such times the Monkeys are advised to keep their cool in order to properly handle the situation. To ensure that the Monkeys don’t make any hasty decisions, they should listen intently to the concerns of the family and take it in good grace that every ounce of advice, or issued warning, is for the Monkeys best interest.   Ultimately, the Monkey will appreciate their encouragement, advice, and support. 

In 2018 the Monkey native is sure to enjoy hobbies and interests that in the past have already been proven beneficial. The Monkey likes to make the most of his talents and skills, and he will find the time and get great pleasure for self-improvement throughout the year. One way could be to attend new courses to enhance their knowledge, efficiency and abilities.


Health and Well-being


Monkeys are usually healthy people, ready to conquer the world. Those Monkeys that feel the need to find inner peace in 2018 could consider activities like meditation, tai chi or yoga. It will help them relax and achieve physical strength.

The Monkeys are in affinity with the Snake. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Snake or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Snake with them at all times.

The End


9- 2018 Predictions for the Goat-Sheep




The year of the Yang Earth Dog may be a bit challenging for Goats; nevertheless, it still has some positive aspects that the Goats can utilize.  If they can accept the fact that they can’t always be in charge of every situation and avoid taking things personally, then the valuable lesson learned may serve them well in the favorable year of the Pig in 2019. 

The Goat/ Sheep are bound to experience lots of changes in their life in 2018. They should remain calm and be composed when faced with these unstable situations.  Another good way to cope would be to deem these changes as good or else convert them into good ones.


Employment/ Work-life


The employed Goat/ Sheep are bound to experience a rather hectic work life this year; however on the plus side, there will also be a good flow of money. In 2018 there will be many attractive opportunities for the Goats to further their knowledge and to improve their skills. These will increase their chance at promotion or advancement at the work.   Meanwhile, any challenges or pressures encountered will strengthen their character and make a whole range of new opportunities viable.

The Goats ordinarily like to work as part of a team, maintaining close ties and communicating regularly with work colleagues. This situation will help ease the Goat through any pressures and rough patches. Avoid any arguments in the workplace and try to maintain warm relationships with co-workers. A Goat may find himself/herself feeling sensitive about a colleague’s difference of opinion.  To overcome this quickly, and to keep on track, the Goat will need to set aside any feelings of hurt and resolve the problematic situation as promptly as possible.  The year of the Dog will reward everyone for moving forward and taking action as well as not getting side-tracked and distracted.  This is particularly relevant for Goats, so pay attention!

Meanwhile, taking extra risk at the workplace can prove to be beneficial for the Goat/Sheep but to get that benefit they must be extra vigilant. Also, during these frenzied times they should go by instincts and plan their workload accordingly.  They will appreciate receiving support and advice especially from more experienced colleagues. 

The Goat, who wishes to change employment or vocation, will triumph over any competitors by utilising his/her existing skills rather than stepping outside of their comfort zone and learning something new. The unemployed Goat will manage well if he/she meticulously prepares for interviews.   Many made long-term gains will be by the Goat who remains consistent and focused.  Most favourable months for work opportunities are April, June, October, and November.


Finance and Investments


In 2018 the Goat natives will have plenty of chances to fill their pockets with cash; they only need to make sure not to miss any opportunities. This year is going to be amazing year for them.  That being said, they should still do things in moderation. Although the Goat is not particularly materialistic, he/she does have a tendency to be a spendthrift. There are no consequences to this during the year of the Dog but the Goat/Sheep should still aim at curbing their spending habits and set aside some money for savings.

Meanwhile, it makes sense for the Goat to pay particular attention to financial documents, by checking terms and conditions that involve an expensive commitment.


Love and Social Life


The Goat/Sheep should try and remain as close as possible to their family and friends and spend as much time as possible with them in 2018.

The Goat does value his/her home life, and with the possible additional pressures during the year of the Dog it will be beneficial for the Goat to be open about any frustrations, feelings or concerns they may have.  Regular communication will enable loved ones to have some empathy and understanding, and the Goat/Sheep will appreciate and value their support.

When it comes to the relationships, the Goat/Sheep would also need to be more patient and put in more effort for better communication. In love matters, the Goat’s attitude is not quite right.  The stress from the workplace might be partly responsible for the lack of a diligence in paying attention to other details of their lives.

