Summer’s End- The Last Hurrah

Summer’s End- The Last Hurrah

Many will be returning to school tomorrow, marking the end of the carefree and fun lifestyle of summer.  Say goodbye to staying up late at night then sleeping in till all hours of the morning. Say adieu to swimming, sun tanning on sandy beaches, boating, sailing, cycling, and hiking, playing basketball and other outdoor activities under balmy skies. The regimented routine of daily life has its own advantages however and soon other sorts of fun activities creep in to moderate the routine. But I digress; these last few days of summer have witnessed a whole range of fun activities which people have embraced as if it were their last.  The many outdoor concerts, street festivals, eateries, cultural events, and the CNE to mention a few, were a balm to ease the pain of transition to a more responsible life…Sort of one last hurrah!

Here’s a collection of pictures to mark this transitional time period:

























All the best.

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