The Stone Mind

The Stone Mind

Stone Mind Pics (1)

Hogen, a Chinese Zen teacher, lived alone in a small temple in the country.

Stone Mind Pics (2)

One day four traveling monks appeared and asked if they might make a fire in his yard to warm themselves.

Stone Mind Pics (8)

While they were building the fire, Hogen heard them arguing about subjectivity and objectivity.

Stone Mind Pics (9)

He joined them and said: “There is a big stone. Do you consider it to be inside or outside your mind?”

Stone Mind Pics (4)

One of the monks replied: “From the Buddhist viewpoint everything is an objectification of mind, so I would say that the stone is inside my mind.”

Stone Mind Pics (10)

“Your head must feel very heavy,” observed Hogen, “if you are carrying around a stone like that in your mind.”


Stone Mind Pics (6)

Stone Mind Pics (7)


When the clouds fly, the moon travels. When the boat sails, the shore moves.



Shore Moves




The End

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  1. I always admire your presentation skills. Kind of make words more have more impact…

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