Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

Image by Steve Caunce

When you are moving into a new home, apartment or condo, position the master bed during the most yang hours of the day- which is 11 A.M. to 1 P.M.

Sleeping is a yin activity so choose yin designs elements: soft textures, curving shapes, and mellow lighting for your bedroom.  In the evening draw your curtains, blinds, or drapes to create a more yin environment for resting and sleeping. Here are few helpful Feng Shui tips to keep in mind when decorating the bedroom:

  • Look up at a room’s ceiling before positioning a bed. Putting a bed under exposed beams can press down on a sleeper’s vital chi energy, causing health problems.  It’s best to cover exposed ceiling beams in a bedroom with draped fabric or dry wall to create a flat ceiling.
  • A rafter that runs in the same direction as a couple’s bed below is believed to cause a division between them.
  • Best to have a headboard on your bed as it provides support to your crown chakra.
  • Don’t place the bed with its foot facing the door of the room, as this makes for a very bad luck.
  • Avoid having any electrical outlet on the wall close behind you or next to your pillow.
  • It is not good to face a mirror or T.V. when you are sleeping otherwise your vital life energy (Chi) will be siphoned as you sleep.  If this cannot be avoided, simply cover any mirror or TV screen with a cloth or better still have them located in a large cabinet that can be closed.
  • Avoid sleeping in a bed that is located under a skylight, as it will draw healthy chi away from you.
  • The bed should not be positioned against the short wall of the room with a sloping ceiling.
  • It’s best to sleep in bedrooms that are above the ground rather than in a basement as healthful yang energy is abundant in the light and air.  If you are sleeping in a bedroom above a garage however, place a red cloth between the mattress and box spring for your protection.
  • A Phoenix figure in a bedroom will add sparks to an existing relationship that has stagnated; however, don’t use a phoenix to activate romance in your life if you already have an emotionally happy and physically satisfying relationship with someone special. To do so may cause infidelity.
  • Remove all dead or dried flowers and plants from your bedroom (and garden), as they are believed to kill your love and sex life.
  • Don’t keep an aquarium in a bedroom, especially the master bedroom, as it symbolizes money luck being pumped out of the owner’s possession.
  • Do place a symbol of wealth in your bedroom so that you see it on waking. This could be a figurine of a carp, an ox sitting on Chinese coins, or a turtle.
  • And finally, do open your drapes and curtains first thing in the morning. This allows the light to infuse its yang energy into you for the day’s activities.

Good luck and good night to you all.


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