Feng Shui Desk and Office

Feng Shui Office and Desk

Feng Shui Office and Desk

Choose the placement of your desk in your office carefully. Your energy, health and concentration may suffer if your desk or office is at the end of a long hallway or a corridor.  There you will absorb much sha energy created by the straight line.  If this cannot be avoided place a potted plant on your desk, preferably in a mirrored container.  Another good thing would be to place a faceted crystal or glass candy dish or vase on your desk in line with the hall.

Placing an amethyst crystal on your desk or somewhere else in your office will activate knowledge as well as prosperity. Typically it is good to have a heavy object such as a statue, decorative geode, natural citrine, amethyst, or ametrine crystal on the corner of your desk nearest to the entrance of your office.  This will anchor your wealth.

The numbers three, six and nine are a powerful combination in Chinese culture and in Feng Shui.  Do put three Chinese or silver coins in a lucky red envelope and tape it under your computer, business phone, fax machine or cash register to stimulate money luck. Placing a large, white quartz crystal geode next to your computer or telephone will also increase phone calls to your home or business.  Meanwhile avoid having dried or dead plants in your office or their yin energy will adversely affect your business prospects.

A set of the twelve Chinese zodiac animals is always good to have in your office for that additional protection. And remember to always keep your desk and office tidy to facilitate clean chi flow.

Having your office in the basement of a building or a house symbolizes stunted growth, especially if there is a lack of an abundant natural sunlight illuminating the space. Another thing to avoid is working under heavy light fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, pipes or beams as they will give you a feeling of energy pressing down on you and cause you difficulties and headaches at work.

If there is a window behind your desk, do put a stone figure or crystal on the sill to simulate a mountain for support. Select also art depicting mountains, rather than water for the wall behind your desk.  And remember always that the time of a new moon or a full moon is a good time to conduct an energy cleansing in your office.

Good luck to you all.


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