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The Way of Water

The Way of Water


01-Niagara Falls


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Highest good is like water.

Because water excels in benefiting the myriad creatures without contending with them and settles where none would like to be, it comes close to the way.


02-Sunnyside, Toronto

The weak and the supple overcome the hard and the strong.

To yield is to be preserved whole.

03-Sunnyside, Toronto (11)

To be bent is to become straight.

To be empty is to be full . . .

To have little is to possess.

The stiff and the hard are companions of death,

The supple and the weak are companions of life.

There is nothing softer and weaker than water,

And yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things.

04-Sunnyside, Toronto (13)

The whole world recognizes the beautiful as the beautiful, yet this is only the ugly;

 The whole world recognizes the good as the good, yet this is only the bad.

Thus something and nothing produce each other;

The difficult and the easy complement each other;

The long and the short off-set each other;

The high and the low incline towards each other;

Note and sound harmonize with each other;

Before and after follow each other

05-Sunnyside, Toronto (12)

In a home it is the site that matters;

06-Sunnyside, Toronto (8)

In quality of mind it is depth that matters;

In an ally it is benevolence that matters;

In speech it is good faith that matters;

In government it is order that matters;

 In affairs it is ability that matters;

 In action it is timeliness that matters.

It is because it does not contend that it is never at fault.

Of old he who was well versed in the way

Was minutely subtle,

Mysteriously comprehending,

And too profound to be known.

09-Sunnyside, Toronto (4)

It is because he could not be known

That he can only be given a makeshift description:

Tentative, as if fording a river in winter,

Hesitant, as if in fear of his neighbors;

Formal like a guest;

Falling apart like the thawing ice;

Thick like the uncarved block;

Vacant like a valley;

Murky like muddy water.

10-Sunnyside, Toronto (7)

Who can be muddy and yet, settling, slowly become limpid?

Who can be at rest and yet, stirring, slowly come to life?

 He who holds fast to this way desires not to be full.

 It is because he is not full that he can be worn and yet newly made.

11-Sunnyside, Toronto (2)

If people do not revere the Law of Nature,

It will inexorably and adversely affect them.

If they accept it with knowledge and reverence,

It will accommodate them with balance and harmony

12-Sunnyside, Toronto (6)

Attain complete emptiness,

Maintain steadfast quietude.

All things flourish

But each one returns to its root.

This return to its root means tranquility.

13-Sunnyside, Toronto (3)

To hold and fill to overflowing,

Is not as good as it is to stop in time.

Sharpen a sword-edge to its very sharpest,

And the edge will not last long.

Withdraw as soon as your work is done.

Such is Heaven’s Way.


 (Lao Tzu)



Reflections in Water

Reflections in Water

To yield is to be preserved whole.


To be bent is to become straight.


To be empty is to be full . . .


To have little is to possess.


 No Water, No Moon

When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time.



At last one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke and the bottom fell out of the pail, and at that moment Chiyono was set free!


In commemoration, she wrote a poem:

In this way and that I tried to save the old pail

Since the bamboo strip was weakening and about

   to break

Until at last the bottom fell out.

No more water in the pail!

No more moon in the water!










As this illusory body vanishes,


This illusory mind also vanishes.


As this illusory mind vanishes,

Illusory sense objects also vanish.



As illusory sense objects vanish,

This illusory vanishing vanishes.



As this illusory vanishing vanishes,


That which is not illusory does not vanish.




Summer’s End- The Last Hurrah

Summer’s End- The Last Hurrah

Many will be returning to school tomorrow, marking the end of the carefree and fun lifestyle of summer.  Say goodbye to staying up late at night then sleeping in till all hours of the morning. Say adieu to swimming, sun tanning on sandy beaches, boating, sailing, cycling, and hiking, playing basketball and other outdoor activities under balmy skies. The regimented routine of daily life has its own advantages however and soon other sorts of fun activities creep in to moderate the routine. But I digress; these last few days of summer have witnessed a whole range of fun activities which people have embraced as if it were their last.  The many outdoor concerts, street festivals, eateries, cultural events, and the CNE to mention a few, were a balm to ease the pain of transition to a more responsible life…Sort of one last hurrah!

Here’s a collection of pictures to mark this transitional time period:

























All the best.

BoSt Galleries- A Day at the Beach

BoSt Galleries- A Day at the Beach

Modern Art Series



















A Day at the Beach

Summertime is when the temperatures are sizzling and the sun is a big ball of fire in an azure sky. For cooling off there is nothing better than escaping the bustling metropolis and spending time at the beach. Far from the noises, the daily grind of work and transport, or the endless hours spent in front of the computer, cell-phones, tablets or TV, we are like the castaway sailors staking our spot on the expansive sands. Sparing an occasional look at the fluffy clouds sailing on by overhead, we take refuge under the beach umbrella, allowing the cooling onshore breeze to caress our faces.  Comfortable in our colourful beach chair we lazily fall asleep, leaving the cares of the world behind.  Then, occasionally waking up, we partake of the cold refreshments neatly stored in the cooler or digest some delectable fruit, barbecued meat or other such treat. Energized, we then rush into the embrace of waters. We swim about, submerge, or take a brief dip pretending to be fish and not land dwellers.

