The Secret Language of Flowers (E)

The Secret Language of Flowers (E)

List of Flowers and their Meaning:

  1. Eglantine.  (Rose rubiginosa, Sweet briar or Eglantine Rose is a dense deciduous shrub bearing numerous hooked prickles. The foliage has a strong apple-like fragrance. The flowers have five petals being pink with a white base. The flowers are produced in clusters of 2-7 together, from late spring to mid-summer.) Meaning: Poetry and fragrance. “These leaves in their sweet fragrance remind me of you.”
  2. Enchanter’s Nightshade. (The genus Circaea contains 7-10 specious of flowering plants, known as Enchanter’s nightshade.) Meaning: Double dealing. “Do not play fast and loose with me.”
  3. Eschscholzia. (The genus was named after the Baltic German botanist Johann Frederick von Eschscholdz.) Meaning: Petition. “Grant my prayer.”
  4. Evening Primrose. Meaning: Mute devotion. “Humbly, I adore you.”
  5. Everlasting Flower (The Asteraceae or Compositae, is also referred to as the aster, daisy, or sunflower family.  It is the largest family of vascular plants. The family has more than 22,750 species.) Meaning: Death of hope. “At your wish I go away, to forget you forever.”

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