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Tibetan Ornamentation- Khampa

Tibetan Ornamentation- Khampa


01-Pic by Antoine Taveneaux -800px-People_of_Tibet13-By Antoine Taveneaux - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommo

Pic by Antoine Taveneaux -800px-People_of_Tibet13-By Antoine Taveneaux – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, httpscommo

The summer months have come to a close all too quickly and it is now September. And with that, on this Labor Day Holiday, Ontario’s biggest city Toronto buzzed with a beehive of activity satiating the senses of sight, hearing and taste via umpteen exciting festivals. 


This last hurrah compelled us all to live it up, as though our lives depended on it.  For soon the humdrum of daily life will be back upon us. Back to work, back to school, the end of nice, easygoing time and weather. All will be replaced by cold icy temperatures, shorter daylight hours, and the flu season. Then comes the dreaded snow…Uggg, winter is coming! (Pardon the private joke from this fan of the HBO series’ Game of Thrones).


And if you believe the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will be a particularly harsh one!   But I digress, in between the haste of cramming in as much summertime fun; there is also the hustle and bustle of shopping. And with winter attire acquired; why not splurge on something frivolous?

04-Antoine Taveneaux - own work-People of Tiebet (in Nagqu Horse festival)

Antoine Taveneaux – own work-People of Tiebet (in Nagqu Horse festival)

 Recently my interests veered towards unique jewelry, the indigenous sort. Tibetan jewelry presented itself as a new area to be explored. I visited several vendors that offered some unique, antique and rare geometric designs encompassing pieces of turquoise and amber. There was one particular necklace that drew my attention; however, when I put it up against my neck, I felt a strange sensation. The feeling of a pair of hands choking me became more pronounced when the clasp was fastened.  I couldn’t get  it  off me fast enough and, paying no heed to the special deal the vender offered for enticement, I hastily but politely exited the premises.  As my steps took me to safe distance, now don’t laugh, I felt as though I’d dodged something unholy. I’m not averse to acquiring antique pieces and sometimes they can be quite interesting as I am a History buff. Still, my subsequent move was to pay a visit to another Tibetan vendor that I was sure sold new jewelry pieces. No pre-owned stuff after that scare. I selected a few pieces that appealed to my taste and were moderately priced. 




Sometime later, I came across some interesting pictures on the internet about Tibetan Khampa Posted on Flickr by Better World 2010.  The men and women were covered in plentiful huge chunks of amber, coral and turquoise jewelry.  This was intriguing to say the least. Why be burdened with such weight?

8-Better World2010-01

Better World2010-01

9-Better World2010-11

Better World2010-11

10-Better World2010-13

Better World2010-13

Then I came across some even more fascinating info about legendary Khampa people living in eastern Tibet who never fall ill and live a long time. As seen in these pictures, they are usually tall, well built and fearless. The Khampa men often stood out in a crowd, same as the women; all decked out with gold and silver, amber and red coral accessories, with their long plaited hair and tanned faces. I read somewhere that their bright unrestrained laughter resonated in the air when in festivals they moved in clusters like the moving hills.  I wish I was there to see it in person.

11-Better World2010-14

Better World2010-14

12-Better World2010-08

-Better World2010-08


Intrigued, I prodded further: The indigenous group was said to reside on the mysterious snowy plateau and furthermore, they were believed to be the offspring of the god of war and the goddess of beauty. With such lineage, the women were sure to be beautiful and the men always, stoic and valiant. Clearly, surviving the hostile elements of nature has only strengthened their life-force.

13-Better World2010-06

-Better World2010-06

14-Better World2010-03

Better World2010-03


There was even a mysterious legend about this indigenous group: It was believed that once, a long time ago in the Medicine King City, there lived the Medicine King. Impressed by the Khampa’s fearless and gallant nature, he often dispensed free medical treatment. Furthermore, he passed on to Khampa all that he knew, including all the herbal medicine and disease treatment methods. Since then, the Khampa had never fallen ill.  More interestingly, all the panaceas (universal remedies, cure-alls, magic potions) came from the Medicine King City.

As great as this belief is, the disbeliever may attribute Khampa people’s lasting good health to their inherent good habits, the sensible and diligent care they have in the prevention of all diseases.

Meanwhile the whole Tibetan regions, its indigenous customs, ceremonial ornamentation, Khampa, are all a marvel to explore.  Here is some more which I would like to share:

Did you know that different regions of Tibet have their own unique customs, dialect, and styles of ornamentation? The styles of ceremonial costumes worn by the rich families are as distinct and therefore easily recognisable in determining the region.

15-Better World2010-12

Better World2010-12

16-Better World2010-10

Better World2010-10

Headpiece’s elaborately studded with coral resemble a crown. Coral studded gold armlets, or Copal beads (‘sherpa coral’) may be used by both men and women in the place of coral, covering the length of their forearms and fingers in gold bracelets and rings.

17-Better World2010-15a

Better World2010-15a

 The beautiful costumes of the Khampas are considered to be the main store of the family’s wealth and announce the social status of the wearers. They are handed down from generation to generation.

Till recently most Tibetan families were nomadic and had to move every few months because of the snowy seasons in the Himalayas so, being unable to store wealth in the form of estates or houses or land or in a bank,  Khampas developed this practical and portable means of transporting and storing their wealth.  These rich nomadic ornaments are set in colorful, chunky and bold designs.

Tibetan culture is very specific in determining the type of stone or ornaments that are to be used: these are usually amber, turquoise, coral and jade, because the stones are believed to hold spiritual power. There is also a firm belief that the stones provide good luck and protection from disease. Dyed red coral is the most sought after stone, but interestingly enough, Tibet is quite far away from any oceans and therefore coral must be acquired through trade. Archeological finds also revealed that the beliefs of spiritual protection being provided by coral, amber and turquoise probably originated from the ancient shamanic Bon religion, as the designs of pieces predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet.

18-Better World2010-15

Better World2010-15

Now these stones are always set in pure gold or silver that is naturally found in Tibet. Tibetans also consider these precious metals sacred and that they hold spiritual power of their own, therefore, mixing gold or silver will be a sacrilege. As a result, some costumes are worth somewhere between $10,000 all the way up to many millions of US dollars, depending on the quality of stones and antiquity of the ornaments. The costumes can weigh up to 44lb, much of that weight derived from the gold and silver amulet pieces attached in front, behind and on the head. These costumes are worn on annual festival days such as at the Litang Horse Festival.

19-Better World2010-02 (1)

Better World2010-02 (1)

20-Better World2010-02 (2)

Better World2010-02 (2)

These ornaments have the utmost sentimental value and significance, because they are the physical remnants of generations of their ancestor’s hard work or success. This belief has also been traced by the archeological finds all the way back to the 1st century AD.

 Testament to this truth is unearthed ornaments that are found to be essentially the same in design and materials as those today.

21-Better World2010-07

Better World2010-07

The End



Mother’s Love

Mother’s Love

This year in Canada this celebrated event honors all   Mothers on Apr 14, 2017. Rightly so, after all, we all have mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and love are all universal.

 In North America, the celebration of Mother’s Day began in the early 20th century.   A sort of latecomer, it is not related to the various celebrations of mothers and motherhood that have transpired throughout the world spanning the time of thousands of years. Some of these were:   the Roman Festival of Hilaria, Greek cult to Cybele, or the Christian Mothering Sunday Celebration (originally it had commemorated the Mother Church).   Nevertheless Mother’s Day shares the intent of these older traditions.

Click here to see Video  “Mother’s Love” :

Art throughout history has always celebrated mothers and motherhood as well.


Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017




Here’s a Lovely Easter Rabbit story

(Title: Raggedy Andy Stories

Author: Johnny Gruelle

Illustrator: Johnny Gruelle

Release Date: December 22, 2005 [EBook #17371]

Language: English

Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1)

“Well, what shall we play tonight?” asked Henny, the Dutch doll, when the house was quiet and the dolls all knew that no one else was awake.


Raggedy Andy was just about to suggest a good game, when Fido, who sometimes slept in a basket in the nursery, growled.

All the dollies looked in his direction.

Fido was standing up with his ears sticking as straight in the air as loppy silken puppy dog ears can stick up.