Still restless, we take a good long walk on the soft sands and the shallow strand, watching our steps all the while as we take in the delightful view of the happy, frolicking beach-goers. Our ears are treated to the cacophony of cheerful sounds as we dodge the sandcastles of happy children and cooperative adults alike.

This is a sure piece of Heaven on Earth, claimed unfailingly every summer by us all during the precious summer months.

Have a fun filled summer.


BoSt Galleries- The Four Seasons

BoSt Galleries- The Four Seasons

In North America we are fortunate indeed to enjoy the splendor of Nature’s four seasons.

Winter is a delight; when the first snowfall blankets the earth and everything is glossy and gleaming in pristine white resembling thousands of scattered diamonds, or stars plucked from the sky, adorning every surface.

Springtime; when night and day nature’s perfume permeates the air and new life in all its abundance is perpetually bathed by the resplendent spring showers that create precious pearls on the budding trees.

Let us not forget the golden splendors of Autumn; when the world is bedecked in rich browns, yellows and oranges. It’s as if the sun takes up a temporary residence on Earth while everything quietly prepares for the long winter’s sleep.

My most favorite time of all however, has to be Summer.  Ahhh, summertime, when during those two short months we abandon all care along with the cumbersome clothes of the other three seasons. Dressed in colourful, cool outfits we burst outside to bask under the hot sun, engaging in outdoor activities: relaxing on a patio café, strolling in parks and enjoying summer’s multitude of events. Time is well spent frolicking at the beach, sharing a picnic, engaging in sports, or laying lazily under an umbrella while partaking of cool refreshments along with abundant fruit. Then for added cooling, a quick dip and splash or a prolonged swim in the pristine lakes that dot the map of North America.

The End

Taming the Mighty Dragon

Taming the Mighty Dragon

Many cultures viewed the Dragon as a benevolent being, especially in the East where they held the belief that mighty Dragons once ruled the rivers, lakes, seas and skies. Dragons were well respected and even worshipped, especially in the agrarian settlements, for the welfare of men depended on the kindness of these supreme entities. The quantity of folklore that was spanned from their rich imagination has delighted generations of adults and children.

In ancient times it was the province of the immortals to intercede on behalf of humanity with the raw power of nature symbolized by the Water Dragon.

A folk tale: The Dragon Taming Lohan

Once upon a time in ancient India the people of a small kingdom, being incited by a demon, went on a rampage against the Buddhists and their monasteries. In the mayhem of destruction, some even stooped to steal the Buddhist sutras.

The Dragon King of the undersea, outraged by the unruly behaviour of these humans, punished them all, the innocent as well as the guilty, by flooding their entire kingdom. As he deemed them most unworthy of benefiting from the wisdom within the holy writings, he took custody of the sutras and stored them in his palace.

In time the repentant people, having suffered so long, wanted the sutras back but nothing would sway the Dragon King’s resolve.  It took an extraordinary being, Nantimitolo, to subdue the dragon guard and restore the sutras back to earth. Hence he is became a Buddhist immortal: the Dragon Taming Lohan.

(Here’s an interesting fact: In China at the end of the ninth century the Buddhist faith had suffered greatly, being subjugated to great persecution under the reign of Emperor Tang Wuzhong who preferred Taosm. A cult was born, out of this staunch resistance which incorporated the Lohan as the powerful guardians of the Buddhist faith.  The last two additions, the Taming Dragon and Taming Tiger Lohan were, in fact, thinly disguised swipes against the thriving Taoism of the time.   

The Taming Dragon Lohan’s Sanskrit name is Nantimitolo. Nanti stands for happy and mitolo, a friend. Together the name means happy friend.  He is called the Taming Dragon Lohan for his brave act of vanquishing the ferocious dragon.  There is a charming verse describes him thus:

“In the hands are the spiritual pearl and the holy bowl,

Endowed with power that knows no bounds,

Full of valour, vigour and awe-inspiring dignity,

He succeeds in vanquishing the ferocious dragon.”)

In modern times we are still entertained by accounts of Dragons through varied visual and literary means but we have also learned to harness falling water, the most powerful of the dwelling places of Dragons, to benefit mankind in yet another way: for what would man do today without the use of electricity?

These pictures tell the story of one such mighty waterfall, its might and how it has been tamed to benefit men:


The End.

BoSt Galleries Water Lily Watercolours – Exhibit 1

BoSt Galleries Water Lily Watercolours – Exhibit 1

“Strive to quiet the elusive, restless, agitated mind.

Observe your thoughts.

Observe the patterns of your thoughts

And you will see them disappear.

With the mind free of thought you will know peace.”