Beluga Sense- The Attraction or Repulsion of the Familiar

The Attraction or Repulsionof the Familiar

Whenever you come across certain attributes in another that you admire, you are in fact getting a preview of the intrinsic quality that lies deep within your own self.  You would not be attracted to those characteristics in the other if you did not already have the corresponding attributes or the potential to develop them.  It is that familiarity, that particular match, that tally that provides an irresistible draw to the other.  Rejoice therefore when you are attracted to that special someone’s attributes and appreciate him or her fully; then,  gazing into that imaginary mirror, claim these attributes for yourself.


  • Keep in mind that what you admire in others is already a part of you.
  • Explore and identify these positive traits in others and you to gain a better understanding.  Strive to develop it within yourself; make it part of your character however long it takes.
  • When you find yourself deficient in a desired trait or lack a technical skill, get the education that is readily available, or learn by collaborating with someone who already has the skills you lack.
  •  Repeat these affirmations often, “I have the potential within; I’m becoming ‘—- ‘day by day.”
  • If you meet with thoughts of resistance search your past for the origins of this negativity, then exposing it, give your stronger, affirmative self permission to eradicate those characteristics.
  • Once you have achieved this, enjoy the reality of present and allow your talents to flourish.

If you find yourself in opposition to the characteristics in another and become angry or upset it may be that you have the same traits in yourself but resist owning up to it.  Psychologically, you’ve projected on that person responsibility for your own adverse traits. The intensity of your resentment and criticism are the tell tale signs.  This is a golden opportunity to learn about your- self and effect change for the better.  With deliberate, conscious effort you can now mend the undesirable or harmful characteristics that make you uncomfortable.


  • Be aware of strong feelings of resentment, dislike, seething hate, or plain old disgust about someone.
  • Realize the intense feelings are your Geiger-counter and a golden opportunity to uncover your hidden adverse traits.
  • There is a certain wisdom in the saying “Opposites attract”; therefore give in to it and persist with that person whom you feel so strongly about.
  • Look deep within and try to uncover the similarities in traits, as well their triggers.  You may also look at the past events to uncover the reasons.   Here’s an effective means to do this: In your mind reconstruct the vital past events one by one and give each a different outcome.
  • Acceptance of who you are comes first, then the forgiveness, then comes the change for the better.

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