“He must have been dreaming!” said Raggedy Andy.

“No, I wasn’t dreaming!” Fido answered. “I heard something go, ‘Scratch! Scratch!’ as plain as I hear you!”

“Where did the sound come from, Fido?” Raggedy Andy asked when he saw that Fido really was wide awake.

“From outside somewhere!” Fido answered. “And if I could get out without disturbing all the folks, I’d run out and see what it might be! Perhaps I had better bark!”

“Please do not bark!” Raggedy Andy cried as he put his rag arm around Fido’s nose. “You will awaken everybody in the house. We can open a door or a window for you and let you out, if you must go!”

“I wish you would. Listen! There it is again: ‘Scratch! Scratch!’ What can it be?”

“You may soon see!” said Raggedy Andy. “We’ll let you out, but please don’t sit at the door and bark and bark to get back in again, as you usually do, for we are going to play a good game and we may not hear you!”

“You can sleep out in the shed after you have found out what it is,” said Raggedy Andy.

As soon as the dolls opened the door for Fido, he went running across the lawn, barking in a loud shrill voice. He ran down behind the shed and through the garden, and then back towards the house again.


Raggedy Andy and Uncle Clem stood looking out of the door, the rest of the dolls peeping over their shoulders, so when something came jumping through the door, it hit Uncle Clem and Raggedy Andy and sent them flying against the other dolls behind them.

All the dolls went down in a wiggling heap on the floor.

It was surprising that the noise and confusion did not waken Daddy and the rest of the folks, for just as the dolls were untangling themselves from each other and getting upon their feet, Fido came jumping through the door and sent the dolls tumbling again.

Fido quit barking when he came through the door.

“Which way did he go?” he asked, when he could get his breath.

“What was it?” Raggedy Andy asked in return.

“It was a rabbit!” Fido cried. “He ran right in here, for I could smell his tracks!”

“We could feel him!” Raggedy Andy laughed.

“I could not tell you which way he went!” Uncle Clem said, “Except I feel sure he came through the door and into the house!”

None of the dolls knew into which room the rabbit had run.

Finally, after much sniffing, Fido traced the rabbit to the nursery, where, when the dolls followed, they saw the rabbit crouching behind the rocking horse.

Fido whined and cried because he could not get to the rabbit and bite him.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Fido!” cried Raggedy Ann. “Just see how the poor bunny is trembling!”

“He should not come scratching around our house if he doesn’t care to be chased!” said Fido.


“Why don’t you stay out in the woods and fields where you really belong?” Raggedy Andy asked the rabbit.

“I came to leave some Easter eggs!” the bunny answered in a queer little quivery voice.

“An Easter bunny!” all the dolls cried, jumping about and clapping their hands. “An Easter bunny!”

“Well!” was all Fido could say, as he sat down and began wagging his tail.

“You may come out from behind the rocking horse now, Easter bunny!” said Raggedy Andy. “Fido will not hurt you, now that he knows, will you, Fido?”

“Indeed I won’t!” Fido replied. “I’m sorry that I chased you! And I remember now, I had to jump over a basket out by the shed! Was that yours?”

“Yes, it was full of Easter eggs and colored grasses for the little girl who lives here!” the bunny said.

When the Easter bunny found out that Fido and the dolls were his friends, he came out from behind the rocking horse and hopped across the floor to the door.

“I must go see if any of the eggs are broken, for if they are, I will have to run home and color some more! I was just about to make a nice nest and put the eggs in it when Fido came bouncing out at me!”

And with a squeaky little laugh the Easter bunny, followed by Fido and all the dolls, hopped across the lawn towards the shed. There they found the basket. Four of the lovely colored Easter eggs were broken.

“I will run home and color four more. It will only take a few minutes, so when I return and scratch again to make a nest, please do not bark at me!” said the Easter bunny.


“I won’t! I promise!” Fido laughed.

“May we go with you and watch you color the Easter eggs?” Raggedy Andy begged.

“Indeed you may!” the Easter bunny answered. “Can you run fast?”

Then down through the garden and out through a crack in the fence the Easter bunny hopped, with a long string of dolls trailing behind.

When they came to the Easter bunny’s home, they found Mama Easter bunny and a lot of little teeny weeny bunnies who would someday grow up to be big Easter bunnies like their Mama and Daddy bunny.

The Easter bunny told them of his adventure with Fido, and all joined in his laughter when they found it had turned out well at the end.

The Easter bunny put four eggs on to boil and while these were boiling he mixed up a lot of pretty colors.

When the eggs were boiled, he dipped the four eggs into the pretty colored dye and then painted lovely flowers on them.

When the Easter bunny had finished painting the eggs he put them in his basket and, with all the dolls running along beside him, they returned to the house.

“Why not make the nest right in the nursery?” Raggedy Andy asked.

“That would be just the thing! Then the little girl would wonder and wonder how I could ever get into the nursery without awakening the rest of the folks, for she will never suspect that you dolls and Fido let me in!”

So with Raggedy Andy leading the way, they ran up to the nursery and there, ‘way back in a corner, they watched the Easter bunny make a lovely nest and put the Easter eggs in it.

And in the morning when Marcella came in to see the dolls you can imagine her surprise when she found the pretty gift of the Easter bunny.

“How in the world did the bunny get inside the house and into this room without awakening Fido?” she laughed.


And Fido, pretending to be asleep, slowly opened one eye and winked over the edge of his basket at Raggedy Andy.

And Raggedy Andy smiled back at Fido, but never said a word.









Happy Easter Everyone

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrated on Mar 17 annually, may have begun as a commemoration of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity to early 17th century Ireland. It was observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church.


 Later still, it evolved into a celebration of Irish heritage and culture.  Today however, this day is celebrated by many worldwide regardless of religion or race. On that day everyone plays at being Irish all in good fun.  Festivities generally include parades and festivals, cèilidhs, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks.


Those that are religious do attend church services and observe the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol that are lifted for the day.  The rest simply have fun dressed up in green, having green parties and lots and lots of drinking. Perhaps it’s because of the Irish people’s legendary fondness for alcohol, particularly Irish whiskey, beer or cider that has fostered this binge; making this an integral part of the celebrations. 


Especially since The St Patrick’s Day custom of “drowning the shamrock” or “wetting the shamrock” was historically popular in Ireland and now spreading to the rest of the world. For those of you not in the know, at the end of the celebrations, a shamrock is put into the bottom of a cup, which is then filled with whiskey, beer, or cider. It is then drunk as a toast to St Patrick, Ireland, or those present. The shamrock would either be swallowed with the drink or taken out and tossed over the shoulder for good luck.


The custom of wearing green shamrocks, green clothing, and accessories also has its reasons:

 St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.  In pagan Ireland, three was a significant number and the Irish had many triple deities, a fact that may have aided St Patrick in his evangelistic efforts. The shamrock may have been represented because of its regenerative powers and was recast in a Christian context near Easter‍. Icons of St Patrick are often depicted with a cross in one hand and a sprig of shamrocks in the other- a sort of a visual concept to explain the Trinity.


This said; there is now room for some debunking and reveal actual historical facts:

First of all, St. Patrick was British, not Irish.  He was born in Scotland in the year 387 when the Roman Empire controlled Britain. At 16 years old he was captured by Irish pirates and forced into slavery for six years before he escaped. He went to Rome where he became a priest.  He was subsequently assigned to England but afterwards sent to Ireland as Bishop of the Catholic mission.

The popular belief that St. Patrick achieved sainthood by driving the snakes from the Isle of Ireland is unfortunately false also. It’s more likely Ireland never had any snakes; this fact was proven according to National Geographic. For during the Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, the climate in Ireland was rather inhospitable to the cold-blooded reptiles. So snakes never caught on.

A more likely explanation would be that the “snakes” are an allegory for Druids. Patrick converted the Druids to Christianity and apparently was very successful at it; so successful in fact that in 1946 Pope Paul VI declared Ireland to be the “most Catholic country in the world.”




Have a good St. Patrick Day.



Good luck to you all.