Meanwhile the Goat is poised to enjoy some pleasurable social occasions during the year of the Dog.   He/she will, however, need to be mindful of how he/she interacts with friends for they may experience a lapse in self-awareness which could result in an indiscreet comment upsetting a close friend.

There could be an opportunity to develop a new interest or join a group; this could also be some work with a charity, adding a different quality to the Goat/Sheep’s life.   Favourable months for social occasions are May, July, September, and December.


Health and Well-being


The Goat natives have a tendency of neglecting their own health while taking care of the wellbeing of others. They must stay alert and quit their unhealthy habits. They need to take care of themselves and focus of their emotional, physical and psychological needs.

Overall, although the year of the Yang Earth Dog could have some pressures and challenges, if the Goat/Sheep remains observant and decisive he will discover some hidden benefits which will serve him/her well in the future.  Rewards for any effort and perseverance will come to light in the 2019 Pig year.

The Goat/Sheep are in affinity with the Horse. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Horse or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Horse with them at all times.

The End


10-2018 Predictions for the Rooster




The year of the Yang Earth Dog will be a hectic and confusing one for the outgoing and well organised Rooster. The Rooster might encounter some difficulties in life and further, find it difficult to make the right choices in 2018.  However, to fare best the Rooster needs to remain flexible in all matters, stay away from negativity and maintain a positive outlook. Meanwhile they should try to enjoy life experiences, keeping in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Rooster should give it a hundred percent to whatever they do this year. Before the Rooster makes any decisions about a problem however, it is imperative to think hard about it and take into consideration all the possible outcomes. Once the Rooster native has decided on something then they should stick to it and don’t let anyone or anything change their mind.


Employment/ Work-life


Many Roosters that have taken a new direction in 2017 will achieve more significant results in 2018 if they embrace their new position and accept that the year of the Dog is not the year for reaching their work goals.  They must approach the year with the mindset that they need to expand their knowledge, skills, gain more experience and learn as much as they can about their new role, then this modesty will benefit them by furthering their careers in future.

In the interim, the Rooster must showcase their talents and not forget to connect and communicate with their co-workers.  And be appreciative of all the help received and support tendered by their work colleagues.

Flexibility is the key for those Roosters that are seeking employment or wish to change vocation.  They must step outside of their comfort zone and instead embrace any position.  When faced with a stiff competition the Rooster should scrutinize it and try to see the advantages instead of dismissing an opportunity.  Most favourable months for career developments are March, June, September, and October.


Finance and Investments


The Rooster could find 2018 an expensive year warranting effective money management.  They need to compare prices, especially when purchasing high-end products or entering into an agreement.  The Rooster should also thoroughly peruse the fine print of any financial documents in regard to an expensive purchase.  Careful planning and budgeting will also minimizes any stress.

The female Rooster especially, needs to learn to adapt to any situation and not be scared by the probability that their financial situation may suffer in 2018.  It’s important to remember that variety is an important aspect of life.


Love and Social Life


A busy, pleasurable social life is in the forecast for the gregarious Rooster during the year of the Dog.  They will enjoy many invitations and be able to showcase their fabulous conversational skills.  However, the Roosters can at times be tactless.  This year in particular they should be on guard and be mindful of saying something that they might regret later on.  Favourable and active months for social activity will be April, June, July, and November.

The Rooster’s love life should be interesting one as well this year. There are real opportunities that many single Roosters will fall in love with meet someone special this year and that someone could be a lasting partner.

In 2018 it will be a good thing for the Rooster to reserve some time to pursuing personal interests or learn a new skill. Enjoying some quality time with family and friends, perhaps a shared interest will also be highly beneficial.  Additionally, the Rooster will enjoy organising a holiday at some point during the year.  This vacation would be an opportunity to meet and connect with others.

The married Rooster places himself in a very central position in the home.   Those around him appreciate his ability to organise and stay up-to-date on all matters as well as his ability to communicate and be ready to listen and give advice.

The Roosters that are planning any home projects, such improvements or renovations need to remain flexible with deadlines and to be realistic with completing projects by a fixed time.  The year of the Dog will be hectic enough for the Rooster, and the Rooster will not fare well if he insists on high pressure tasks and specific deadlines.


