Beluga Sense- Living in the Present

Beluga Sense- Living in the Present

In life certain onerous difficulties may beset you from time to time and at such times it is imperative to remember to address your feelings.  Don’t waste your time blaming yourself and others for shortcomings or negligence. That would be futile.  Instead, give yourself permission to be nurtured, and then with a logical mind reassess the situation. Permit yourself to modify your approach so that it might better further you in the attainment of the goals you set.

The passage of time is experienced differently by each individual depending on the circumstances, the mood or the level of activity. Some focus on the present, some are caught up in the past and some live in hope for the future. The quality of life depends a greatly on where you place your focus. The ease of living requires that you focus in the present because there is where you have the least pain and the most power. If you live in the past, you would miss the happenings that are presently going on.  Besides why would you want to perpetually relive bad experiences thereby poisoning the present? There is always the danger of exaggeration, magnifying the past events and in due course getting mired in feelings of helplessness and doom. On the other hand, if you focus too much on the good old days and by surrendering to this fantasy world, you might miss out on the more magnificent experiences the present avails.  Nor should one live in the future either, mortgaging your present, postponing all your joys and good experiences for the sake of a time yet to be. Since you can’t control the events in future you’ll again end up feeling helpless much of the time.  And what if that rosy- future you aspired to does not manifest?

Therefore life is best lived in the present.


Cease your activities a couple times a day whenever you can to examine your thoughts then ask yourself:

  • Am I fully aware of all that is transpiring at present?
  • Are any possible future problems engaging my mind?
  • Am I subconsciously focused on any of the past unfinished business, events or feelings?
  • Am I enjoying this very moment in time in its entirety?

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