Computer Art by BoSt Galleries

Computer Art By BoSt Galleries

From prehistoric times mankind has had this insatiable need to express himself artistically.  We are richer by far benefiting from this vast array of imaginative creations. Take a stroll in any Art gallery or a museum next time as a leisure pastime to nourish your soul.

Presently we live in the electronic age, where most of us are avid collectors of electronic gadgetry. Within the last decade we’ve become heavily reliant on cell-phones, i-phones, tablets, notebooks to mention just a few. Daily we utilize these constant electronic companions for news, art, entertainment, shopping, education, emergency, varied communication or plain old social interaction. Traditional ways will always be around for us to enjoy, but now we have a new age art to enrich our enjoyment further. Here are some fine examples of Computer Art by Steve from BoSt Productions:



One response to “Computer Art by BoSt Galleries

  1. The first time I looked I thought these were all photos. 🙂

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