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The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 4- The Illness Black Star #2 (also known as Ju Men)

The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 4- The Illness Black Star #2 (also known as Ju Men)


Planetary systems (8)

 The Illness Black Star #2 flies to East during 2014 when the annual 2 Black combines with any untimely visiting monthly stars. The chi manifested from this combination can affect us undesirably and cause problems.

 In Feng Shui one will always need to consider health as a priority because, without health, one cannot have an otherwise fulfilling life and certainly one will not be able to obtain good luck in making money. The eldest or only son of the family, in particular, needs to watch out for danger and long term illnesses, especially those related to the abdominal and gastrointestinal areas. Even if there is no son in the house the illness energy in the East should not be left unattended or without remedy as it can still affect everyone. One may not know that this star is also capable to bring about loss of wealth, injuries, gossips, lawsuits, relationship problems, insomnia (sleeping problems) and depression. Better to place all the necessary Cures to render it benign.  Another good thing to do is to avoid using the East area as much as possible.  Strive to keep it as quiet as possible and definitely shun all types of renovation and disturbing the earth. If you really have to renovate or refurbish the east room, do not engage in such activities during the months of March May, June, October and December 2014.

8 Immortals Wu Lou  (1)

If your bedroom is located in the east sector of the house, you will be prone to falling sick. All is not lost however, there is a cure to subdue #2, and that is the 8 Immortals Wu Lou with Long Life Vase.  You may also hang any wooden Wu-Lou (gourd) in the east corner of the room or east post of the bed as an effective cure. Additionally you may place  many round metal decorative objects, so long as they are calming and do not have any sharp points, to dissipate the #2 Black Star’s negative influence in the East. Avoid using red color in this sector and refrain from displaying triangle shapes or fiery pictures. 

8 Immortals Wu Lou  (2)

 You can also use the 8 Immortals Wu Lou to dissipate the negative earth if your kitchen happens to be located in the East.  If your main door is in the East, then a good remedy to dissipate the effect of the #2 star would be to hang a Ba Gua outside the door. 

Bagua (7)


Inside you may place a salt water cure and have the six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon.

 Another good Cure to place in the East would be a gold Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) statue    which will help in reducing the bad earth and will also help to guard your wealth for the year. Additionally you can place a Ru Yi wealth and legal enhancer in the East.

Ru Yi


In 2014 a metal Dragon Turtle is also used as a Feng Shui cure to neutralize the energy of negative annual stars, particularly the #2 (visiting East) and #5 star (visiting NW).  In this case it brings strong protective energies as related to the fiery and courageous energy of the dragon and the watchful guardian energy of the turtle. 


Dragon Headed Turtle

The Dragon and the Turtle are both considered celestial creatures and are part of the four Feng Shui guardians assigned to each of the four cardinal directions. The green Dragon is in the East, the red Phoenix in the South, the white Tiger is in the West and the North has the black Turtle. So any combination of these celestial animals logically makes for a more powerful force.

Dragon Headed Turtle  (3)

The Dragon Tortoise is a hybrid of the celestial dragon that also is blessed with the attributes of a sturdy and steadfast tortoise. With the head of dragon and a body of a turtle the energy of the dragon, comprising courage, determination and success, is perfectly blended with tortoise’s longevity of tenure, to provide one with a protection and lasting and successful career luck.  How apropos that the Dragon Headed Turtle is often depicted on a bed of coins and ingots, holding a coin in its mouth- eliciting lasting wealth and occasionally, appears with claws and Ru Yi- bringing forth authority and protection. In these configurations the dragon is said to be blowing good breathe to people and carrying the Ru Yi which signifies power, high rank and doing everything well.

Dragon Headed Turtle  (5)

With the Dragon Headed Turtle, the symbolic meanings of the dragon (luck); tortoise (long life), baby tortoise (new beginnings, fertility or excellent descendants luck) and the coins representing the money that can be made, are the reason for its heightened popularity. The various designs on its back meanwhile, such as a whole lo or a shu square symbol or with one or several baby dragon turtles riding it, always represents a good beginning and  a new business venture with prospects.   For those of you that are in a relationship, or wishing to have one, The Dragon Tortoise also furthers fortunate relationships. It is a fantastic energizer for scholastic finesse and superior knowledge as well as for acquiring many benefactors at school and work. 

