Beluga Sense- Be safe

Beluga Sense- Be safe

Are you one of those people that are highly sensitive to criticism? If you are, you are in danger of internalizing this hurt and becoming overly self- critical as well.   However you can break this destructive characteristic by being more forgiving of your shortcomings.  Be a compassionate, understanding friend to yourself, not a judge.  Give yourself permission to let go of your critical traits and take things in stride.

As a discerning being, we can assert that we know ourselves best; but in this lurks the danger of assuming that everyone else thinks the same way we do.  In truth we can never assume what lies in another’s heart and what they are thinking or feeling unless we ask them directly. Knowledge is the surest way to bridge the uncertainty and differences between sentient beings. Intolerance rises from the lack of willingness to acknowledge other people’s needs wants or beliefs.

Unfortunately bad people really do exist anywhere and everywhere.  Not everyone is as nice, honest or trustworthy as we would like him or her to be. Such people oftentimes are out of control with their feelings. They use their ability to hurt indiscriminately as long as they get what they want at any cost. This could have stemmed from an unfulfilled desire or need in early growing and development years when their innate character was formed. Perhaps they lacked proper role models.  Because of their stunted emotional development they have failed to acquire the necessary feeling of empathy for others.

For self-defence against such people you need to be fully aware of the circumstances.  You are only victimized when you are lured to that irresistible draw of wanting something for nothing, when you are vulnerable or underestimate the danger.  Neglecting a background check, a thorough investigation of the Company, project or an individual or taking them on their word, not tallying their word with past accounts of behaviour can have an undesirable or even detrimental result.  That’s when victimization occurs.

Empathy is the feeling that allows an individual the innate sensitivity to identify with another’s emotions, joy or hardships and pain.  One resists hurting another because there is a deep understanding of the other.  Without empathy, morals, true conscience and self control are stunted or absent.

Here are some cautionary measures for you to follow:

  • Don’t assume that anyone who is nice to you have your best interest at heart.
  • Ascertain first that the person’s words match their behaviour.
  • Remember the saying: “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”
  • Fulfillment of emotional needs should never have a monetary cost.

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