Beluga Sense- Body requisites

Beluga Sense- Body requisites

The human body, comprised of liquid, skin and bones, is a temple we dwell in as we go about our daily routines.  Life can be pleasant or unpleasant depending on the health of this temple.  Doesn’t it make sense therefore that we should take good care of our bodies? The best way to do this is to pay attention to our body’s needs, for it knows best.  Aside from general upkeep like proper nourishment, sleep, hygiene, exercise and so forth, we must be in tune to the innate feelings and the intuitive senses that warn us, often through psychic or physical pain, of the sudden irregularities that manifest.  It is an indicator that something vital needs attending to.  Simply put ignoring what feels good or bad is asking for trouble.

Meanwhile pacing oneself is crucial: some work, some play, some rest.  This sort of varied schedule works best for most people; and yes, you can manage this despite your hectic daily schedule. The quality of life depends on it. Remember that fatigue makes the whole world look much worse than it is. What’s more it makes us vulnerable to what others say and do. It numbs our faculties, making it hard for us to reason well or respond, to defend or counter any offensive.  Aren’t resolutions to problems and pressing issues arrived at far more quickly after a good long repose?    Don’t they seem more manageable when you are well rested?  Here are some other helpful hints to better manage your daily routine:

  • You can’t do or be everywhere all the time so learn to effectively delegate what tasks you can at home or at work.
  • There is no need to race, as things will get done soon enough, so give yourself special permission to take it easy.
  • More importantly in the course of day allow some playtime for an effective respite.  Adults too often forget this important regeneration tool that is vital to good health.
  • A vacation or a time off is also imperative for building yourself up.  It takes a while to recuperate from a long period of neglect.

Good mental and physical health to you all.



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