Health and Well-being


The Rooster is, by nature, a thorough and meticulous being. Typically, 2018 will be challenging and extremely busy.  The result would be that, he/she could miss essential matters and fail in maintaining their usual high standards.   When the pressure builds stress can damage the physical and mental health of Rooster natives, if they don’t pay enough attention to it. Anxiety is also a risk for their health and the difficulties they encounter might manifest as exhaustion. The Rooster therefore should try for respite, or to meditate so as to manage effectively any stressful matters and to keep in check any rising emotions.

Overall, a positive year for the Roosters as long as they are prepared to be flexible and take timely breaks when the pressure builds up. 

The Roosters are in affinity with the Dragon. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Dragon or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Dragon with you at all times.

The End


11-2018 Predictions for the Dog




On the whole 2018 will be an excellent year for the Dog with many opportunities in both professional and personal life. There will be occasions however, when the Dog will face tough times. Those times when the chips are down, they must keep their morale high, stay focused, be determined and tap on their positive energy reserves in order to persevere and do well.  The year of the Dog requires action and so the Dog native needs also to let go of past frustrations and disappointments as this will hold them back.


Employment/ Work-life


When it comes to the Dog’s professional life in 2018, all is required of the Dog is, for him/her to remain focused, be confident and persevere.  They should keep in mind that this year is most propitious to opportunities for advancement and promotions at work.

2018 also holds promise for the unemployed Dogs seeking new employment. Along the way there may be some rejections, but this should not deter the dogs any, as this could hold the possibility that far more suitable positions may be available further down the line. 

Meanwhile, some Dogs will benefit from furthering their education or skills, especially if venturing into a new vocation.   Favourable months for career developments are March, April September, and October.


Finance and Investments


Financially the Dog natives should fare quite well in 2018. Due to the Dogs successes and advancement in his work situation, he will enjoy an increase in income with some Dogs receiving additional revenue from a new venture or extra work.

Typically, Dogs will be able to afford almost everything their hearts’ desires.

They will nevertheless show wisdom when it comes to impulsive spending.

A healthier bank account will also mean that many Dogs will decide to start some home projects, book a holiday or pursue an interest.  2018 will be a perfect time for the Dog to look carefully at his outgoings, set up a budget and, if he isn’t already, start to save for future security.


Love and Social Life


The Dogs can look forward to a busy home life during 2018. They are poised to experience lots of changes in their relationships; meanwhile, the married natives should be more careful, otherwise they will risk the dissolution of their marriage. They can fall in love easily enough, but their feelings can dissipate just as fast. Try spending quality time with family.  This could prove most beneficial.

The married Dog will also bring to fruition any long considered home improvement projects.  Careful planning and budgeting as well as not rushing to get the job completed will bring much pleasure and satisfaction to the Dog.  Additionally, they should communicate any concerns and plans with their loved ones for they will be most appreciative for all their support and advice.

 Those Dogs considering purchasing a new home in 2018 could feel it a challenging and time-consuming effort. Still, the end results will be well worth it for this Yang Earth Dog Year is poised to herald the start of a new, grand era for the Dog!

2018 will be a socially active year for the Dog during which they will enjoy making new contacts and form some strong, long-lasting friendships.

Many single Dogs can look forward to a new romance and be able to leave behind any past disappointments.  It will be time to enjoy a fresh start.  Favourable months for socialising are February, March, July, and August.


Health and Well-being


2018 the Dog natives will enjoy excellent health, so long as they monitor their eating habits and they do not indulge in excess. Nothing further needs to be said.


Finally, the Dogs are in affinity with the Rabbit. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Rabbit or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Rabbit with them at all times.

The End


12- 2018 Predictions for the Pig




The Pig will on the whole enjoy a peaceful time in 2018. The Yang Earth Dog year may pass far too quickly for the hard-working Pig but this may still afford him/her enough time to sow the seeds of a solid foundation to be reaped in 2019 which is the year of the Pig.


Employment/ Work-life


In the year of the Dog, Pigs will make many compromises in work-life in order to be professionally successful. There will be many obstacles in their way but if they persevere they are sure to succeed. Subsequent benefits of rich financial gains will be theirs along with an increase in responsibilities.

This year the Pigs will explore many new avenues in their professional life which will in the end pay them rich dividends. The year of the Dog is the perfect time for the Pigs to consider furthering their knowledge and skills.  Be alert and seize every opportunity to participate in courses or training that is relevant to work.  Signing up and dedicating time to study will bring fantastic opportunities for progress and future rewards.

