The Secret Language of Flowers (H)

The Secret Language of Flowers (H)

The Secret Language of Flowers (H)

The List of Flowers:

  1. Harebell. Meaning: Resignation. “I bow to your will, but still hope on.”
  2. Hart’s-tongue Fern. Meaning: Gossip. “Set a curb on your idle tongue.”
  3. Hawthorn. (A large genus of shrubs and trees in the family Rosaceae.) Meaning: Hope. “Despite your answer, I shall strive to win your love.”
  4. Heliotrope. (Heliotropium) Meaning: Devotion. “You are my sun.”
  5. Hellebore. (Commonly known as hellebores, members of the genus Helleborous  comprise approximately 20 species of herbaceous perennial flowering plants the family Ranunculaceae. Many species are poisonous.) Meaning: Lying tongues. “Do not believe any ill tales of me. I can explain everything.”
  6. Hemlock.  (Cicuta, commonly known as water hemlock, is a small genus of four species of highly poisonous plants in the family Apiaceae.)Meaning: Scandal. “I have been maligned and unjustly accused.”
  7. Hepatica. (Bisexual flowers with pink, purple, blue, or white sepals and three green bracts appear singly on hairy stems from late winter to spring.)Meaning: Confidence. “I trust you.”
  8. Herb Paris. (It has solitary flowers with four or more very narrow greenish threadlike petals and green petaloid sepals.) Meaning: Betrothal.  “Take this flower as a pledge.”
  9. Herb Robert.  Meaning: Steadfast devotion.  “I am your slave.”
  10. Hollyhock. (They are biennial or short-lived perennial plants growing to 3.5 m tall, with broad, rounded, palmately lobed leaves and numerous flowers, pink or yellow in the wild species, on the erect central stem.) Meaning: Ambition. “With you as my wife I could achieve great things.”
  11. Honesty. (Lunaria is a genus of flowering plants in the family of Brassicaceae. It includes two species, Perennial honesty and Annual honesty.) Meaning: Frankness. “I have told you all.”
  12. Honeysuckle. Meaning: Plighted troth.“This is a token of my love.”
  13. Hyacinth, Blue. Meaning: Devotion. “I will give my life to your  service.”
  14. Hyacinth, white. Meaning: Admiration. “I admire you.”
  15. Hydrangea.  Meaning: Changeableness. “Why are you so fickle?”

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