Dragon Headed Turtle  (4)

A word of caution: Do not place this symbol in the kitchen or bath room.

The ideal placement of the Dragon Turtle would be in the North, NW or East sector of the house. Placing this dragon at home is said to bring the occupants of a home good luck, wealth and feeling of security. The Dragon Headed Turtle also protects a home from negative energies.

Dragon Headed Turtle  (2)

Do not put the Dragon Headed Turtle in the North or East if it is directly in front of you while putting it at office or business place. Instead it would be best to position the symbol parallel to where you sit; here it can enhance your relationship luck. If you have arguments and troubles you can display it right behind your seat looking sideways which signifies support. Display it in Northeast for scholarship and to further your education.

Light as feater

Indeed, keeping a dragon turtle will attract prosperity to your business and improves your relationships with those around you. To further improve the general relationship luck you may place a piece of red ribbon in his mouth, which works wonders. To improve wealth a piece of golden ribbon can be kept in its mouth. If you are having Health problems place a piece of blue ribbon in his mouth.

Apart from all these attributes listed above, Dragon Headed Turtle is a wonderful gift to give to someone who is starting a new business, career or a new job.

Best of Luck



The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 3- The Sui Po, Star #5 Yellow (Lien Chen Star)

The 2014 Annual Afflictions Part 3 The Sui Po, Star #5 Yellow (Lien Chen Star) 

Red Planet

 The Sui Po

Previously we’ve noted that North (about 352.6 to 7.5 degrees) was afflicted with the Three Killings.  What makes the North more detrimental this year is that it is also being afflicted by Sui Po.  Sui Po, the year breaker Star (also known as the star that “clashes with Grand Duke”), is positioned directly opposite Tai Sui (The Grand Duke).

Suffice to say Sui Po should not be taken lightly and this direction should be treated with the same respect as that of the Grand Duke with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities for the entire year. For even though Sui Po’s energy is not as severe as the Three Killings or Tai Sui it could still cause similar bad luck, including fatalities.  If disturbed the offended Sui Po can, and normally will, cause immediate health problems especially for the elderly. At home it will perpetuate uneasiness and unrest, bad luck even fatalities, whereas at work it will result in demotion, a career downfall, lawsuits, gossip and many other unfavorable outcomes. The situation can be cured however, with the powerful Pi Yao. One can display the Pi Yao anywhere along north-center-south axis and have it facing the north. 

Pi Yao b

Here’s bit more info on the Pi Yao:  Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is sighted. The Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. All of them brings the same blessings and possess the same properties. The Pi Yao is a protective heavenly creature that has one horn, lion/dog face, hoofs and little wings and a curly tail. Many people prefer using the Pi Yao over Chi Lin because the Pi Yao does not have an anus, he only eats but does not excrete. It has a huge, even infinite appetite. The Pi Yao is also known to be loyal in nature and very obedient to their owners. Pi Yao possesses the ability to transform negative chi into positive, overcome obstacles, drive away evil, subdue bad luck, diminish obstructions, combat bodily harm and terminate stress. The Pi Yao is suitable for stimulating growth in business, securing safety for the family, warding off negativities, inviting fortune and wealth, protecting against intangible afflictions, and appeasing the Tai Sui and Sui Po. In 2014, those who are born under the zodiac signs RAT, HORSE, OX, ROOSTER, RABBIT and SNAKE should be extra vigilant.

If you have a south facing property or have your front doors to the south you must also be careful not to allow the doors to slam while entering or exiting the premise.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs to do in the north, place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between your buildings and the location where the work is to be carried out. Additionally, carry along the Pi Yao to overcome obstacles and guard yourself against bad Feng Shui due to alterations. It ensures good health to you.

All in all you should carry along the symbol of Pi Yao or have it beside you most of the time to ensure that good fortune and luck enters the stomach of Pi Yao and is trapped there. Meanwhile, the Pi Yao’s fierce look ward of evil spirits and it can also identify wicked people, preventing them from harming you. Is it any wonder travelers often carry along the Pi Yao (sometimes on a key chain) to prevent injuries and accidents and ensure successful and fruitful journeys with good business deals? 


