Beluga Sense- Addressing Fear

Beluga Sense- Addressing Fear

The fear addressed here is not the kind that is life threatening. It’s the kind of fear that exists when you are faced with new, difficult issues, agendas or any other exceptional social situations.

Pay heed to any sensation of fear for it, more often than not, indicates that something is terribly wrong with your circumstances. Furthermore it would be most unwise to make decisions or initiate action when you are in a state of fear. When frightened you may not properly assess all the information you need to make an appropriate decision. It may also be that you are trying to do something that goes against your nature or your beliefs. In any case it is a clear indication that something is not quite right.  In such cases your fear is an instrument of protection, a strong beacon that warns you against the prevalent danger.  Don’t discount the state of being frozen with fear either, for with our minds so clouded with fear, we are likely to get into more trouble than we would if we didn’t act at all.

Another form of protection occurs when you have an old emotional scar that needs to be addressed; something that had happened in childhood and since then has silently festered in the recesses of your subconscious.  Fear becomes a trigger, a beneficial device that highlights or exposes this hidden handicap. This sort of person needs to heal the child within before he or she can appropriately deal with the situation as an adult.

Oftentimes fear manifests when you are faced with a daunting task and you lack the necessary skills for the job’s successful completion.  In this case fear is justified as it aptly prevents you from getting in way over your head.  All is not lost however; after facing this sort of legitimate fear you can then go on to remedy the situation.

Do not hesitate to ask for more time when you are feeling indecisive.  Haste makes waste.   Declare your wishes boldly; that you need to think things through, sort out the pertinent information before you can give the most productive and apt response.

It is advisable therefore to first discern the source of your fear and then deal with it.  Once you are composed, decisions and any action are easily achieved. So next time you find yourself afraid for some reason, steal time to reassert, “There is a reason that I’m fearful.”  Then search inwardly for the answers; it will come to you.


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