2017 Animal Predictions for the Rooster Year


2017 Animal Predictions for the Rooster Year





You shouldn’t expect a year of ease or fun, but if you are determined, persevere and work hard you should be able to accomplish great feats. These achievements can both be short term or long. Meanwhile be aware, for your self-esteem may suffer a setback because of a rival. A friend or colleague may take the limelight away from you, which could lead to resentment. But if you stand your ground, your perseverance is certain to not go unrewarded.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

You will want to get more done at work. 2017 foretells that this is the year you should strive for advancement in employment, provided you rely less on luck or personal charm and concentrate on constant work habits. By being serious, scrupulous, hardworking and respectful of rules, you could set the stage for higher prospects that could take effect by the latter part of the year. It may come in the form of promotion or you may gain a better employment in a field you may be more suited to.   Remember, determination and perseverance is a must even when considering changing your career goals or employment.  Training might come in handy in areas of work that you lack experience in.  And it wouldn’t hurt to pay heed to the good advice of experienced friends or relatives. 

Finances for the Rat in 2017 will require some care. Predictions warn you not to waste too much money on the finer things in life this year.  The Rat’s income will not be lower, but it does not increase much either, at least not until October. Cautious planning is a must for those important expenses. Keep a closer eye on your bank account.  This is not the time to make investments, but if you must, then do pay particular attention to each detail!

Love and Relationships

The 2017 predictions for the Rat say that many of the previous year’s conflicts and misunderstandings should dissipate. Also, that you are more in touch with your emotions this year. Thus it will be easier to show others how you feel. This will be helpful in attaining new relationships or romantic bonds. Your confidence and rising social skills will help you to attract all sorts of new people to you. Make sure however that you treat these new people right, or there might be some negative effects in consequence.

If you are currently a Rat in a relationship then your emotions can either ignite sexual passion in your romance or bring things to a grinding halt. Make sure to share your true feelings with your partner and encourage them to do the same.

2017 forecasts for the Rat sign predict pregnancy and children too might keep married couples busy this year.

If you are a single Rat looking for new love or relationship than the task of finding the right one will certainly be easier this year. Moreover if you don’t have a life partner you may have new love as well as closer friendships in 2017. By the end of the spring (March/ April) and the beginning of the autumn (September/ October) you will meet people that will become very important to you in your future life.

All in all, the Rat can look forward to an excellent year with lots of family get-togethers and many social events.

Health and Well Being

You are instinctive and honest, but can sometimes be stubborn, materialistic and narrow-minded. Certainly clever, talkative around people you know well, and quiet around others.

For the maintenance of good health make sure that you keep to a balanced diet during the year and exercise especially when your energy hits its high points. Your energy levels might fluctuate this year with more ups and downs. You are also more likely to act more emotional than usual.

Watch your health carefully during the summer. Make sure that you eat right and drink lots of buttermilk and coconut water. Avoid germs that could make you ill. And try to sleep well and be relaxed at all times. You may work harder at your job or hobby but reserve some quality time to spend with your family and loved ones. Give yourself permission to do the things that you love doing or are interested in.

Have a good Year of the Rooster.



The Ox People should rejoice for the year of the Rooster 2017 is mostly favorable. All their hard work will pay off and things will move quickly this year. But they need to maintain calm and be peaceful. Make sure not to show off or become too arrogant. Being stubborn or obstinate will only create unwarranted problems. The Ox therefore should not only keep an eye on the world around them but adjust them accordingly with each variation.

There is a common belief that the Ox people share many of the traits of the ox animal. They tend to be determined and hardworking. They treasure first impressions and will judge a person strictly. They are not likely to easily make friends because of this. People born in the year of the Ox also pay close attention to detail, which can help them at work and school. They also have great memories. All these personality traits can help, or hurt, them in 2017.

 Forecast for Finance and Employment

Relax; the Ox’s finances will be stable. The Ox people will work harder this year as they will have more energy and accomplish all sorts of work-related tasks. The Ox’s instincts and reflexes will be heightened in 2017; therefore, if they sense trouble coming, they should just trust their gut instincts and act accordingly. Similarly, if something feels right, they should go for it without reservations. This will help them in making those snap decisions that will further their career.  Consequently, they will also be ahead of the competition as long as they stay focused. Others may ask them for help and advice noticing how skilled the Ox persons are. Along with the increased workload comes an increase in salary this year. This is fortunate because the Ox is likely to have an unexpected expense thrown their way. Make sure to save money when you can for that inevitability.

Love and Relationships

Now these heightened instincts will also make it easier for the Ox people to acquire new friends or more importantly find that special someone they will be in sync with. Forecast for their love life, and the sex life, in general, looks favorable but fast paced. Fortunately, the Ox will have both the stamina and energy to deal with this.

Nevertheless, the Ox needs to have realistic goals for their ample social interactions so that they do not get too disappointed when things go awry and do not turn out exactly their way.

Also, the end of the year is predicted to hold the most passion for the Ox; therefore, if things don’t seem to be working out in relationship compatibility  at the earlier part of the year, the Ox can always bide their time until then to make their move.

Some good advice for the Ox is that they need to be frank and undemanding with their friends, co-workers or the loved ones in order to ensure favorable and nurturing coexistence. Do not bottle things up, now is the time to speak your mind and let others know what you want; however, you also need to pay attention to their wants and needs as well.

Perhaps openly sharing true feelings will make the Ox’s romantic relationships more passionate in the Red Fire Rooster Year.

For married Oxen, meanwhile, they must first discuss any qualms or worries about pregnancy or children related issues with their spouse before making any decision.

Health and Well Being

Even though the Ox people have all this abundant energy this year they should still try to pace their selves. Use their energy for things that they need to do instead of callously wasting it!

You may keep expending energy at work or at home but you need to also reserve some of it for leisure activities such as hobbies or exercise in moderation for the maintenance of good health both in mind and body. Moderation is the key here, for if you push yourself hard with strenuous activity or exercise it may be injurious. Meanwhile eat sensibly and avoid unhealthy junk foods even though it might be more convenient thing to do in your fast paced schedule.

Have a good Rooster year.



The Year of the Rooster will generally be an auspicious one for the Tiger. However, the Tiger should be prepared to receive some disturbing news that might turn his/her life upside down. Like the animal, the Tiger has an independent nature.  However, to overcome this adversity, you need to be receptive to the idea of letting others give you assistance and to receive graciously this ample support, as this will make all the difference.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

This year the Tiger needs to focus on their co-workers and bosses to do well. While Tigers may be great at doing their job, teamwork holds the key, and is also likely to make the job a lot easier while improving future prospects and promotions.

The year of the Rooster predicts many challenges for the Tiger’s career and at the same time projects abundant wealth and money. Try to keep yourself and your finances well organized this year. Keep in mind that if you do well at work then you are also likely to get more money. You can spend part of this cash to pay off some old debts. Indulge in fun things and activities as well. You’ve earned it after all!   The Tiger’s motto for this Rooster year is, ‘work hard during the day and play hard after work’. If you play your cards right, then this year will be a rather balanced one. Still, don’t forget to set some of your earnings aside for future emergencies.

Love and Relationships

This year will be full of changes in Tiger people’s relationships. Whether it is for better or for worse will be up to them. If you are a single Tiger and trying to find a new romance, or if you are just looking for new friends, then go out and try new things. You may discover a new hobby along with some new friends. Try things that you already like so as to meet likeminded people that share the same interests. Who’s to say, perhaps this would lead to a long term relationship, even marriage.  If the Tiger is already in a relationship, they may take things to the next level or end the relationship entirely. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for spontaneous sexual moments in your relationships this year. There could even turn out to be a pregnancy.

Health and Well Being

The Tiger this year is more likely to be in closer touch with their feelings than in previous years. The type of feelings however, will be the determining factor in the outcome of this year.

In 2017 the Tiger is advised do his utmost and reduce the stress level for the benefit of his health.  The energy levels of Tiger people face certain volatility, with varying levels of ups and downs throughout the year. However don’t fret; the required stamina will still be there when you need it the most.

Meanwhile the Tiger should make sure to expend those bursts of energy with a good workout in order to maintain good health and to stay in shape. You should exercise your mind as well you as your body to keep yourself busy. Picking up a hobby is one way to improve the year.  Meanwhile, do we need to say it, those low energy periods, are best spent relaxing.

