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A Heavenly Law

A Heavenly Law

A Heavenly Law


To bless means to help.


 Heaven helps the man who is devoted 


Men help the man who is true. 


He who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune, and there is nothing that he would not further.


It is the law of heaven to make fullness empty and to make full what is modest. When the sun is at its zenith, it must, according to the law of heaven, turn toward its setting and at its nadir it rises toward a new dawn. In obedience to the same law the moon when it is full begins to wane and when empty of light it waxes again.


 This heavenly law works itself out in the fates of men also. It is the law of earth to alter the full and to contribute to the modest. High mountains are worn down by the waters, and the valleys are filled up. It is the law of fate to undermine what is full and to prosper the modes; and men also hate fullness and love the modest.


The destinies of men are subject to immutable laws that must fulfill themselves. But man has it in his power to shape his fate, according as his behavior exposes him to the influence of benevolent or of destructive forces. A thing to remember is this: When a man holds a high position and is nevertheless modest, he shines. He who requires much from himself and little from others could be secure from hatred.

I Ching



The End


The Right Path

The Right Path

The Right Path (1a)

The Right Path (1b)

When one is faced with a danger that has to be overcome, weakness and impatience can do nothing. Only a strong man can stand up to his fate, for his inner security enables him to endure to the end.

The Right Path (2)

This strength shows itself in uncompromising truthfulness within him.

The Right Path (3)

It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any sort of self-deception or illusion, that a light will develop out of events by which the path to success may be recognized.

The Right Path (4)

The Right Path (4b)

 This recognition must be followed by resolute and persevering action. For only the man who goes to meet his fate resolutely is equipped to deal with it adequately.

The Right Path (5)

Then he will be capable of making the necessary decision and of surmounting the danger.

I Ching.

The Right Path (6)

The End.

A Remedy for the January Blues

A Remedy for the January Blues

Canadians are referred to as Snowbirds as, each year, like migrating birds they flock south to warm destinations seeking brief solace from the frigid temperatures, snow, and wind of the winter months.

There are other means to remedy the affliction of January blues.  Below is a collection of art that will allow you to vicariously indulge in a virtual getaway.

Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(1)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(2)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(3)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(4)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(5)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(6)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(7)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(8)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(9)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(10)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(11)


Tropical Visit-Impessionist Painting(12)


Here’s an old Irish saying that seems apropos: “May the Sun shine upon your way.”

Nature’s Abstract Palette-16

Nature’s Abstract Palette- 16

“Chaos is the score upon which reality is written.”     HENRY MILLER


The End

Structures – 8

Structures – 8

Zen Story: The Tunnel

Once upon a time Zenkai, the son of a samurai, journeyed to Edo and there became the retainer of a high official. Unfortunately being rather handsome, young and foolhardy, he fell in love with the official’s wife. For many days he swooned over her from afar until a time when the official was away and a chance meeting cast the pair into secret love affair. One day in the throngs of passion they were discovered by the very husband who’d unexpectedly returned home. In self defense Zenkai was forced to slay the official and was constrained to run away with her.

While in hiding their difficult circumstance forced them to become thieves, but the woman was so gluttonous that nothing Zenkai did was satisfactory. Zenkai by then increasing disgusted, eventually left her and journeyed far away to the province of Buzen, where he became a wondering beggar. A day did not go by where he did not repent for his past mistakes. One day, as he reflected on the dangerous road over a cliff that had caused the death and injury of so many travellers, he passively observed the hard working ants going in and out of their burrow, suddenly he jumped up, having had an epiphany. That moment he was resolved to remedy his sins by accomplishing some good deed in his lifetime to atone for his past sins.

From that day forth, he begged food in daytime and worked diligently at night digging with whatever means he had to construct a tunnel. When thirty years had gone by, the tunnel was 2,280 feet long, 20 feet high and 30 feet wide.

Two years before the task was to be completed however, Zenkai encountered the son of the official he had slain. The son was a skillful swordsman bent on avenging his father.

“As you have every right, I will surrender my life to you most willingly” implored Zenkai. “I only ask that you please first let me finish this task I’ve started. On the day of its completion, I will gladly bow my neck to your blade.”

After long consideration the son nodded and several months passed as he observed at first Zenkai digging and working with all his might to complete this very worthy project.

Eventually he got tired of just standing by and watching, and begun aiding Zenkai with the dig. Working alongside Zenkai time after time, seeing the sincerity of latter’s remorse, recognizing the now a better man striving so hard to atone for his youthful folly, the official’s son bit by bit forgave Zenkai’s crime. After he had helped for more than a year, in his heart the seething rage became replaced with rare admiration for Zenkai’s tenacity, strong will and character.

On the day the tunnel was completed, Zenkai washed himself and his clothes in the nearby river, then boldly walked up to the official’s son, and kneeling before him spoke the works of atonement then urged the other to dispense with his due punishment.

“Now cut off my head. My work is done.” He was ready and willing harbouring no in will to the righteous son. Perfectly composed still kneeling, he bowed his head and waited.

The son unsheathing his sword, raised the blade high in the sky… then waited.

“What are you waiting for?” Zenkai shouted at him, looking up. “I’m deserving of death, get on with it.”

“How can I cut off my own teacher’s head?” asked the younger man with tears in his eyes.

The End


BoSt Galleries Water Lily Paintings – Exhibit 1

BoSt Galleries Water Lily Paintings – Exhibit 1

Water lilies

Water lilies are rooted in the soil underneath slow moving bodies of fresh water and their leaves and flowers float on the water’s surface. Hardy water lilies live in temperate climates and bloom only during the day but tropical water lilies, the only group to contain blue-flowered plants, live in tropical environments and can bloom either during the day or at night.

There are about 70 species of water lilies throughout the world and their beauty has led to their widespread use as ornamental plants. For example, the Mexican water lily, native to the Gulf Coast of North America, is now planted throughout the North American continent. They are highly adaptable but should you wish to curtail their spread you need only to cut off the top growth.

The End

Nature’s Abstract Palette- 14

Nature’s Abstract Palette- 14

“In our life there is a single colour, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.

It is the colour of love.”

Marc Chagall