Colour-Hues and Their Meaning

Colour/ Hues and their Meaning

Ours is a colourful world. An individual’s response to same hue varies depending on circumstance, mood or even the time of day. At an early age we are routinely schooled to recognize that there are seven colours in the solar spectrum-violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Some however can only distinguish six whereas others four, and still others only two. The indigo or dark blue in the spectrum is distinguished only by the people with an acute sense of colour whereas most, the average Joe have six-colour vision. As the nature of colour depends on vibration, the difference between light of different colours is in its wavelength or the rate at which it vibrates. Violet vibrations are the fastest whereas red is the slowest. There are other rays, such as ultraviolet and infra-red that are invisible.  The reason a piece of cloth looks yellow, is that it absorbs light of all variations except the yellow. But then you know all this, so let us move on.

You may wonder why some individuals delight in dressing in deep mauve, while another prefers more pastel hues, yet another subdued blues or grays.  Apart from the consideration of the suitability of the colour to the complexion, the dictates of the fashion world or the circumstances of mood, the random choices are made instinctively, impulsively or mechanically.  One thing is for certain however, we all have our strong likes and dislikes concerning particular hues.  But with our interdependent lives, woe   to the couples that have opposing tastes.

Traditions and religious beliefs may also play some part in accrediting colours with certain qualities. In Europe and Americas, black is often associated with mourning, sadness or despair whereas in the East it is the colour white that is attributed to that since white is the negation of all colour, yet white is the desired colour for wedding gown in the West, as it denotes purity.  In any event, here’s an amusing list of colours’ attributes:

Black- Solemnity, earnestness

Blue, bright- Honesty, forthrightness

Blue, light- Virtue, steadfastness, innocence

Blue, steel- Ambition, endeavour

Blue, dark- Earnestness, truth and sincerity

Green, light- Brilliance, ardour, candour

Green, dark- Courage, virility

Grey- Constancy, modesty

Mauve- Faith, aspiration

Orange- Vigour, health, intelligence

Pink- Modesty, fervour

Purple- Majesty, fortitude, wisdom, power

Red-Life, success, love

Violet- Intellectuality, passion

White- Virtue, innocence

Yellow, pale- Vivacity

Yellow, golden- Doubt, morose

On another lighter note, here are some other intriguing facts pertaining to colours. For instance, did you know that there are colours more favourable to you depending on your astrological sign?

Here’s a succinct List of lucky colours:

Aries- White

Taurus- Yellow


Cancer-Emerald green

Leo-Golden yellow

Virgo- Pale blue

Libra- Violet

Scorpio- Russet brown

Sagittarius- Orange

Capricorn- Brown

Aquarius- Dark blue

Pisces- White

Have you ever considered the notion those days might be thought of in terms of colours? For added amusement here’s a suggestion:

Sunday: Orange

Monday: White

Tuesday: Red

Wednesday: Green

Thursday: Purple

Friday: Blue

Saturday:  Dark blue.


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