The Puddle

The Puddle

Once upon a time two young monks were happily travelling along an old country road.  The sky that had been laden with dark ominous clouds most part of the day, however, soon gave way to torrential rain. They trudged along now with some difficulty as the earthen pathways instantly transformed into rushing rivulets. They had just veered around a corner when they came upon a pretty young girl in dire straits. Sporting an umbrella and dressed in her Sunday best, she appeared stymied by a particularly large puddle which the downpour had created directly in her path.

“Let me help you, “said one of the monks and, not waiting for her response, he lifted her in his arms, carried her over the puddle and let her gently down safely on the other side.

The monk’s companion said nothing, remaining unusually silent the rest of the way. That night as they prepared to sleep, unable to constrain himself, he grumbled in displeasure. “You should give extra prayers for absolution tonight, as you have so heedlessly flaunted our teachings and manhandled that rather pretty thing.”

“I left the girl there” his friend replied, plainly surprised. “Why is it that you are still carrying her?”


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