Present Day Artistic Expressions

Present Day Artistic Expressions

Mankind has always had an insatiable need for self expression. Two media, art and literature have always been at the forefront of change. In painting and drawing, we  no longer need to bother about  special studios, lighting, canvases, frames, brushes, paints or turpentine to create expressive masterpieces.

Don’t get me wrong, the raw way of doing things has its irresistible pull; however, the fact that we can sit, stand,  walk, or lie down as we create art, is in itself a liberation, a wonder of our times. Indeed, in this fast paced and highly wired world the electronic medium has opened a Pandora’s Box of new expressions. Now without the bother of the raw materials, the long troublesome layouts and preparation, we indulge in concentrating in pristine form, the straight away channelling of our heart and mind, to unleash on the world that instant form of creativity.  Electronic and digital tools such as iPods,  iPads,  tablets etc,   enable us to express our visions without the least delay.

On Friday, I was among  the fortunate few that were invited to a gathering at the ROM to meet with the renowned artist David Hockney who has successfully made this transition with his wonderful art.

For more about David Hockney show click on this link: North American Debut of David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers




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