The Secret Language of Flowers (B)

The Secret Language of Flowers (B)

If you need to express yourself and you happen to be bashful or hesitant, here’s a way to transcend that impediment. As mentioned earlier, each flower carries certain meaning all of its own, and you can say it with flowers.

List of Flowers: “B”

Part: 1

1.      Balm. (Prostanthera mellisifolia, the Balm Mint Bush, is an aromatic hardwood shrub that grows up to 2m tall. The species has purple bell shaped flowers tinted with pink and small dark green leaves.) Meaning: Fun. “I did not really mean what I said.”

2.      Balsam. ( Balsaminaceae, commonly known as the balsam, is a family of dicotyledonous plants The flowering plants may be annual or perennial.) Meaning: Impatience. “I can hardly live till I see you again.”

3.      Barberry. Meaning: Hot temper. “You are far too hasty in your judgements.”

4.      Basil. Meaning: Animosity. “I dislike you.”

5.      Begonia.  Meaning: Warning. “We are being watched.”

6.      Bell-flower. (Also known as Campanula) Meaning: Morning. “Meet me tomorrow morning.”

7.      Bindweed Greater. Meaning: Persistence. “I cannot accept your answer.”

8.      Bindweed Lesser.  Meaning: Humility. “I abase myself and ask your forgiveness.”

9.      Bird’s foot Trefoil. (Lotus is a genus that includes bird’s-foot trefoils) Meaning: Retribution. “Your fickleness will bring its own punishment.”

10.  Bittersweet.  (Solanum dulcamara, also known as bittersweet, bittersweet nightshade, fallenworth, felonworth, poisonberry, poison fllower, woody nightshade. Etc.) Meaning: Truth. “My words are sincere.”

11.  Blackthorn.  (Prunus spinosa, blackthorn or sloe is a species of Prunus) Meaning: Obstacles. “There are difficulties in the way.”

12.  Bluebell. Meaning: Constancy. “I am faithful.”


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