Star #5 Yellow (Lien Chen Star)

The deadliest affliction, known as the Fatal Star #5 Yellow (Lien Chen Star), has flown to the northwest in 2014 and because the center has no gender this is not good and is a serious cause for concern.

Do not disturb the northwest of your home or business with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work such as banging, nailing, digging or disturbing the earth or ground breaking this year.  Be mindful of this even when you cut your grass; one solution would be to start mowing the lawn from a different direction or corner of the garden.

 In the face of adversity and change, hold steady and constant. Do not get too eager to initiate repairs for, if disturbed, Star #5 can lead to injury, accidents and illnesses including fatality. My advice is to have as little activity as possible in the area. If one has an electrical fan here try not to turn it on at any time. Instead of keeping the place dark one should keep it bright. Just do not use “warm” lights. Instead, use low powered LED cold lights that will not aggravate the #5 and at the same time prevent yin energies from accumulating. Please take note that yin energy, once accumulated, can worsen the situation.

If you cannot avoid construction work or excavating then you should place a six-rod metal wind chime between your house/building and the work whilst the work is being done.

six rod wind chime


The six-rod metal wind chime, like the Bagua, is a fundamental tool used in authentic Feng Shui. The advantage of a wind chime is that it can be used internally to dissolve Shar Chi. Wind chimes are unquestionably the most powerful enhancer and cure for many Feng Shui situations. Wind chimes are potent enough to maneuver and enhance chi wherever it is placed. They make a significant presence especially for those who do not want to spend too much money to modify buildings and large structures due to bad Feng Shui. Properly designed wind chimes, according to the rules of nature, do not invite ghosts but instead will chase away evil spirits with the melody of metal energy.

Another benefit of the wind chime is that the 6 rods, which mimic the hexagram CHIEN, can also activate heaven luck in the northwest. One thing to remember, however; you must not hang a wind chime directly above where you sleep, sit, eat, work or stand. Your energy will be suppressed. In the event that there is space constraint, you may hang the wind chime lower than waist level.

If your bedroom is located in the Northwest, move out if possible.  Avoid using too much fire element here for it will aggravate the 5-Yellow, keep cold lights (LED) moderately lit.

Planetary systems (4)

 The situation worsens if #5 Yellow hits your kitchen. This is because the kitchen already has a strong fire energy that reinforces #5 according to the Five Element Theory. During the years 2004-2024 the northwest will be occupied by #9 of fire nature. Therefore when Fatal Star #5-Yellow which possesses earth energy enters into the fire sector the afflicted energy becomes reinforced and the bad consequences worsen. When the Northwest is disturbed there will be consequences consisting of high amplification of obstruction, serious misfortune, lawsuit and financial losses,  obstacles at work, bad news, accidents, disturbance and family disharmony even breakup, injuries, accidents, ailment and at worst: a fatality. Men especially will be at risk if this sector is not cured. The dangers will befall fathers, breadwinners, patriarchs’ and anyone who is in a leadership position.

When #5 Yellow hits the northwest in 2014, besides the patriarch of the family, those born in the year of the Dog and the Pig will also be affected by the #5 Yellow. Remember; a moment of negligence can spiral your luck from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

 You are therefore advised to avoid cooking in the kitchen if it’s located in Northwest and eat out as much as possible for this whole year. If, for whatever reason, this cannot be accomplished then, as an effective cure, you need to display the Tenfold Powerful One (also known as Kalachakra seed syllable) with Secret Pagoda above the stove or in the vicinity of the stove  in the northwest to subdue #5 and to protect your family’s health.

If #5 Yellow is where your main door is located this does not bode well and also puts you in grave danger with the list of misfortunes mentioned prior.  The doors opening and closing disturbs the # 5 Yellow. You will have to carry along the amulet for safety. Furthermore, you should display on the door knob the Tenfold Powerful One with Secret Pagoda for the remedy. 



