The Secret Language of Flowers (G)

The Secret Language of Flowers (G)


List of Flowers:

  1. Gardenia.  (Gardenia is a genus of 142 species of flowering plants in the coffee family. The flowers are solitary or in small clusters, white, or pale yellow, with a tubular-based corolla with 5-12 lobes petals. Flowering is from about mid-spring to mid-summer and many species are strongly scented.) Meaning: Sweetness. “Like unto this virgin flower are you.”
  2. Geranium, Pink. (Geranium is a genus of 422 species of flowering annual, biennial and perennial plants that are commonly known as cranesbills.) Meaning: Doubt. “Explain your actions.”
  3. Geranium, Scarlet. Meaning: Duplicity. “I do not trust you.” Geranium, White. Meaning: Indecision. “I have not made up my mind.”
  4. Gilliflower. (A gillyflower or gillyflower is a creation or a similar plant of the genus Dianthus etc., which have fragrant flowers.) Meaning: Affection. “You are very dear to me.”
  5. Gladiolus. Meaning: Pain. “Your words have wounded me.”
  6.  Globe flower.  ( Trollus is a genus of about 30 species of plants in the Ranunculaceae, closely related to Ranunculus.The common name is Globe flower. They have bright yellow flowers, though some have orange to lilac coloured flowers.) Meaning: Welcome. “You will be welcome.”
  7.  Golden Rod. Meaning: Indecision. “My mind is not made up.”
  8. Good King Henry. (Is also called Poor-man’s Asparagus, Perennial Goosefoot, Lincolnshire Spinich or Markery, is a species of goosefoot) Meaning: Goodness. “You are very good to me.
  9. Goose-grass.  (Indian goose-grass, Wiregrass, Crowfoot-grass is an invasive species in the grass family.) Meaning: Tenacity. “I am determined to win your love.”
  10. Guelder Rose. Meaning: Autumn love. “He who weds me must be a man in his first youth not his second childhood.”

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