June is a lively month that emerges from the renewal and thriving spring and perches on the periphery of summer.  This month with its more moderate temperatures compared to sizzling July and August, is host to many celebrations.  Father’s Day has just passed, Graduations are just around the bend and Weddings are in abundance all through this month.

If you wish to supplant or add to your traditional gifts, here are few suggestions:

You may consider giving a gift of prosperity bamboo to bring good luck and good fortune to the recipient.  A  Chinese Unicorn (Chi Ling) as a present bestows well wishes along with the wishes of long life, peace, harmony and  an unending family line.  A pair of mandarin ducks (in picture form or statue) to newlyweds ensures marital fidelity and happiness.   A Jade dove is a symbol for good health and long life.  A narcissus plant, a modest gift for the new graduate, represents a wish of good fortune.

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