The Tenfold Powerful One (Kalachakra Symbol) is an ultra strong antidote for killing energy and evil forces. It is often used as a cure for difficult situations when other cures become helpless, in situations that may possibly carry misfortunes, disasters and accidents if not properly remedied. It is also a potent cure against visible and invisible Shar Chi such as poison arrows and annual afflictions.  It uses the principle of 5 elements, combined with sacred symbols that invoke cosmic powers, in a simple, practical and effective manner to create big changes in energy without the need to remodel your home. It is like a few ounces of positive energy to deflect thousand pounds of negative forces.

For greater power and bigger homes, you can use the tinkling sounds of metal hitting metal by hanging the Wind chime and the symbol of Tenfold Powerful One combined.

Kalachakra Ten-Fold Powerful One, when worn, offers a powerful protection against an untimely death from natural disaster or illness, non-virtuous behavior and harm from evil spirits.  The Kalachakra symbol deters negative energies in its surroundings and maximizes good omens. It’s the ultimate symbol of protection against the afflictions of time brought by Feng Shui, cosmic and planetary cyclic changes. Those of you who are concerned when travelling or conducting business in an inauspicious date and time should find this amulet helpful.

Note:  If you can’t find the Tenfold Powerful One amulet, you can copy this image and print it out.  

kalachakra-tenfold-powerful 8x10

Good Luck

Feng Shui- The Qilin and The Three Killings

Feng Shui- The Qilin and the Three Killings

It is part of Feng Shui practice to ascertain the direction of the Three Killings each year. This direction, also known as the Saam Saat, always occupies one of the four cardinal sectors-North, South, East or West and the affliction that covers 90 degrees of the compass. In this year, The Year of the Water Dragon, the Three Killings are located in the South.  It is imperative that you do not carry out any noisy activity, renovation, or construction, conduct maintenance work or digging with noisy equipment inside or outside your property in this direction.  Once disturbed, this affliction will bring about three types of misfortunes: financial loss, sickness and arguments. If this is unavoidable you should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the work being carried out and the building for your protection. Another important thing to remember this year is that, when seated in your office or at home you must avoid having the South behind you. Confronting the Three Killings will not hurt you but having them behind you will. The South also is a Li trigram which can affect the head and lungs. If your bedroom happens to be in the South of the house you can hang a brass Wu-Lou (gourd) or a heavy round object close to your bed for protection. Round metal objects are also good to have in the South this year. Be sure to incorporate the colours of black gray or charcoal in your décor and avoid any fire colours such as red, pink, purple burgundy or orange; furthermore, no candles.

Finally, if you can, place three Qilins (Chi Lings) in the quadrant of the Three Killings, all three facing South. This will effectively restrain and prevent the killing Chi from harming you.

In case you are unfamiliar with Qilin (Chi Ling, Kirin), here is some added information:

Qilin is a mystical hoofed chimerical creature, often depicted with what looks like fire all over its body. It has the head of Dragon and the body of horse. It represents protection, prosperity, success, longevity and illustrious offspring.  It is a good omen that brings ruì (roughly translated as “serenity” or “prosperity”). The Qulin (sometimes misleadingly called the “Chinese unicorn” due to Western influence) is believed to manifest upon the occasion of an imminent person’s arrival, or when a wise sage or an illustrious ruler has departed.

The earliest references to the Qilin were in the 5th century BC, in the book of Zuo Zhuan. In its historical account we are told that after Zheng He’s voyage to the East Africa around the area of modern day Kenya he had brought back two giraffes to the Emperor in Nanjing. The giraffes were thereafter referred to as Qilins.  The Qilin and the giraffe was both vegetarian and shared a quiet nature on top of their reputed ability to “walk on grass without disturbing it”. Furthermore, the Qilin were described as having antlers like a deer and scales like a dragon or fish whereas the giraffe had horn-like “ossicones” on its head and a tessellated coat pattern that looked like scales. Even today the giraffe is still called girin by Koreans and kirin by the Japanese.

Back then the Emperor had proclaimed the giraffe as a magical creature, whose capture signified the greatness of his power. By the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) the original Qilins were long gone. In the subsequent legends their appearance took on a more stylized representation of the giraffe, becoming mixed with some attributes of the tiger, dragon and other animals. The Ming artisans represented the Qilin as an oxen-hoofed animal with a dragon-like head surmounted by a pair of horns with flame-like head ornaments and a scaled body.  Sometimes the creature is depicted with a single horn on its forehead, a multicolored back, and hooves of a horse, body of a deer and the tail of an ox.

