Happiness is a Chrysanthemum

Happiness is a Chrysanthemum

We all think we want, wish and desire happiness. And though happiness comes in different degrees or forms, it is safe to say good health, family, loving relationships, charity, kindness, tolerance,  security, comforts of life, opulence and such are all counted as essential ingredients in the recipe of happiness. These things are always subjected to change however, and along with change come the instability and vacillating degrees of happiness. If you wish to be truly happy you should cultivate within your heart and soul the feeling of contentment whenever, whatever capricious fate throws at you. Be solid in your resolve and embrace everything in life with the same grace of compliance as you would with your faith in God. Irrespective of our religious beliefs, we are all God’s creations and we are all loved. Being loved gives contentment and contentment nurtures happiness; therefore why seek what you already possess?

Choose to be Happy today and every day.



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