Beluga Sense- Be Your Own Parent

Beluga Sense- Be Your Own Parent

Countless books have been written on the subject of how best to rear children.  Proper etiquette is taught alongside discipline, common sense, survival skills and the nourishment of self esteem. It is the parent’s general wishes that these attributes would endow each growing child with the requisite tools to help them conform to societal norms and be productive, successful beings.

The parents, who bear the greatest part of this responsibility, in all fairness, usually function as well as they know and up to the level they, themselves, have been taught. Fortunately, nothing is permanent; nothing is written in stone.  Fundamental changes in ideology, society, family, country do occur, and alter the age old beliefs, notions and behaviours sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.  Bear in mind also that each being is different and varied in their desires, needs and wants and in the path they choose in their eternal pursuit of life’s happiness.

If you are dissatisfied with your present life and feel constrained in your present situation, it may be a good time to ask yourself, “Is the way I’ve  been taught working for or against me? “

Look back at your childhood and remember when your current hurtful behaviour began.  Perhaps you were trained to be selfish, ambitious and greedy or timid, insecure and self-deprecating. These adverse characteristics at may be holding you back from attaining success and happiness in your present personal and professional life.  They may need adjusting or purging before happiness can be achieved.  As an adult you now hold the power to alter your destiny.  Discard that oppressive monkey on your back.

The alternative would be to continue to behave as a helpless child, dependent on others to make the key decisions for you. You alone know your own desires, innate strengths and abilities. Take charge and utilize them, terminating your unhappy circumstances.  It is within your means to be happy.


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