Have a good Rooster Year.



The Rooster year predictions for the Rabbit foretell of plenty of opportunities for the Rabbit. Things are likely to change in many aspects of their life this year, including their social life.

Rabbits might feel a little shaken at times in 2017 when they are not the ones in control. Think twice before making any kind of personal or professional commitment. Make more friends than enemies.

Work hard to achieve your aims and you will be rewarded! One way to get ahead this year is to focus on your key goals then clearly identify any problem areas that may have hindered or prevented your attaining these objectives in the past.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

In 2017 the Rabbit’s workload should increase as the year progresses. The Rabbit needs to use the time at the beginning of the year to get ahead while things are advancing at a slower pace. Keep an eye on the rest of the world. Use what you learn from current events to advance your career. This might require some creativity on the Rabbit’s part, but this shouldn’t be hard for the speedy Rabbit. Also, you should get to know your co-workers and bosses a bit better.  As close associates and business links could ease your path towards success and future advancement.

For the most part of the year, the Rabbit’s finances should be okay.  However, as there is a real possibility that the Rabbit might be faced with an unexpected expense during 2017,   they should set aside some money/savings in order to meet this sudden emergency. If there are old debts, the Rabbit should also make sure to pay them off. This is good advice for anyone.

Love and Relationships

The Rabbit’s social life will receive a particular boost of energy this year. Rabbits are more likely to make a bunch of new friends this year, more so than in previous years. The unattached Rabbit should be more open to new ideas and things this year like dating online. It will increase their chances of meeting new and interesting people.

The Year of the Red Fire Rooster will go well for your social life if you are able to show people your true self. So long as you are optimistic about the future and are brave enough to try new things your social circle is bound to expand.

Rabbits are warned however that in the middle of the year their sexual relationships, both romantic and just friendly, might hit a snag and be more complicated than normal. The married Rabbits may need to exert more effort into their relationship during this time, perhaps take it a notch higher by planning romantic interludes or planning a pregnancy.

Health and Well Being

The Rabbit, for whatever reason in recent years, who has neglected or was remiss with  his/her health and physical appearance, needs to make amends.  Whether it be by working out, dieting, or getting a new wardrobe, go for it in 2017. Do your best to stay healthy this year, especially during the cold months when your body is bound to be the most vulnerable. To those Rabbits that are already in shape, you still need to increase the time that you work out. Also, good sleeping habits are important, don’t neglect to get plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep, preferably eight hours a night.

Have a good Rooster year.



Dragon people will enjoy good fortune in love, career and finances in 2017 since Dragons are compatible with the Rooster. Dragons are often determined to get what they want but twist and turns are bound to happen during this Rooster year making it somewhat hectic or a little crazy at times.  My advice for the Dragon is: ‘don’t run away from your troubles!’ These changes and your handling of the matter will in the end help you to build character. Also, if you correct your strategies then there will be no limit to your success.

During the year, the Dragons should take a broad view to seize more opportunities. They should try to expand their vision as far as possible and never circumscribe their activities. However, think well before making any major decision. That being said, ‘Go for it Dragons!’

Forecast for Finance and Employment

Dragons are blessed by the auspicious stars Longde and Ziwei this year which is great as it bestows on them ample good fortune. A word of caution however, for the Dragon will also be affected by the inauspicious star Posui. This star provokes villains, so the Dragon is cautioned never to act on impulse or meddle in others’ business, or they will be in a heap of trouble.

A special note for the Dragon: In the short term, a woman in a senior position, or a person whose wishes you have to accept, is critical of your plans and wishes to substitute her own ideas for yours. In the longer term, finances are likely to be diverted away from your objective.

If you have asked yourself more and more often lately ‘when will the Sun finally finally rise above your world’, in 2017 you will see that you still have your luck. Try to forget about the hard times and spiritually prepare for a long period of time of changes for the better.

Work and professional career will be propitious for the Dragon in 2017. Meanwhile in order to garner maximum advantage of the opportunities in their profession or employment the Dragon must leave behind their past pessimism and lack of confidence that is secretly sapping his/hr strengths. It is time for the Dragon to act in moderation but with more confidence and with more spirited initiative. 2017 will be a good time for the Dragon to take bold steps forward. Do not be discouraged even though at first you may not succeed right away or get things done with ease. There are great opportunities available for promotion at your current job. There are also favorable opportunities for those Dragons who wish to completely exchange their career with one that offers them more satisfaction and opens up farther perspectives.

The workload at your current job will be heavier than usual this year. But don’t fret, save for the period at the beginning and towards the end of 2017, you should be able to manage it alone. Unfortunately, the rest of the year it might be little harder to go it alone … so don’t. Make friends with your coworkers or bosses so that you can get outside input and receive appropriate help in dealing with projects.

The unemployed Dragon will find 2017 is favorable for finding a new job.  However your spirit of initiative is very important in attaining your goal. Search actively, use all your contacts and derive benefit from those available sources. It may be useful to broaden your skills with more training courses.

In regards to finance, things will be greatly improved for the Dragon in 2017.  You earn more money through promotion, other sources, and investments or because of your people skills. However, spend your money wisely and take care not to be profligate. Pay your debts and even try to put some aside; best to multiply your money before spending it. If you do have money left over, don’t be afraid to get yourself a small gift, but remember not to splurge.

And finally, it’s been predicted that this year of the Rooster for the Dragon is a year of renewed hope. That means once you set your mind to it, you can achieve a lot on the professional level and have a more fulfilling life. It’s all up to you, so get mobilized and start taking measures towards your goals and do this without looking back.

Love and Relationships

Those born in the year of the Dragon share the traits of the Chinese/eastern dragon. They tend to be powerful both in mind or body. They are intelligent, almost like natural-born leaders and in the year of the Rooster the Dragon is poised to enjoy being in the spotlight for most of 2017 with their busy schedule of mobilizing the others in family oriented activities that are beneficial to them all.  Indeed, the Dragon’s family life will be good; however, cooperation is a key factor in a fulfilling family life.  And, do your best to avoid arguments!

The year of the Rooster is a propitious one for the Dragon socially as well. Don’t hesitate to go out! You’ll have lots of fun with your many friends. You will also be more talkative this year. This will make it a lot easier for you to make more friends than might have been possible in previous years. On the other hand, you are more likely to speak your mind in situations where you usually wouldn’t. This can help you to better express yourself, which can attract friends and partners who may have similar interests. However, speaking your mind in the wrong places or around the wrong people can also get you in trouble. Remember, sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue and censor your words in 2017.

 Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt the Dragon to use this year as a sort of learning experience. Use your emotions to help you with social interactions. This year you might also feel more inclined to share your feelings with others. This may make you seem more sensitive. How you act will determine how well your social life will go in the Rooster year.

 All in all, there will be plenty of good opportunities for the Dragon to meet new people and to enlarge their circle of friends. This will be partly due to the changes in their career or the elevated level of their profession.

Use your new friends to your benefit, but don’t just ‘use’ them. Watch yourself, but don’t be afraid to have fun either. Follow your instincts in 2017 and you are sure to have a good year.

2017 forecasts also foretell that Dragons are also likely to meet up with old friends or romantic partners this year. You might even be able to repair any lost bonds that there were between the two.  In short, your social life does not follow any particular path this year so be open to possibilities and many outcomes.  All, of course, will depend on your actions and feelings.

Predictions for married Dragons also show that in this year they will be more communicative with their partner and be more open in revealing problems that they might have been harbouring. There are likely to be many changes this year like pregnancy or the birth of a child, so it is best to be as adaptable as possible.

Health and Well Being

In 2017 the Dragon should take care of their responsibilities as soon as possible so as to have more time to relax and have less stress. The Dragon’s energy levels will have their ups and downs this year. It’s good to pace yourself this year in all aspects of your life and make sure to exercise when you are at peak energy levels. Eat sensibly and watch your diet.