The Pig will also make headway by showing enthusiasm in his/her workplace which could lead to prospects in other ventures, including mentoring new recruits.

 The Dog year will be a good year for the Pigs wishing to change employment or have a different vocation.  Making an effort to investigate available work opportunities and staying committed to making a move, will bring positive results for the Pig.  In some cases, the soft and open-hearted Pig may be disheartened when the job openings and interviews do not go as anticipated. However, if they logically and meticulously explore and asses the possible reasons for it, (for example, lack of a particular skill or displaying the wrong attitude,) then insight gained will be beneficial in their future attempts.  Favourable months for work progress and opportunities are late February, March, and October through to early December. 

There is a definite upsurge of possibilities in the forecast for the second half of the year. Just be patient, the snail’s pace will pick up momentum towards the end.


Finance and Investments


In 2018 there will be ample lucky breaks headed in Pig’s way. The Pig can also look forward to additional monies flowing in throughout the year from either a gifts or from extra work opportunities.

The Pig should seize these opportunities but make proper use of them. As it is, the Pigs do enjoy opulence and more exceptional things in life including fine food, lavish environment and holidays etc. They can therefore, in a short span, spend their entire earnings. 

Good advice would be for Pigs to exercise some self-control with their spendthrift ways this year. They should refrain from excessive expenditures and costly items that may lead to dire, unwanted situations in the later part of the year.  Try to be a bit more financially savvy and explore other options before making any decision. Better still, invest or increase savings or perhaps even pay off an outstanding loan.


Love and Social Life


The popular and sociable Pigs can look forward to an entertaining year in 2018. This is a good year to set aside time for sharing some pleasurable and recreational interests with family and friends. 

The Pig should have little worries when it comes to love matters. If the Pig native is involved in a relationship, with romance factoring on the horizon, this could result in an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Chances this year for single Pigs to end up in a marriage are quite high.

Favourable months for socialising, developing new friendships and finding love are March, April, July, and September.

It’s not all bed of roses however, for there is a probability that some of the Pigs that are already in relationships may experience a few ups and downs. The areas of contention will warrant sensitivity and careful handling from the Pig.  It is very important that they be reasonable and try and sort out any differences which could be a source of trouble.

 On the whole Pigs can look forward to a very pleasurable home-life. They will enjoy organising special occasions and treats for the family which will be much appreciated and make many happy memories for all.

There is a chance however that the married Pigs experience moments of discord within the family.  On those occasions they need to be calm and draw upon their peacemaker skills to quickly diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand. 

The Pigs that find themselves in personal crisis or pressured should not hesitate to ask the assistance or help from loved ones. They may appreciate the singular chance of repaying the Pigs kindness and many thoughtful ways.


Health and Well-being


To avoid any health issues, the Pig needs to focus on the positive aspects of life and forget any negative thoughts. The hard-working Pig should keep in mind that he/she is bound to be rewarded in the much quicker and more active 2019 Pig year.

Meanwhile the Pig can maintain a balanced life and recoup his energy by setting aside some time to relax and partake in hobbies. 

Pigs are in affinity with the Tiger. For their protection, they should have a key chain pendant of a Tiger or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Tiger with them at all times.

The End




Best Wishes for The  Year of the Yang Earth Dog  2018

Tibetan Ornamentation- Khampa

Tibetan Ornamentation- Khampa


01-Pic by Antoine Taveneaux -800px-People_of_Tibet13-By Antoine Taveneaux - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommo

Pic by Antoine Taveneaux -800px-People_of_Tibet13-By Antoine Taveneaux – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommo

The summer months have come to a close all too quickly and it is now September. And with that, on this Labor Day Holiday, Ontario’s biggest city Toronto buzzed with a beehive of activity satiating the senses of sight, hearing and taste via umpteen exciting festivals. 


This last hurrah compelled us all to live it up, as though our lives depended on it.  For soon the humdrum of daily life will be back upon us. Back to work, back to school, the end of nice, easygoing time and weather. All will be replaced by cold icy temperatures, shorter daylight hours, and the flu season. Then comes the dreaded snow…Uggg, winter is coming! (Pardon the private joke from this fan of the HBO series’ Game of Thrones).


