Feng Shui Bathroom

Feng Shui Bathroom

Computer Image by Steve Caunce

One of the feng  shui  guidelines  is that if you can’t see it, it is not metaphysically there. This means you can block, cover, bury, hide, deflect, reflect or use any other means to correct bad feng shui in your home or bathroom.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Don’t redesign your home, townhouse or condo to add a bath or powder room that sticks out past your front door since the yin of the bathroom clashes with the yang entering the house.   The front door is the main access for beneficial ch’i into your home and this flow could be interrupted by the bad energy from the bathroom.  Remember also to always keep the bathroom door closed, especially when the front door is open.
  • If you are remodelling your house don’t have the stairs leading directly towards the bathroom door or the main entrance door of your home.
  • To minimize the loss of ch’i energy in the bathroom and to prevent losing money you must keep the lavatory lid down every time you flush.
  • Avoid placing a mirror opposite the bathroom door since the incoming ch’i will be reflected right back.
  • The bathroom door should not open directly onto the lavatory or bath, as this robs you of your need for privacy and protection.  If you have ample room position a screen or panel in the space between the door and the toilet.
  • Adequate ventilation is important to prevent the build-up of negative (sha) energy.  Dampness or mildew contributes to stagnant, negative ch’i.  One way to avoid this, especially if you don’t have a window, is to keep a few plants in your bathroom to absorb the excess moisture.
  • You can also lose wealth if you have leaky taps or leave the water running so, if the plumbing in your house is faulty, fix it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure there is no waste blocking the sink and that the waste basket is emptied frequently.
  • It is not good to have the kitchen directly facing a bathroom.  Nor is it good to have a bathroom or shower located in the corner of your main bedroom, as this will siphon your health, luck and prosperity. The remedy is to have a divider or door that is kept closed at all times.
  • Do not choose a house with a bathroom located in the center.  The most important room such as a living room, family room or a dining room should be in this spot.  If the bathroom is at the centre of the home, there is possibility that sha ch’i will easily travel to all the surrounding rooms.  You may somewhat remedy this bad circumstance by using  accessories made of earth materials, such as clay, terra cotta, and porcelain to anchor your wealth.
  • Rice is a symbol of abundance, wealth, and fertility. Never flush this revered food down the sink or toilet.

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