Travel for the Dragon will be most favorable this year. With all the activity and haste in the Dragon’s professional life, they should allocate some time for relaxation and recreational activity, in order to recharge energy levels. Now, you can spend your vacation in an exotic place or visit countries or cities that you always wanted to see. Also, take into account the fact that you need to move, you need physical exercises in general, so try to walk, swim or bicycle as much as possible! You don’t need to climb mountains, but a short hike wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

 Have a good Rooster Year.



The Year of the Rooster will be an auspicious one for the Snake. The Snake’s instincts and general impulses will be heightened this year. This can help the Snake to make quick decisions. Follow your gut feelings in 2017; they are likely to be right.  Projects will turn out to be profitable. Relationships will be happy and joyful. You can even set aside some money for your future retirement.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

At the beginning of this Rooster year, the Snake will have enough money to either use it wisely to pay off debts or to have a jolly good time. What you decide however will affect the way the rest of the year goes, so choose carefully.

The Snake is bound to be more focused at work this year. At times, this can make your work-life seem rather boring, but at the same time you are going to accomplish more than you usually would. This is the time to begin thinking of new ideas for your chosen career and profession. Perhaps you will propose this new business idea to your boss.

If you are a Snake that is dissatisfied and rather bored at your current position, then this might just be the right time to change careers altogether. It goes without saying however; do not quit your current job until you have secured a new one so as to maintain financial security. If you can wait out the boredom however, then you are likely to be presented with a new advance in your job in 2017 that may prove to be more exciting.

Love and Relationships

The Year of the Rooster 2017 predicts that you are likely to be more sociable this year. You are also likely to be much more charming and attractive to others. If you trust your feelings and act on your instincts then you are likely to get a new love partner if you do not currently have one. This year’s  forecasts for the Snake reveal that there is no real need to be in a close relationship unless you want it; however, if the Snake people are in an exclusive relationship, it would be  best to share their feelings with their partner, and be receptive to the other’s feelings as well. This will help bridge any misunderstandings and at the same time increase the chances for a longer term relationship. If you are a Snake currently in a romantic relationship then things are bound to get a lot more passionate in 2017. Married couples can feel free to plan for a pregnancy in this 2017.

Emotions indeed will rule the Snake’s year. Don’t let others put you down because of your care-free personality. Embrace your own ways, but still remember to take care of yourself and the ones you love. You will have to set your priorities and make sure that you do not choose only pleasure above all else.

Health and Well Being

The Snakes will have more energy than usual this year. Make positive goals concerning your mind and body. This will foster good health. There is not much that can slow down the energetic Snake this year but perhaps joining a group of some sort can help. Engage in regular exercise, but don’t push yourself too hard or else you may get hurt. If by chance you do get injured, you won’t suffer too much from it and certainly the recovery time will be swifter than usual. Still, better be cautious and avoid any mishap or hurt that may happen during late spring or early summer months.

Have a good Year of the Rooster.



2017 will be a year when the Horse works very hard. On the plus side the Year of the Rooster will be a rather straight-forward and unchanging one for the Horse. Nevertheless, this is not the time to sit back and relax. Nor should you idly sit and dream about glory and riches. In fact, it will be a perfect time to get all your affairs in order and to take control of your life. Plan for the long-term while your life is constant and find out what makes you happy in case you want to make changes in the future. Enjoy the steadiness of your life; it won’t last forever!

Forecast for Finance and Employment

Unfortunately your work life will be rather unstable this year and changes in your position are likely to happen quite suddenly and without any warning. But at least it won’t be boring! Do not let your impatience or anger get in the way of your work and relationships.

When it comes to business; if you are prepared for the unexpected this year and handle these surprise tasks with competence, then you are likely to earn yourself a promotion or bonus. If you do well then your co-workers are more likely to look up to you or become jealous in 2017. Your position and influence will grow one way or another. Cooperate with your co-workers to make them feel better and to make your own work easier. Teamwork is important. This will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on your colleagues this year.

In general, the Horse’s finances will be stable but you might want to read up on the specifics of any big purchases you plan such a house or car this year. Do not be an impulse buyer when it comes to things like this. Although temptations will be great, do your best to resist purchasing them until you are sure that your finances are secure.

Love and Relationships

If you are a single Horse, then you will probably stay single in 2017. If this is the case, focus on your friendships and career. However, there is a window of opportunity for all of the single Horses around the middle of the year. If you are looking for someone, try your hardest in the late spring and early summer for promising results.

While the rest of your life may be a bit crazy, in this year there will be a sort of balance in your social life. This does not mean that your social life will become sedentary or boring. Much of it depends on what your love life and relationship status were in 2016. There is a sort of constancy from the last year to this year. If you were in a passionate relationship, then things are likely to stay passionate. If you are married, then the arrival of a child might be in the forecast.

Health and Well Being

The Horse is likely to be full of energy at the beginning of the year. Use this to your advantage! The horse horoscope in 2017 predicts that in this year your life will be all over the place. Like a roller-coaster, your energy levels will fluctuate greatly, with some dramatic ups and downs. Likewise, your general schedule will be a bit crazy also so you’ll need to be adaptable.  And don’t neglect your daily walks and fitness regime.

Unfortunately, as the Rooster year reaches its peak, the horses are likely to lose some of their energy and others may perceive them as being lazy. One way to remain energized is by becoming more competitive. A challenge is a great motivation for the Horse people, especially when it comes to physical betterment.

Meanwhile the horse’s care-free attitude may affect their physical health in 2017. Be warned, if you do not take care of your body then you are likely to gain and lose tremendous amount of weight.

Have a good Year of the Rooster



The Year of the Rooster will be a mixed one for the Sheep/Goat. This is partly due to the influence of inauspicious stars, such as Yangren, Tiangou and Diako, which will adversely affect the fortunes of the Sheep people. Succinctly:  Yangren represents the disasters of the blood, the Sheep need to beware; under Tiangou’s influence the Sheep is bound to be more prone to accidents; and finally, Diaoke with its mounting negative energy, will cause the Sheep lots of trouble in their daily life.

But don’t fret, fortunately for the Sheep they will also be blessed by three auspicious stars. The power of the inauspicious stars is stronger than that of the auspicious ones.  Thus, the change in fortune brought on by the auspicious stars will not be as great and the Sheep is bound to have an overall change in their luck in 2017. Nevertheless, the fortunes of the Sheep people will still be good for the first half of the year; whereas, later on, some obstacles will surface to dampen their spirits and occasionally they will fail, just on the verge of success. This negativity can be averted only by steady effort. Also, to avoid all kinds of disasters, the Sheep needs to play it safe and be more prudent this year in all aspects of their life. .

Forecast for Finance and Employment

In the Year of the Red Fire Rooster, the Sheep should do all that they can and work extra hard to further themselves, to widen their social circles and to advance in their career.  One way is to sharpen your skills this year and prove to your bosses that you can always improve. You might become stressed at times because of all this extra work, but it is bound to pay off in the long run.  The outcome of hard work will be promotion and along with it extra earnings, more than usual.  All in all, the Sheep people are poised to receive greater wealth in 2017. You can also expect success in any business ventures. Keep track of your finances however and keep in mind the big picture. Don’t waste your time looking into the small details. You should be able to pay off old debts and balance your budget with ease this year. Also, you are advised not to overspend on things that you do not really need. Resist the temptation to make any large purchases; instead, reserve your money for future large acquisitions and plan ahead.

Love and Relationships

The many changes the Sheep undergoes in the Rooster Year could be either good or bad. The outcome of any relationship will be entirely up to them, with this year being a little bit dicey. But you have the courage to face most issues and problems with a positive mind. So be careful and do not get too emotional.

The Sheep may also experience a whole new set of feelings this year. This could come about through acquiring new friends, experiencing feelings for someone new or having a romantic liaison in the workplace.

The Single Sheep is advised to follow their instincts and be as confident as possible this year to increase their chances of meeting or securing new relationships, new friendships or simply discovering that suitable life-long partner.  Yes, marriage and pregnancy are both in the forecast for the sheep in this year. Opportunities for romance abound, don’t pass them up. So long as you follow your innate feelings, your love life and social life should be great!

