The Warrior’s Way – Strategy One

The Warrior’s Way – Strategy One

An effective offensive has twin facets: the superficial and the underlying. By concealing both one can take the adversary completely by surprise. But such secrecy can seldom be attained; in fact it’s nearly impossible to keep an opponent entirely ignorant of one’s actions. Therefore the best way is to play tricks right under his nose and make the foe misinterpret your offensives till it’s too late for any retaliation. Remember also that familiar sights do not rouse suspicion. While you drive the opponent into fighting with shadows, seize the opportunity to mount a surprise attack to annihilate him.

A good defender, while concealed, assumes no posture and reveals no shape.  Being undetectable he gains the advantage of unlimited maneuvering and transformation.

A good assailant, when on the move, is so swift that the very moment a chance for attack is perceived, the intended enemy has no hope for defense.


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