Beluga Sense- Problem Solving

Beluga sense- Problem Solving

If you are one of those people waiting for a problem-free time in order to enjoy life or waiting to reach some goal before you have any joy, than you are destined to lead  a dismal and frustrating life.

Problem-free times are a rarity and even when they do happen they don’t last too long. This has to do with the nature of our problem-solving ability as we, more often than not, focus on facts or situations that cause us to be unstable or incomplete.  Whether you experience life as positive or negative will depend on how you regard life’s problems and the actions you take to resolve them.  Life can be more enjoyable, exciting and fun if you consider each difficulty or dilemma you encounter as a learning experience, or better still, as a game, a challenge that tests your aptitude and your innate potential.   Your existence is enriched and you experience delight in every moment when you imagine your life as the ongoing process of passing from one circumstance to another instead of waiting for that certain attainment of your specific goal.


  • Each morning when you awake, ask yourself with joyful enthusiasm, “I wonder what interesting problems need be solving today.”  With a light heart anticipate the surprise elements that each day presents so as not to be caught unawares.
  • Focus your attention on each problem that presents itself. Don’t fight it; rather, give thanks for it being there to provide you with that mental challenge, then go for it.
  • At the conclusion of each day, take time to congratulate yourself for dealing effectively with or dilemma whatever presented itself, and for resolving it to the best of your ability.
  • And last but not least, laugh; laugh heartily at everything and anything, infusing your soul with that ray of happiness and light.

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