Health and Well Being

The sheep will feel highly energetic this year. Your mind and body will also be active and it stands to reason that you should be very busy in 2017. Use your energy while you have it, but don’t push yourself when you are feeling low. Relax when you need to and be optimistic for this will lower your stress levels and make your year better in general.

 You are also likely to be severely short-tempered or stressed at times because of how quickly the world seems to be turning. But as these irritations won’t last long, you will be able to handle it if you pace yourself.  

A lot of this year’s time will be about preparing for the next year. This doesn’t mean that you should let this year pass you by in a blur. You can be busy at work, but use your time off to relax and do things that make you happy.

Have a good Rooster Year.



The Monkey, after last year’s difficulties and misfortunes, can finally breathe a deep sigh of relief in 2017. They are poised to enjoy markedly improved luck in all aspects of life, such as love, relationships, career and finance. The red fire rooster year will bring the Monkey ample new opportunities therefore time is ripe to concentrate all ideas and thoughts in a plan for the future. And also, do not forget to spend some quality time with your family.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

The Monkey people usually do enjoy wealth luck and, being smart, they never miss a ripe economic opportunity to prosper. This, coupled with their inherent good luck in making money makes them the envy of others.  But their rashness and spendthrift ways (for they believe that only by spending they can make more money) stands in the way of them reaching the apex in their wealth. 

In this Rooster year there is no danger for a decrease in income, but also, not too many chances for an increase either, except occasionally and in insignificant amounts. If the Monkey considers the glass half full, they will benefit from the period of stability that follows. If on the other hand they consider the glass half empty, then the Monkey’s perceived imbalance could drive them to overspend, especially since some big expenses are planned for their home in 2017.  The Rooster year forewarns the Monkey to be very careful and not to take any risks with financial matters!   As it is, this year the Monkey may have to be somewhat frugal when it comes to spending for fun. This will help the Monkey in the long run however to save money, balance their bank accounts and even pay off some debts.

Monkey people are suited for any employment as they are innately versatile, creative, ambitious and business-minded. In 2017 you’ll be having a lot of work and be engaged in many contracts, transactions and busy schedules, all of which will create stress. You can dodge some of these if you use your characteristic inventiveness. Meanwhile, you should be aware of the fact that the rewards for all your efforts will not be immediate.

 In years past you may have kept quiet at work and only worked for the money. This year you should feel free to express your own creative ideas. Who knows? Your ideas could be the difference between a raise and a monotonous career.

Do not let your personal life get in the way of your job or business. This may affect how your bosses and partners think about you. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make friends at work though. Rather, making friends with your bosses and coworkers can actually increase your chance of getting a raise or promotion. Meanwhile, keep your mind sharp by working hard and doing fun mental puzzles in your spare time. Transform yourself into that ideal worker!

In the Year of Rooster the Monkey’s fortune is also poised to fluctuate. Therefore, if the Monkey wants to achieve success in their career and be promoted steadily, they need to be patient and act carefully rather than in haste. Self-control is vital because, as mentioned earlier, the results of your work and effort will not be immediate, you will derive benefit for your accumulated efforts in subsequent years.

For now, be thankful that you have the possibility to prove your competence and capacity in your job! The professional experience and reputation that you gather now will also help you take that big leap forward in your future profession at the appropriate time. You may also try to effectively communicate and get along better with people under the Snake, Rat and Dragon signs.

In the year of the Rooster, it is not advisable for the Monkey to seek out new employment or change career. If you stick to your current job, you will have an excellent opportunity to perfect yourself, even though the satisfactions will not be visible right away. If you have to change your work place, you might have a pretty difficult time finding the right employment and then you will have to learn a lot of new things in a very short period that will add to your stress levels. On the other hand, if you are brave enough to persevere through these changes, and then go on to specialize in a new field, the satisfactions will be proportional. Though this too will only be felt later on.

Love and Relationships

The Monkey people are usually lively, active and competitive. Males are eloquent while females are glib. In youth, you are crazy about anything contemporary and often receive support from an elder mentor. In middle age, you can seize every opportunity but will be busy running about. In old age, you’ll enjoy a prolonged life that is both comfortable and prosperous.

Now for the characteristic deficiencies: You tend to vacillate in love relationships and often cannot find happiness. If you really fall in love with someone, however, you will try by every means to win his/her heart with your sincerity, so as to enjoy a happy love life. Female Monkeys tend to lay more emphasis on other’s appearance, and may miss out on the ‘golden heart’. The Male Monkeys are often very thoughtful mates but may also be fickle in their affections and are capable of being a cheat.

In the Rooster year, the Monkey’s stability aspect pertaining to financial matters can also be applicable to the Monkey’s emotional levels. First, there are no major difficulties predicted, but no major improvements either. As you will have to work more than usual, you can persevere through the many obstacles and delays with the help of your family and friends. You definitely will need the moral support of the people around you to re-energize and to re-fuel. However, you should also be mindful of how you treat others, especially during these stressful episodes! For one thing, try not to take your problems out on them, no matter how stressed out you might be! Whether with family or in a social situation, the Monkey needs to take into account other’s needs and feelings more than usual and as well, show understanding and certain flexibility in dealing with them. Even if you feel like what you want is not in line with what they want, for peace and harmony sake mend your ways. This will greatly help you out at both work and with your friends. Being flexible will also make your year more interesting in general.

If the Monkey has a life partner, they can additionally count on their support during this busy and stressful year. Remember, your feelings will dominate your thoughts, but it will be what you do with these thoughts that will affect all your relationships. Even though the Monkey is unlikely to have either the time or the mood this year, if you want things to stay on course or favorably progress, then you should express your emotions with more openness to the people who you care about.

Health and Well Being

The Monkey should focus their attention on their health, the health of their family as well as the home safety.

Full of energy, the Monkey is often in pursuit of new adventure.  However they need to beware of hand and foot injury and also respiratory illness, a real consequence of being overly exhausted. You are advised therefore to go out more to relax and reduce stress.

Don’t let the little things get to you but do let happy little things improve your day. Continue to be generally optimistic and it will slightly improve your year, no matter the outcome.

Finally, spend some time on your hobbies or goals that you may have been putting off or setting aside in past years. While these hobbies may not make you rich and famous, they are invaluable in providing you with good health and a leisurely reprieve.

Have a good Rooster year.



In 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, the Rooster people will encounter an unfortunate change in luck.  They may experience it in the form of blockages in career development, unexpected loss of assets and emotional problems with their mate, to mention just a few. Their frequent variable mood swings will be the result of too much pressure and stress.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

Even so, the Rooster will feel a surge of productive energy in 2017. They may be given new projects to work on in their employment or business.

If you can pick your jobs, pick one that helps you to show others your talents, whatever those may be. If you can lead in a situation, do so. This is a time to appear more worthy to your boss and co-workers. If you can do this then you may even stand a chance at getting a raise or a promotion!

The unfavorable predictions for the Rooster’s finance reveal that they will have very limited capital gains during 2017. Fortunately, they will have a stable wage from their work. The Rooster may choose to invest in low-risk, long term ventures but they need to act quickly on this.  In the Rooster year, Roosters will easily have new opportunities for cooperation, but may lose these opportunities no matter how carefully they plan it. So, they should not be too drastic but instead adapt a wait-and-see attitude. If the Rooster has a happy event at the beginning of this year, they can effectively improve their fortune. Even so, the Rooster is advised not to get carried away by this measure of success. Pay off your debts this year. There will be many temptations that can dig you further in debt, so resist these so as to have spending money for fun stuff later on.

Love and Relationships

As mentioned before, in 2017, because things will not go as smoothly, the Rooster will experience some emotional turmoil and be more irritable, grumpy and highly suspicious. The variation in their mood increases the likelihood of the Rooster easily entering into many conflicts with their friends, co-workers and lovers this year, impacting the quality of their love relationships. Rest assured, however, that for the most part of the year there will be no such extreme changes. The people you know are not likely to alter their ways though, depending on circumstances, you should mend some of yours. The Rooster will end up being the mediator in most cases anyway.

Meanwhile, paying close attention to your partner and friends’ emotions will be vital. Work on things that will improve your life in general. Avoid things if you can, that will ruin your year.  

