Feng Shui and Coins

Feng Shui and Coins

Have you ever wondered why ancient Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the middle? Aside from its practical applications in that they can be strung together and easily carried, it also has a symbolic meaning because the coin’s round shape represents Heaven and the square center symbolizes Earth.  So when you hold these coins you are holding the joining of each and completing the heaven-man-earth trinity.  How about that!

Feng Shui empowers those who practice it with the opportunity to be proactive and to take control of the most part of their present or future well being.

No need to seek out the true artefacts as replicas will suffice. They can be readily found in any Chinese curio store. If they are not newly minted however, make sure to cleanse them first of any negativity.

You may combine your Chinese coin jewellery with jade pieces for the jade represents protection and prosperity.

Hanging Chinese coins on the inside of the front door of your home or office welcomes abundance and prosperity to those who dwell within. Use three Chinese coins strung together through their square center holes with a red ribbon. Why the number three? In Chinese belief it stands for growth and life.  Do not hang coins on your back door as this allows the wealth and prosperity to leak out or leave your premises.

Wishing you best of luck always.


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