The Secret Language of Flowers (F)

The Secret Language of Flowers (F)

List of flowers:

  1. Fern- Maidenhair.  (Adiantum, the maidenhair ferns is a genus of 200 species of ferns in the family Pteridacae, though the researchers place it in its own family, Adiantaceae.)Meaning: Virginity. “I am heart-whole; you have a chance to win me.”
  2. Feverfew.  (Feverfew) is a traditional medicinal herb which is found in many old gardens (good for reducing fever), and is also occasionally grown for ornament. The plant grows into a small bush with citrus-scented leaves and is covered by flowers reminiscent of daisies.) Meaning: Protection. “Let me shield you.”
  3. Flax, blue. (Also known as Linum (flax).The flowers of most species are blue or yellow, rarely red, white, or pink and some are heterstylous.) Meaning: Gratitude. “You are very kind.”
  4. Flax, red. Meaning: Fervour. “I deeply appreciate your kindness.”
  5. Fly-orchid. Meaning: Deceit. “You are not true either to yourself or to me.”
  6. Fool’s Parsley. (It has a fusiform root and a smooth hollow branched stem with much divided smooth leaves with an unpleasant smell, and small compound umbels of small irregular white flowers. It is related to Hemlock and Water-dropwort and like them, is poisonous, though less so than Hemlock. Meaning: Folly. “Do not be so silly; we can be friends.”
  7. Forget-me-not. Meaning: Remembrances. “Think of me during my absence.”
  8. Foxglove. Meaning: Shallowness. “You are not really in love.”
  9. Fraxinella. (Dictamnus is a genus of flowering plant in the family Rutaceae. It is known variously as Burning Bush.) Meaning: Ardour. “My heart is afire with love.”
  10. Fritillary. Meaning: Doubt. “Can I trust you?”
  11. Fuchsia. Meaning: Warning. “Beware; your lover is false.”
  12. Fumitory (Fumewort).  Meaning: Anger. “I shall never waste another thought on you.”

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