Your romantic life will be extreme, one way or another. In 2017 it may be manifest in a passionate liaison, an abusive relationship/marriage or perhaps a breakup. Be patient in all your affiliations. However, if you are in an abusive situation, get out as soon as possible!

The outcome of all things and the quality of life will be dependent on the Roosters’ actions and reactions.  You have within you the ability to prevent any potentially disastrous outcomes and possible family breakup. You can draw on many resolutions once you set your mind to it and alter your attitude to tackle problem areas.  In contrast, the wrong attitude might mean, acceding and capitulating.

Another means to escape or drive away any bad luck or misfortune this year would be to attend as many happy social occasions and gatherings, for instance, weddings or celebrations of birth or graduation.

During the course of the Rooster year 2017, the unattached Rooster may meet a new person who could turn out to be a potential mate, but the Rooster’s courtship is not likely to succeed.  This is because, after handling scores of problems, the Rooster is unlikely to have any incentive or enthusiasm for this. But who knows? If by chance they do beat the odds, this will not be a suitable year for marriage, as the preparations for a wedding will only add to or multiply the existing pressures.

Health and Well Being

Remember to have plenty of rest and allot some time to spend with family and friends.

The Rooster people in general will still have bountiful physical and mental energy this year. You may feel that your body is up for any challenge that you may throw at it! This doesn’t mean that you should treat your body recklessly however.  It will be most beneficial instead, to engage in routine, modest forms of exercises. You should also stick to a healthy diet. Now the bad news: there may be a risk of bleeding and possibility of the Rooster having a traffic accident this year. Therefore, the Roster should stay away from any potentially dangerous sporting activities/events and dangerous places.

Also, it’s imperative you pay close attention to your family member’s health, particularly an elderly person, and do what you can to prevent any potentially damaging mishaps. Otherwise, the negative ripple effects will have dire consequences.

In 2017 the Rooster will also enjoy greater mental capacity, more so than physical strength. You will be adept at solving problems with your mind and your keener than usual insight. It wouldn’t hurt to pay particular attention to your dreams for they may unravel some subconscious need or want.

Have a good Year of the Rooster



The Year of the Rooster predictions for the Dog are on the whole good ones. Some conflicts in relationships, wealth and with Education do exist. The Dog may not feel at their best at the beginning of this year, but as the year progresses things will get better. At first it may appear to be a confusing year but so long as the Dog stays on course they will be able to resolve any problems. The Dog should take care not to get into unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

In 2017 the Dog is given the go ahead to seek out every available opportunity in employment, career and business that are within their reach. There are some Dogs that have, for quite some time now, been rather discontented and miserable in their current position and are only staying on because of benefits and salary.  If dissatisfied Dogs are planning to quit their current job in favor of a new placement they must first ascertain that they have the new position and that it is a better one. Who knows? Maybe if they persevered just a bit longer a range of new and more exciting opportunities might become available in their otherwise old, boring jobs.

Finances are likely to be balanced or more stable this year than they have been in previous years. Pay off your debts, and save your money. There is likely to be an unexpected expense in your future, so make sure to save up for that.

Love and Relationships

The Dog will feel more energized and in control with their life this year.  Do utilize this strength to create positive changes in 2017.  Do what makes you happy now but at the same time ensure that your current choices will not negatively affect your future.

All in all, the 2017 predictions for the Dog foretell that this is a particularly good year for their social life. There is hardly a dull moment and they are happiest when they are with family, friends and the people they care about.

Your emotions will also be more stable than they have been in years past. Passionate emotions may have charged your relationships in the past, but the stable emotions resurfacing now will prevent additional fights. 

On the other hand, 2017 is also a year for social transformations, which could mean that the Dog’s relationship could reach the next level filled with heightened passion. Be that as it may, you need to strengthen your communication skills and discuss pertinent issues verbally avoiding emotional outbursts. Go ahead, make it known what it is you desire or want to happen in your marriage, things such as having a child or other matters.

Health and Well Being

The Dog people are bound to feel more in control of their life than they have been in previous years and, as a result, they will feel more content. As the Rooster year progresses, the Dog will also find that they have more energy than usual. Take advantage of this energy spike! Exercise regularly and stick to a well balanced nutritional diet to be perfectly fit. Also, work on controlling your stress levels this year.

Have a good Year of the Rooster



For the Pig the Year of the Rooster predictions are mixed. The Pig’s objective this year will be to balance his/her life, so let it happen. Avoid any problem areas, don’t rush headlong into anything and don’t get ahead of yourself.  Focus on your goals and look at things from a different perspective.

Forecast for Finance and Employment

The Pig’s workload may seem a bit easier this year. This will allow them ample time to relax and contemplate on future job aspirations/objectives and business prospects. Having decided on what they want earlier on this year, the Pig should sharpen their skills and begin taking measured steps towards achieving their goals.  Try to make friends with your bosses and co-workers; they too can help you with your endeavors. The Pigs are more easily able to progress this year in whatever they set their mind to. Remember, along with these opportunities, it will be your actions which will determine whether an outcome for the rest of the year is good or bad.   

If the Pig desires to change careers altogether, then the best time to do this is in autumn. Finally, stay optimistic and good things will surely come your way.

On the financial front, the Pig needs to make sure that they pay off all previous debts in 2017. Then they can focus on paying for other things that will increase their security.  This is imperative for, by and large, it will help them to feel more secure. Also, make sure that you do put aside some money to have fun with later on.

In 2017 meanwhile, the Pig’s prior investments should start paying off. So sit back and enjoy it.

Love and Relationships

The Pig’s social life will advance, even though it may appear to be moving slowly.  The Pig will be closer to their emotions this year which will be helpful in the improvement and expansion of their relationship ties.

Being alone is not a bad thing; utilize these alone times to compute and to assess relationships. For sometimes you just need to step back a little and take a good hard look at your interactions, perhaps seeing them in a different light, in order to truly comprehend things. Communication is the key; why not talk to your partner about your feelings or any misgivings that may have been preying on your mind. This may impel them to do the same. Don’t jump to conclusions and harbour dread. If you are considering having a child it would be best to have your feelings openly conveyed.

Those unattached Pigs should go easy on relationships and not rush into serious commitments or marriage.

Friends and close acquaintances will typically come and go unless the Pig can improve their communication and social skills this year. They also need to be more outgoing and interact with more people in 2017. This will help them acquire more new friends.

Health and Well Being

 The Pig is likely to have ample energy to do whatever they want this year provided, that is, they are relatively young. Even older Pigs however, will have some energy to spare! You may do whatever you want so long as you participate in routine exercise in order to stay active. Try not to get too bored and don’t waste your energy in frivolous pursuits!

Despite the Pig’s high activity level, they should stay on course with sensible diet and resist any temptation to fill themselves with high energy, sugary and fatty junk-foods.

Have a good year of the Rooster


General Predictions for 2017 Year of the Rooster

General Predictions for 2017 Year of the Rooster


The Chinese Red Fire Rooster Year extends from January 28th 2017 to February 15th 2018.

This Rooster Year is ruled by the fire element and it is a Yin year. The fiery temperament of the Rooster is expected to infuse more enthusiasm and energy into all activities, increasing hopes for better prospects for everyone. This is also the year to work hard and persevere in order to achieve your desired goals.


Forecast for Love and Relationships

The tenth Chinese zodiac sign, the Rooster, gives 2017 the characteristics of ambition, pride, the desire to be admired, punctuality, courage, passion and a well-developed disposition for love and seduction. In regards to love the desire to overwhelm loved ones and to be overwhelmed by them will be strong. 2017 also promises to be a good year for singles wishing to get married as the year ushers in an abundance of romantic opportunities. As the Rooster is considered a very fertile bird, it augurs that there will be good chance for that anticipated addition to a family.  Socially, the circle of friends for many will expand; however, family interests should always take precedence!


Forecast for Finance and Employment

The year of the Rooster 2017 bodes well for everyone. It promises happiness, color and drama, but this has to be balanced with good old fashioned common sense and tried and true values. Roosters are also communal birds and the year of the Rooster 2017 predictions promises to be a lucky one for joint ventures. Professional relationships too will turn out to be fruitful. Do not complicate things by over thinking and analyzing too much.

