A Pleasant Stroll in the Park

A Pleasant Stroll in the Park

A Pleasant Stroll in the Park

Summertime has always been my favourite season. I always approach the autumn with some reluctance at first, sad to see the leaves fall, dreading the impending approach of cold and snow; but then the glorious colours of autumn captures my heart, winning me over. Autumn is gloriously rich in hues of yellow, brown, reds and various gray tones.   This is the time when trees burdened with seeds welcome the moderate winds to help them procreate.  The air is crisp and delightfully clear, while the ground is decorated with a multitude of hues beckoning you to saunter over them. While my senses appreciatively embrace this enchanting beauty, I question why I was ever reluctant to welcome this precious gift from Mother Nature.

I would like to share some of these masterpieces of nature that are unfortunately here for a brief spell; but take heart; it will be repeated again and again in subsequent years with infinite varying possibilities of tones and captivating beauty.


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