And if you believe the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will be a particularly harsh one!   But I digress, in between the haste of cramming in as much summertime fun; there is also the hustle and bustle of shopping. And with winter attire acquired; why not splurge on something frivolous?

04-Antoine Taveneaux - own work-People of Tiebet (in Nagqu Horse festival)

Antoine Taveneaux – own work-People of Tiebet (in Nagqu Horse festival)

 Recently my interests veered towards unique jewelry, the indigenous sort. Tibetan jewelry presented itself as a new area to be explored. I visited several vendors that offered some unique, antique and rare geometric designs encompassing pieces of turquoise and amber. There was one particular necklace that drew my attention; however, when I put it up against my neck, I felt a strange sensation. The feeling of a pair of hands choking me became more pronounced when the clasp was fastened.  I couldn’t get  it  off me fast enough and, paying no heed to the special deal the vender offered for enticement, I hastily but politely exited the premises.  As my steps took me to safe distance, now don’t laugh, I felt as though I’d dodged something unholy. I’m not averse to acquiring antique pieces and sometimes they can be quite interesting as I am a History buff. Still, my subsequent move was to pay a visit to another Tibetan vendor that I was sure sold new jewelry pieces. No pre-owned stuff after that scare. I selected a few pieces that appealed to my taste and were moderately priced. 




Sometime later, I came across some interesting pictures on the internet about Tibetan Khampa Posted on Flickr by Better World 2010.  The men and women were covered in plentiful huge chunks of amber, coral and turquoise jewelry.  This was intriguing to say the least. Why be burdened with such weight?

8-Better World2010-01

Better World2010-01

9-Better World2010-11

Better World2010-11

10-Better World2010-13

Better World2010-13

Then I came across some even more fascinating info about legendary Khampa people living in eastern Tibet who never fall ill and live a long time. As seen in these pictures, they are usually tall, well built and fearless. The Khampa men often stood out in a crowd, same as the women; all decked out with gold and silver, amber and red coral accessories, with their long plaited hair and tanned faces. I read somewhere that their bright unrestrained laughter resonated in the air when in festivals they moved in clusters like the moving hills.  I wish I was there to see it in person.

11-Better World2010-14

Better World2010-14

12-Better World2010-08

-Better World2010-08


Intrigued, I prodded further: The indigenous group was said to reside on the mysterious snowy plateau and furthermore, they were believed to be the offspring of the god of war and the goddess of beauty. With such lineage, the women were sure to be beautiful and the men always, stoic and valiant. Clearly, surviving the hostile elements of nature has only strengthened their life-force.

13-Better World2010-06

-Better World2010-06

14-Better World2010-03

Better World2010-03


There was even a mysterious legend about this indigenous group: It was believed that once, a long time ago in the Medicine King City, there lived the Medicine King. Impressed by the Khampa’s fearless and gallant nature, he often dispensed free medical treatment. Furthermore, he passed on to Khampa all that he knew, including all the herbal medicine and disease treatment methods. Since then, the Khampa had never fallen ill.  More interestingly, all the panaceas (universal remedies, cure-alls, magic potions) came from the Medicine King City.

As great as this belief is, the disbeliever may attribute Khampa people’s lasting good health to their inherent good habits, the sensible and diligent care they have in the prevention of all diseases.

Meanwhile the whole Tibetan regions, its indigenous customs, ceremonial ornamentation, Khampa, are all a marvel to explore.  Here is some more which I would like to share:

Did you know that different regions of Tibet have their own unique customs, dialect, and styles of ornamentation? The styles of ceremonial costumes worn by the rich families are as distinct and therefore easily recognisable in determining the region.

15-Better World2010-12

Better World2010-12

16-Better World2010-10

Better World2010-10

Headpiece’s elaborately studded with coral resemble a crown. Coral studded gold armlets, or Copal beads (‘sherpa coral’) may be used by both men and women in the place of coral, covering the length of their forearms and fingers in gold bracelets and rings.

17-Better World2010-15a

Better World2010-15a

 The beautiful costumes of the Khampas are considered to be the main store of the family’s wealth and announce the social status of the wearers. They are handed down from generation to generation.

