New Year’s Customs and Superstitions

Happy New Year … Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous year in 2018.

Notable Inklings

New Year’s Customs and Superstition

Slideshow of Seasonal Pictures from 2011 in Review.

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New Year’s Customs and Superstitions

At one time in (Scotland .Ireland, Wales) the Highlands, traditionally on ”Hogmanay,” or New Year’s Eve,  a young man  dressed  in cow-hide and , attended by youths who carried sticks to which a piece of cow-hide was attached, visited  one b y one, all the houses in the neighbourhood.  Upon reaching each home, he would run around it three times with a trail of other youngsters close behind.  As they circled the house they would make a great noise and beat against the walls of the house. Naturally when they were invited in, the leader would then say, “May God bless the house and all that belongs to it, cattle, stones and timber!  In plenty of meat, of bed and body clothes, and health of men may it ever…

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