Adventures of Prickly: The discerning Tailor


The Discerning Tailor

Prickly was visiting with some old friends.  After the day’s events of fun and catching up, when darkness blanketed the sky, the party showed no inclination of slowing down. In the hope of prolonging their enjoyment they pestered prickly yet again for one of his wondrous stories.  With his eyes drooping, for he was in fact rather worn out, he nodded obligingly and mumbled, “But a rather concise one this time”.  They all got comfortable and following a brief introduction to human traits, Prickly began his story:

“Once upon a time there was a well known tailor whose outstanding work had earned him both fame and fortune. Because of his exceptional competence he enjoyed a long list of well to do loyal clients from far and wide.  There were also many rumours of his exploits that never failed to entertain people whenever they gathered.

It was said that once a particularly austere and haughty judge was assigned to the rather prosperous district in the Yeronos County.  Feeling the need of more ostentatious attire, he sends for this tailor.

Upon arriving and hearing of the commission the first thing the astute tailor did,  instead of taking measurements, was to bow slightly  and inquire about the official’s title and length of service.

“I fail to see the significance of your query.”The official frowned and said in a stern voice, annoyed at the tailor’s audacity.

“I beg your pardon my Lord,” The tailor at once with another supplicate bow explained.  “When an official is newly promoted to a high post, elated and proud, he’ll walk with his chest suck out and will lean slightly backwards.  Therefore the front of his garment must be modified to be a little longer than the back.

For the official halfway through his posting who feels well established and mature, with little surprises to be had, the front and the back of the robe must be equal in length.

When an old experienced official is transferred to a new post and he’s reticently anticipating his forthcoming retirement, his posture will bend a bit. Mindful of this, the front of his vestment should be cut shorter than the back.

This information is vital therefore for the execution of a proper fit.”


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