Beluga Sense- Boundaries

Beluga Sense-Boundaries

There are two kinds of boundaries that affect each and every one of us. One is the physical space that we keep around ourselves that allows us to be comfortable; the other can be called a psychological space.

If you feel someone has come physically too close to you, even if that person does not touch you, or if someone’s physical touch feels uncomfortable, it is clear that  they have crossed into your physical space.

In matters of living and planning your goals, someone crosses into your psychological space when he or she, even with best of intentions, tries to tell you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and generally tries to run your life.

Another type of boundary crosser tells you how you feel or how you should feel.  Advertising, social media, people in authority, friends or foe can all interfere with your key decision making. Are we totally immune to those magazine, radio or Television ads? We are constantly bombarded with standards of beauty, how we should look, feel, behave, what to eat and so forth.

In this free society, remember that no one can tell you what to do. Only you know what you what is best for you, what within reason makes you comfortable and what feel and what you want to do.  You have the right to be your own guidance councillor, your own protector. No one but you knows for sure where your comfortable zone is and where your personal boundaries lie.



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