The Fox Assumes the Tiger’s Might


Prickly was a young cactus that lived in the vast garden of the desert. He spent most of his life in oblivious quiet while the seasons passed and the moon and the sun changed places in the infinite sky.  In the daylight hours the land baked under glorious heat. Occasionally however complaining winds laced the blue skies with clouds. The resulting life-giving water satiated the needs of the earth and all living creatures. When the Earth was cloaked in night the skies showed the brilliance of the stars like jewels accompanying the ever changing moon.

Then a strange thing happened, an odd thing, unbidden and without reason.

The little prickly cactus awoke one morning to find that he had full awareness and a terrible thirst for knowledge. But best of all, he was mobile. He had strange little projections where his roots used to be.  He was above ground and he could walk. He could go anywhere he wanted; the road ahead just beckoned him.

So without a moment’s hesitation he embarked on a life’s journey in search of that precious commodity: knowledge.

Here’s some of his accumulated lore and anecdotes, retold:


(Where would we all be without the support and backing of family, friends, organizations, nations etc?)

Once upon a time a mighty ferocious tiger caught a fox.  Pinning the poor creature under his paw, he opened wide his enormous maw to swallow his prey all in one gulp.

“Don’t you dare eat me,” shouted the desperate fox, mustering up all his courage. “God has made me king of all beasts, you will suffer most terrible consequences if you so brazenly defy The Almighty’s will!”

Seeing the tiger’s scepticism, fox insisted, “I have the proof.  Just let me lead the way and you follow close behind and note how every creature will flee at the sight of me.”

Curious, the Tiger gave his consent and the two of them set off together. True enough, when all the beasts saw them coming, they scattered, turned tail and ran. Not realizing that it was his own self that was the cause of this great panic, the tiger accepted the fox’s claim and let him go.


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