The Secret Language of Flowers (C/2)

The Secret Language of Flowers “C” (Continued).

Part 2


List of Flowers:

15. Clover, Pink- Meaning: Injured dignity. “Do not trifle with me.”

Clover, Red- Meaning: Petition. “Will you be faithful tome though oceans part us?”

Clover, White- Meaning: Promise. “I will be true to you.”

16.  Cockscomb- Meaning: Foppery. “Your attentions are unwelcome.”

17.  Colchicum- Meaning: Middle-age. “Youth should mate with youth”

18. Columbine, Purple- Meaning: Resolve. “I shall never give you up.”

Columbine, White–    Meaning:  Folly. “It is mere foolishness to press your attentions.”

19. Coreopsis- Meaning: Love at first sight. “You have conquered me.”

20. Coriander- Meaning: Hidden worth. “Do not judge too much by appearances.”

21. Corn-cockle- Meaning:  Gentility. “Though appearances may not suggest it, I am of gentle                                                                 birth.”

22. Cornflower- Meaning: Delicacy. “Be not over-impetuous; my heart cannot be stormed.”

23. Cowslip- Meaning: Winsome beauty. “You are as winsome as the flowers of spring”

24. Crocus- Spring- Meaning: Joy of youth.”My heart beats with yours.”

25. Currant, Flowering- Meaning: Presumption. “We have nothing in common.”

26. Cyclamen- Meaning: Indifference. “Your protestations lave me unmoved.”


2 responses to “The Secret Language of Flowers (C/2)

  1. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this web site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your website?

    • Welcome back. Thank you for your uplifting words. I try to post at least once every three days. However, summer fun seems to be getting in the way.

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