Till recently most Tibetan families were nomadic and had to move every few months because of the snowy seasons in the Himalayas so, being unable to store wealth in the form of estates or houses or land or in a bank,  Khampas developed this practical and portable means of transporting and storing their wealth.  These rich nomadic ornaments are set in colorful, chunky and bold designs.

Tibetan culture is very specific in determining the type of stone or ornaments that are to be used: these are usually amber, turquoise, coral and jade, because the stones are believed to hold spiritual power. There is also a firm belief that the stones provide good luck and protection from disease. Dyed red coral is the most sought after stone, but interestingly enough, Tibet is quite far away from any oceans and therefore coral must be acquired through trade. Archeological finds also revealed that the beliefs of spiritual protection being provided by coral, amber and turquoise probably originated from the ancient shamanic Bon religion, as the designs of pieces predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet.

18-Better World2010-15

Better World2010-15

Now these stones are always set in pure gold or silver that is naturally found in Tibet. Tibetans also consider these precious metals sacred and that they hold spiritual power of their own, therefore, mixing gold or silver will be a sacrilege. As a result, some costumes are worth somewhere between $10,000 all the way up to many millions of US dollars, depending on the quality of stones and antiquity of the ornaments. The costumes can weigh up to 44lb, much of that weight derived from the gold and silver amulet pieces attached in front, behind and on the head. These costumes are worn on annual festival days such as at the Litang Horse Festival.

19-Better World2010-02 (1)

Better World2010-02 (1)

20-Better World2010-02 (2)

Better World2010-02 (2)

These ornaments have the utmost sentimental value and significance, because they are the physical remnants of generations of their ancestor’s hard work or success. This belief has also been traced by the archeological finds all the way back to the 1st century AD.

 Testament to this truth is unearthed ornaments that are found to be essentially the same in design and materials as those today.

21-Better World2010-07

Better World2010-07

The End


Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

This year in Canada this celebrated event honors all   Mothers on Apr 14, 2017. Rightly so, after all, we all have mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and love are all universal.

 In North America, the celebration of Mother’s Day began in the early 20th century.   A sort of latecomer, it is not related to the various celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have transpired throughout the world spanning the time of thousands of years. Some of these were:   the Roman Festival of Hilaria, Greek cult to Cybele, or the Christian Mothering Sunday Celebration (originally it had commemorated the Mother Church).   Nevertheless Mother’s Day shares the intent of these older traditions.

Click here to see Video  “Mother’s Love” :

Art throughout history has always celebrated mothers and motherhood as well.




Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017




Here’s a Lovely Easter Rabbit story

(Title: Raggedy Andy Stories

Author: Johnny Gruelle

Illustrator: Johnny Gruelle

Release Date: December 22, 2005 [EBook #17371]

Language: English

Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1)

“Well, what shall we play tonight?” asked Henny, the Dutch doll, when the house was quiet and the dolls all knew that no one else was awake.


Raggedy Andy was just about to suggest a good game, when Fido, who sometimes slept in a basket in the nursery, growled.

All the dollies looked in his direction.

Fido was standing up with his ears sticking as straight in the air as loppy silken puppy dog ears can stick up.

“He must have been dreaming!” said Raggedy Andy.

“No, I wasn’t dreaming!” Fido answered. “I heard something go, ‘Scratch! Scratch!’ as plain as I hear you!”

“Where did the sound come from, Fido?” Raggedy Andy asked when he saw that Fido really was wide awake.

“From outside somewhere!” Fido answered. “And if I could get out without disturbing all the folks, I’d run out and see what it might be! Perhaps I had better bark!”

“Please do not bark!” Raggedy Andy cried as he put his rag arm around Fido’s nose. “You will awaken everybody in the house. We can open a door or a window for you and let you out, if you must go!”

“I wish you would. Listen! There it is again: ‘Scratch! Scratch!’ What can it be?”

“You may soon see!” said Raggedy Andy. “We’ll let you out, but please don’t sit at the door and bark and bark to get back in again, as you usually do, for we are going to play a good game and we may not hear you!”

“You can sleep out in the shed after you have found out what it is,” said Raggedy Andy.

As soon as the dolls opened the door for Fido, he went running across the lawn, barking in a loud shrill voice. He ran down behind the shed and through the garden, and then back towards the house again.


Raggedy Andy and Uncle Clem stood looking out of the door, the rest of the dolls peeping over their shoulders, so when something came jumping through the door, it hit Uncle Clem and Raggedy Andy and sent them flying against the other dolls behind them.

