Feng Shui Garden-2

Feng Shui Garden-2

A garden and the tending of a garden is necessary nourishment for one’s soul and mental well being; all the more so, as we live and work in highly congested metropolitan settings.  Does it not make sense therefore to take good care of our gardens, however minute?

Take great care and cherish anything in your property that has been identified as possessing restorative powers, such as an unusual rock formation, unique tree or grove or, if you are fortunate enough to have it, a mineral spring or a pond.

Never neglect pruning and thinning out the thick foliage of trees in your yard, so that the sun and its yang energy can permeate your garden and your life.  If you happen to have shrubbery or a tree planted too close to the walls of your house make sure to prune the branches so as to not allow a lot of leaves touching the walls of the house therefore drawing the beneficial energy from it.

Happy Gardening,



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