Healing Gemstones

Healing Gemstones

Who doesn’t love wearing gemstones? They come in various colours, some are translucent some solid, but when cut right they all glitter. Diamonds aren’t the only ones with the distinction of “Girl’s best friend”, I say all gemstones are. When you are all dressed up, what better way is there to adorn your head, neck, feet, hand and ears?  Often we wear them just to please ourselves or to brighten an ordinary day at home, school or at the workplace.  Well, here’s yet another reason for wearing them: A light hearted look at some gemstones and their healing powers.

  1. ALEXANDRITE:  For the glandular and nervous system support.
  2. AMAZONITE:  Heals the throat, bronchi, psychic burnout.
  3. AMBER: Heals sore throats, swollen glands, fever.
  4. AMETHYST: Cures drunkenness, it’s good for calming, also protects you from plagues.
  5. AQUAMARINE: Cures toothache and sore throats.
  6. BLOODSTONE: For stemming bleeding and other blood problems.
  7. BOSTWANA AGATE: For dehydration diseases.
  8. BLUE LACE AGATE: It’s de-stresses. Heals tension headaches.
  9. CALCITE: Heals mental problems and anxiety; wear it for the calming effects.
  10. CAT’S EYE: For eye problems.
  11. CARNELIAN: Cures fevers, speech problems, blood problems.
  12. CITRINE: For detoxifying the body, aid digestion, improve disposition.
  13. CHRYSOCOLLA: It calms the spirit, expels guilt.
  14. CHRYSOPRASE: Strengthens the immune system, helps failing eyesight.
  15. CORAL: Good for blood circulation, menstrual/uterine.
  16. COPPER: Though not a gemstone, it should be noted that it is good for Arthritis and for pain relief.
  17. CRAZY LACE AGATE: It heals emotional pain.
  18. DIAMOND: Protection from poison.
  19. EMERALD: Protects pregnant women, eyesight, dizziness and vertigo.
  20. FLORITE:  It’s for purifying the spirit. Beneficial for teeth.
  21. GARNET: For blood problems.
  22. HEMATITE:  It’s for pain, high blood pressure, blood problems, menstrual cramps, inflammation.
  23. JADE: Benefits eyes, women in childbirth.
  24. LAPIS LAZULI:  Cures depression.
  25. LODESTONE: Heals heart conditions, draws out pain and disease, beneficial for eyesight and childbirth.
  26. MALACHITE: Prevents stress, colds and diarrhoea.
  27. MOONSTONE:  Heals kidney problems.
  28. OPAL: For stress and eyesight.
  29. PEARL: For indigestion.
  30. PERIDOT: Cures speech impediments.
  31. ROCK CRYSTAL: Promotes healing and eases aches and pains.
  32. RHODONITE: Heals lungs, especially emphysema.  Ear problems.
  33. ROSE QUARTZ:  Heals heart problems.
  34. RUBY:  Helps you maintain youthful appearance.
  35. SAPPHIRE: Heals eyes, nausea and vertigo.
  36. SILVER: (not a gemstone, but is worn as jewellery) Heals festering wounds. Epilepsy.
  37. SMOKY QUARTZ: Good for lifting depression. Fixes sexual and reproductive problems.

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