 On the whole it’s a favorable time for signing as many business contracts as possible and forming new partnerships. Keep in mind however that the Rooster tends to be overconfident and is prone to come up with nonsensical plans. While the colorful Rooster brings bright and happy days, he also dissipates energy. Disappointments and conflicts will arise unless one refrains from making speculative ventures; resist going off on wild goose chases or get rich quick schemes and instead, stick to practical and well-proven paths. Despite all the fuss and flap we can expect prudence to be the key in economic matters as the Rooster is a good money manager.

Regarding employment, many will be striving for higher goals. The Year of the Rooster will be a year that will result in a flawless job no matter what it takes to achieve it. It will be a year when it is truly better to do less, but do it perfectly. This is also the year we may have to expend maximum effort for minimum gain. Caution is warranted. Do not aim too high or you are liable to get shot down. Try not to fuss too much. Details may not require looking into so long as you are mindful of the whole picture.


Politics and Economic Forecasts

On the plus side, like the brave and chivalrous Rooster, many will triumph over difficulties and adversities. Nevertheless one needs to be flexible or risk missing out on new ideas and new life strategies. The year of the Rooster teaches the lessons of order, scrutiny and strategic planning. One way is to achieve psychological advantage over an adversary and use force only as a last resort. Everything will be precariously balanced in the Rooster’s year, as his dramatic personality can set off all kinds of petty disputes. All the same, 2017 will be the year where diplomacy wins!

However, in 2017, we need to brace ourselves for a period of immense changes. Fire destroys Metal, and this destructive relationship means challenges double during the year. Yet, the Fire Rooster shines like a bright star in the dark sky, bringing hope and transformation to those who know how to act harmoniously around prevailing circumstances.

Controversy abounds in a Rooster year, and in an entertaining way. In a Rooster year, we will hear more cutting criticisms of those in the public life and some feathers might be ruffled as pride is dented.  Nevertheless, all will benefit from these rude awakenings.

The motto for the year of the Rooster 2017 should be– Keep It Simple and don’t take offense at the slightest provocation. Remember, good values never go out of style, no matter how difficult it may seem to apply them.

The Rooster is proud of his appearance. In the Year of the Rooster 2017 invest in some really nice wardrobe items to make the best impression and be very well groomed in public. As the element for 2017 is red, do not use red in your clothes and accessories. Red colored stones like ruby, garnet and pink topaz too are better to be avoided. Instead, use colors that will complement the red and fire element. Earth colored items like brown or yellow are most suitable for all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs in 2017.


 Medical advances are likely, old drugs and medicines will be rejected in favor of improved alternatives. Herbs, vitamins and yoga practices, consumption of health foods as well as the rejection of smoking and alcohol abuse continues to be a preference for more and more people.

This year of the Rooster can bring a few wild goose chases that don’t quite work out. Independence and equality will characterize relationships. Theatrical presentations, books and movies will honor the classics. Old stories are retold and appreciated. Too much eccentricity and originality is suspect.

The Year of the Rooster is symbolised by two elements: Yin fire sitting on top of metal. This is a strong clash of elements as fire defeats metal and creates a very destructive energy.  With such conflicting elements this usually means much disharmony and conflicts, wars and serious disasters, especially those involving water throughout the world.

Politically therefore, the Year of the Rooster 2017 it is a year when most nations will adhere to hard-line policies. Governments around the world will be flexing muscles and making threats but probably not following through unless faced with no other solution.

Most nations will be most concerned with protecting the homeland and, unfortunately, it will be a year when most leaders and countrymen will take offense over the smallest thing.

Canada is heading into a difficult time as the economy tightens and funds dwindle. This is truly a time to join forces with others to ease the stress.

The Year of the Rooster 2017 is a year when the U.S. must not underestimate its opponents.

The United Kingdom will continue to side with the U.S. They will find this a rather exhausting and perilous year on the home front.

There are also real possibilities of disasters relating to water, earthquakes and natural disasters and the middle-east and Asian countries possibly including China will probably be the worst hit. The financial markets will probably grow in the first half of the year but the forecast from September onwards is not as good and you should think carefully in 2017 before making investments.


A succinct prediction for 2017 Chinese Animal Horoscopes:

This will turn out to be an excellent year for the Dragons. The Snake, Ox and Rooster will have a great year. The Rats and Tigers too will have a good year. The Sheep, Pigs and Monkeys will have a mix of good and bad happenings while the Rabbits, Horses and Dogs might face a few problems. But as long as you have the will power and focus to overcome all challenges, nothing can stop you from reaching your targets.


Wishing you all the best in 2017

Stay tuned for the next post: Animal Horoscopes for 2017

The End

Canadian Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Canadian Happy Thanksgiving 2016


Thanksgiving Day in Canada, celebrated on the second Monday of October, falls this year on October 10.

Historically this holiday had its roots in religious cultural traditions as prayers of thanks and their corresponding ceremonies are the norm among many religions after the harvest.


 Today, however, it is primarily celebrated as a secular holiday. It is considered a statutory holiday in all provinces except for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Despite their businesses being open, many Maritimers join in the celebrations regardless.

The origin of the first Thanksgiving in Canada can be traced all the way back to the explorer Martin Frobisher, who strove to find the Northwest Passage.

His Thanksgiving celebration, the giving of thanks, was not for a harvest but for his and his crew’s fortitude and their survival of the grueling long journey from England that led through the perils of storms and icebergs.

 In 1578, on his third and final voyage to these regions in Frobisher Bay in Baffin Island (present-day Nunavut), during the formal ceremony and the first-ever service ministered by the preacher Robert Wolfall in which they celebrated Communion, Frobisher gave thanks to God. Hence the Thanksgiving tradition was born and it continued on with subsequent settlers that arrived in the Canadian colonies.

Canadian Thanksgiving can also be traced back to the French settlers who came to New France with the explorer Samuel de Champlain in the early 17th century. The French settlers celebrated their successful bounty at the end of the harvest season. The feast and the sharing of food also included the indigenous people of the area. Champlain had also proposed the creation of the Order of Good Cheer in 1606.

With the arrival of many more immigrants in Canada, the celebrations of a good harvest became a common event.  Scottish, Irish and Germans settlers have also enriched this tradition of giving thanks for the good harvest.



The US tradition of Thanksgiving (such as the turkey or what were called  Guinea fowls originating from  Madagascar), was also  incorporated when United Empire Loyalist fled from the United States during the American Revolution and settled in Canada.


This old Canadian tradition of giving thanks during family gatherings, regardless of religions and creeds, will undoubtedly grow and flourish, for many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


And Finally, I would like to include this nice Zen story about what it means to be thankful:

The Giver Should Be Thankful

The master of Engaku in Kamakura,  Seisetsu was so well known for his teachings  that many flocked to his tutelage.  Consequently, the School’s accommodations became seriously overcrowded.


Umezu Sibei, a highly successful merchant of Edo, happened to be visiting the region and so paid a courtesy visit to the esteemed teacher.  Noting the meagre lodgings of the school and feeling rather magnanimous he, on his return to his residence, made arrangements to donate five hundred pieces of gold (ryo) towards the construction of a more spacious school.  


A few days later, his chest swelling with pride, Umezu revisited the school and personally handed the sack of gold over to the teacher Seiseutsu. But when Seisetsu simply received the amount with his matter-of-fact attitude and only the assertion: “All right. I will take it.”, Umezu became highly dissatisfied.

One can live a whole year on just three ryo, Umezu grumbled under his breath, yet I’ve not received even a simple thank you for my magnanimous gift of five hundred ryo?


Refusing to take his leave,  Umezu  shifted uncomfortably and, after clearing  his throat with a slight cough,  added poignantly: “You know of course that in that sack are five hundred ryo?”

“Yes I know; you mentioned it previously.” Seisetsu replied impassively, turning to leave.

“Though I’m a wealthy merchant, five hundred ryo is still considered a hefty sum,” Umezu grumbled rather loudly.


“Do you wish a thank you for it?” Half turning, Seisetsu asked.

“Well, don’t you think you ought to?” responded Uzemu.

Seisetsu simply said: “Why? It’s the giver who should be thankful. ”