Adventures of Prickly: The Contest of Silence


The Contest of Silence


Meditation was taught to students in this private school as part of their curriculum.

Four close friends challenged by a rival group, undertook to observe twenty four hours of silence. The bet was that if they won they would be absolved from any chores whilst if they lost, they would complete all the chores of the winners for a week. Two impartial students were designated to keep a close eye on all participants.

On the designated day, the groups entered the private chamber of the Library and after getting comfortable begun in earnest and reverent calm, their meditation on the void. Silence prevailed throughout the day; the room was so quiet in fact that you could hear a pin drop. But as darkness encroached and the room grew dim, one of the four stirred, and then before he could stop himself, words just flew from his mouth, ordering the nearby attendant to “Light the blasted oil lamp!”

The closest one to him could not suppress a grumble:” Hush up, you’re not supposed to speak!”

“You two have blown it.” The third one chimed in.

“I’m the only one who has kept quiet.” Unfortunately the fourth one could not refrain from boasting.


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