Antiques and Feng Shui

Antiques and Feng Shui

Be careful when choosing items to accessorizing your home or office. Avoid bringing items and artefacts associated with death, violence or destruction into your home or office for they carry unusual energy and introduce negativity into your life.

This is especially true when choosing antiques from around the world. If possible, find out about the relevant history of an antique before purchasing it; for oftentimes being associated with yin activities such as death, healing and ceremonies, they do carry (negative) yin energy.   (It is best to avoid altogether souvenirs from the Titanic or other sunken ships, temples, pyramid etc.)

Antique weapons, including swords and firearms are an irresistible draw to many; however, no matter how beautiful or interesting they are, having been associated with death, they carry great negativity / yin energy. Don’t keep them in your home without cleansing their bad energy first.



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