Beluga Sense-Value the Self

Beluga Sense- Value the Self

Value the Self


Society has always outwardly frowned upon the acts and deeds of selfish individuals. Moral conduct dictates that the model being is supposed to be modest and humble, yet this has rarely been followed by those who have achieved power, wealth and success.

Before I digress, let me state that we have to be primarily responsible for our own selves; for only we can determine our shortcomings, strengths, needs and feelings in the pursuit of good health, joy and stellar well-being.  No one else can accurately predict our true desires, likes or dislikes.  When we take good care of ourselves physically and mentally then, through our reinforced and flourishing physique and psyche we are then able to extend this to others.

There will be times when you have to safeguard your principles, especially when you are faced with contrarian, self-righteous offensives. Watch out for the pitfalls, the obvious snares when they accuse you of being selfish in order to compel you to do their bidding.  The moment you show the least weakness, their subsequent edicts on what you ought to do, act, feel and say (while they discount your worth and exaggerate your limitations) are, in fact, a trap designed to sap your strength and most ardent resolve.  At such times reiterate this firm resolution: “I take full responsibility for myself and my actions!”, then respond outwardly, “That’s what you feel; however, I know differently. “

Trust your instincts, and be guided by your gut feeling, it will never lead you astray.  Intuition is the major guidepost that provides information through your feelings instead of your thoughts.  If you doubt yourself it’s because earlier on, perhaps in childhood, you’ve been taught otherwise.  Every child instinctively feels confident until taught differently.  If in their early years they happened to be mistreated, often criticised or neglected, however unintentionally, that individual from there on learns to distrust his or her feelings.  The rational mind of a child refuses to accept the hurt caused by a trusted adult, parent, teacher or any other such authority or custodian.  Consequently, for emotional protection they learn to distrust their own judgement, discount their inner feelings, until eventually a general distrust becomes the norm.

Did you ever berate yourself emotionally whenever someone has faulted you for the way you do things? At such times, visualize yourself as a small child and at the same time become your own parent. Give that child unconditional love, comfort and unlimited protection.  Let him or her know that you will support them in all their endeavours that you are aware that they are doing their best and everything will be all right.

And when you are faced with someone trying to prop up his or her status at your expense, defuse the attempt by bringing the truth out in the open.

Never fear, you shall meet your personal or professional goals in your own time and way.  What you may perceive as an obstacle or setback could actually be in your best interest if it was not at the right time.

When it does happen, it’s because you are ready for it!


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