Treasures of Nature on the Eve of Earth Day

Treasures of Nature on the Eve of Earth Day

We had spent a good part of the day at one of a kind Arts and Crafts show at the Energy Centre in Exhibition Grounds. My soul had ample nourishment with all manners creative delectable, whether it is in the form of rich textiles, metal sculptures, paintings, photos, pottery, jewelry and attires by the numerous, very talented exhibiters.  When our feet refused to carry us any longer, we sought a respite with a hot gourmet coffee; then mindful of the impending bad weather we reluctantly headed home. The weather being so chaotic lately, on the chance that the cherry trees would be in bloom, we abandoned the direct route and detoured through High Park.

My disappointment at not seeing any blossoms was soon supplanted when I spotted a flowering patch in the distance. “Stop!” I cried, “I have to see this.”

Moments later we precariously parked alongside the road; I jumped out of the car and made my way straight down the slope to get a better view, ignoring all the while the biting cold wind buffeting my sleeves. I had on a light jacket, for the previous week’s odd warm spell had spoiled me. In truth today was more typical of March weather.

I was not disappointed.  This strange occurrence, this capricious display, call it what you will, my eyes soon beheld  the wondrous rows and rows of delicate flowers, strewn on the ground with their tiny white petals, dotted with occasional blues, stoic and beautiful, bending their heads, oftentimes whipped by the sudden rising cold winds. Nature has such surprises and I felt fortunate to be there at the right time to appreciate this carpet of wonder. Feeling somewhat melancholy, my heart quaked knowing the weatherman had called for snow later on this day.

Here are some of the wonders that my eyes had beheld that fortunate, rare moment:

Happy Earth Day! (Sat. March 31,2012)


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