The Secret Language of Flowers (B2)

The Secret Language of Flowers (B 2)

List of Flowers “B” Continued.

Part 2

  1. 1.      Bluebottle. (Also known as cornflower, Bachelor’s button, Boutonniere flower, Hurt sickle, Cyani flower- is a small annual flowering plant in the family Asteraceae.) Meaning: Delicacy. “I worship you from a far, being too timid to approach.”
  2. 2.      Borage. (Also known as a starflower). Meaning: Brusqueness. “Your attentions are unwelcome.”
  3. 3.      Bracken.  (Brackens –Pteridium- are a genus comprising several species of large, coarse ferns. Ferns- Pteridophyta- are vascular plants that have alternating generations, large plants that produce spores and small plants that produce sex cells (eggs and sperm). Brackens are in the family Dennstaedtiaceae, which are noted for their large, highly divided leaves.) Meaning: Enchantment. “You fascinate me.”
  4. 4.      Bramble. Meaning: Remorse. “I was too hasty. Please forgive me.”
  5. 5.      Buckbean.  Meaning: Repose.  “May sweet sleep attend you.”
  6. 6.      Bugloss.  (Bugloss is a name used for several plants in the borage family) Meaning: Mendacity. “You are false.”
  7. 7.      Bulrush. Meaning: Rashness. “Pray be more discreet.”
  8. 8.      Burdock.  Meaning: Persistence. “I refuse to be discouraged.”
  9. 9.      Buttercup. Meaning: Radiance. “What a golden beauty is yours!”

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