During the Manchu Qing dynasty (1644–1911) the Qilin was depicted as having the head of a dragon, the antlers of a deer, the skin and scales of a fish, the hooves of an ox and tail of a lion.

The Qilin’s attributes are:

Though fearsome, the Qilin only punishes the wicked. Its manifestation bespeaks of a wise and benevolent leader in a country or even a household. Being such a peaceful creature when it walks on grass or vegetation it takes care not to trample a single blade or step on any living thing. A Qilin is said to be able to walk on water. If a pure person is threatened by an obvious culprit the Qilin transforms into a fierce creature, spouting flames from its mouth and displays other fearsome aspects.

Legends have accounted for Qilin’s being manifest in the garden of the famed Huangdi and in the capital of Emperor Yao. The birth of the great sage Confucius had also been presaged by the appearance of a Qilin.

Note: Before the Qin Dynasty, during the Zhou dynasty, Qilin ranked higher than the Dragon or Phoenix. Qilin was first, the Phoenix ranked second and the Dragon third. In the Post-Qin Chinese hierarchy of mythical animals however, in some fables where the Qilin was depicted as the sacred pet of the deities, Qilin ranked the third after the dragon and phoenix. In Japan (Qilin) Kirin are portrayed as a dragon shaped like a deer with an ox’s tail, and they preserved their importance, with the Phoenix placed second and the Dragon third.

The End

Feng Shui and Fans

Feng Shui and Fans

In ancient China hand-held folding fans were a predominant accessory for everyone, from the nobleman right down to the common citizen.  Fans were used for cooling, dispersing the unpleasant odours of other persons and things, or utilized solely to conceal one’s face for the sake of modesty.

Employed in Feng Shui, a fan had another important application as it deflected the negative energy emanating from other persons or things.

You can still use them for this purpose.

Feng Shui and Coins

Feng Shui and Coins

Have you ever wondered why ancient Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the middle? Aside from its practical applications in that they can be strung together and easily carried, it also has a symbolic meaning because the coin’s round shape represents Heaven and the square center symbolizes Earth.  So when you hold these coins you are holding the joining of each and completing the heaven-man-earth trinity.  How about that!

Feng Shui empowers those who practice it with the opportunity to be proactive and to take control of the most part of their present or future well being.

No need to seek out the true artefacts as replicas will suffice. They can be readily found in any Chinese curio store. If they are not newly minted however, make sure to cleanse them first of any negativity.

You may combine your Chinese coin jewellery with jade pieces for the jade represents protection and prosperity.

Hanging Chinese coins on the inside of the front door of your home or office welcomes abundance and prosperity to those who dwell within. Use three Chinese coins strung together through their square center holes with a red ribbon. Why the number three? In Chinese belief it stands for growth and life.  Do not hang coins on your back door as this allows the wealth and prosperity to leak out or leave your premises.

Wishing you best of luck always.

Antiques and Feng Shui

Antiques and Feng Shui

Be careful when choosing items to accessorizing your home or office. Avoid bringing items and artefacts associated with death, violence or destruction into your home or office for they carry unusual energy and introduce negativity into your life.

This is especially true when choosing antiques from around the world. If possible, find out about the relevant history of an antique before purchasing it; for oftentimes being associated with yin activities such as death, healing and ceremonies, they do carry (negative) yin energy.   (It is best to avoid altogether souvenirs from the Titanic or other sunken ships, temples, pyramid etc.)

Antique weapons, including swords and firearms are an irresistible draw to many; however, no matter how beautiful or interesting they are, having been associated with death, they carry great negativity / yin energy. Don’t keep them in your home without cleansing their bad energy first.


Feng Shui and Education

Feng Shui and Education

It is said, “Gold has its price; Learning is beyond price.”

Self-cultivation and education is the fifth component of your destiny and one over which you exercise control. It makes sense therefore to always strive to enrich your mind, body and spirit through the vast knowledge and educational opportunities that are available in this century.

According to Feng Shui, from 2004 to 2024 the NE is not only the best place to study, but is the area most associated with prosperity.

“Keep learning,” Henry Ford once had said, “It will keep you young.”