All the dolls went down in a wiggling heap on the floor.

It was surprising that the noise and confusion did not waken Daddy and the rest of the folks, for just as the dolls were untangling themselves from each other and getting upon their feet, Fido came jumping through the door and sent the dolls tumbling again.

Fido quit barking when he came through the door.

“Which way did he go?” he asked, when he could get his breath.

“What was it?” Raggedy Andy asked in return.

“It was a rabbit!” Fido cried. “He ran right in here, for I could smell his tracks!”

“We could feel him!” Raggedy Andy laughed.

“I could not tell you which way he went!” Uncle Clem said, “Except I feel sure he came through the door and into the house!”

None of the dolls knew into which room the rabbit had run.

Finally, after much sniffing, Fido traced the rabbit to the nursery, where, when the dolls followed, they saw the rabbit crouching behind the rocking horse.

Fido whined and cried because he could not get to the rabbit and bite him.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Fido!” cried Raggedy Ann. “Just see how the poor bunny is trembling!”

“He should not come scratching around our house if he doesn’t care to be chased!” said Fido.


“Why don’t you stay out in the woods and fields where you really belong?” Raggedy Andy asked the rabbit.

“I came to leave some Easter eggs!” the bunny answered in a queer little quivery voice.

“An Easter bunny!” all the dolls cried, jumping about and clapping their hands. “An Easter bunny!”

“Well!” was all Fido could say, as he sat down and began wagging his tail.

“You may come out from behind the rocking horse now, Easter bunny!” said Raggedy Andy. “Fido will not hurt you, now that he knows, will you, Fido?”

“Indeed I won’t!” Fido replied. “I’m sorry that I chased you! And I remember now, I had to jump over a basket out by the shed! Was that yours?”

“Yes, it was full of Easter eggs and colored grasses for the little girl who lives here!” the bunny said.

When the Easter bunny found out that Fido and the dolls were his friends, he came out from behind the rocking horse and hopped across the floor to the door.

“I must go see if any of the eggs are broken, for if they are, I will have to run home and color some more! I was just about to make a nice nest and put the eggs in it when Fido came bouncing out at me!”

And with a squeaky little laugh the Easter bunny, followed by Fido and all the dolls, hopped across the lawn towards the shed. There they found the basket. Four of the lovely colored Easter eggs were broken.

“I will run home and color four more. It will only take a few minutes, so when I return and scratch again to make a nest, please do not bark at me!” said the Easter bunny.


“I won’t! I promise!” Fido laughed.

“May we go with you and watch you color the Easter eggs?” Raggedy Andy begged.

“Indeed you may!” the Easter bunny answered. “Can you run fast?”

Then down through the garden and out through a crack in the fence the Easter bunny hopped, with a long string of dolls trailing behind.

When they came to the Easter bunny’s home, they found Mama Easter bunny and a lot of little teeny weeny bunnies who would someday grow up to be big Easter bunnies like their Mama and Daddy bunny.

The Easter bunny told them of his adventure with Fido, and all joined in his laughter when they found it had turned out well at the end.

The Easter bunny put four eggs on to boil and while these were boiling he mixed up a lot of pretty colors.

When the eggs were boiled, he dipped the four eggs into the pretty colored dye and then painted lovely flowers on them.

When the Easter bunny had finished painting the eggs he put them in his basket and, with all the dolls running along beside him, they returned to the house.

“Why not make the nest right in the nursery?” Raggedy Andy asked.

“That would be just the thing! Then the little girl would wonder and wonder how I could ever get into the nursery without awakening the rest of the folks, for she will never suspect that you dolls and Fido let me in!”

So with Raggedy Andy leading the way, they ran up to the nursery and there, ‘way back in a corner, they watched the Easter bunny make a lovely nest and put the Easter eggs in it.

And in the morning when Marcella came in to see the dolls you can imagine her surprise when she found the pretty gift of the Easter bunny.

“How in the world did the bunny get inside the house and into this room without awakening Fido?” she laughed.


And Fido, pretending to be asleep, slowly opened one eye and winked over the edge of his basket at Raggedy Andy.

And Raggedy Andy smiled back at Fido, but never said a word.









Happy Easter Everyone