Beluga Sense- Inner Contentment

Beluga Sense- Inner Contentment

Material possessions are merely icing on a cake; true happiness is derived from deep within.  Your attitude and the importance you place on mere chattels will determine the measure of your contentment; use these prized objects only as tools only to make your life more pleasant, meanwhile knowing that you’ll be just as happy without these frivolous items.  Material fortune only gives you a false sense of security, for fortune can vanish at any time.  If someone far younger than you has achieved the success you crave simply remind yourself that each one’s rate of advance is different. You shall have what you desire, all in good time.  Factor in your individuality and you’ll discover all the unperceived differences in your previously perceived as identical goals.  Focus on your present happiness and other people’s successes will seem trivial in comparison.

On the other hand, drawing on a cornucopia of inner virtues such as: the ability to love, reason, exhibit compassion, practice tolerance and mercy, derive strength from your faith, show perseverance, live in peace, will see you through any period of discontent or adversity.

In your lifetime, you’ve probably have heard this saying many a time: that the most precious things in life:  your health, friends and family, a glorious sunset, green meadows, the fresh smell of grass after a rain, snow capped mountains, spring flowers , in short all God’s creations, are what really counts and (guess what?) they are often  free.  Furthermore, any worthwhile person’s true value lies in their ability to give rather than to receive.  It’s hard to disagree with this sentiment; but then, why should you?   Now with this in mind, when close associates, friends or family members brag about their ample possessions, they are in fact exposing their own inadequacies or lack of self- worth and revealing that these gilded inanimate things are the most important part of them.  Don’t be ensnared into competing with them, for without the responsibility of hording or preserving these things you will have ample time and freedom to concentrate on what really matters: your own self, your loved ones and all the glorious, natural wonders of our world.

Keep in mind that thing that is really important, our unique blue planet, and the precious home to all of us. It is there to be loved, enjoyed and preserved.  Be happy always and without reserve, enjoy all the natural blessings of this world.



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